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Topic: Foosball receives national T.V. coverage!

Author: CSteele Original Message Posted: May 25 2005 8:17PM

This Thursday May 26th 7pm at the Blackfoot Inn.

We need every foosball player at every level of play to show their support and love for the game of foosball.
( plus a chance to appear on national television )

A flim company called Men at Work Pictures from California has flown a 5 person film crew to Calgary
to do a documentry on Chris Steele & Kent Farries for their past achievements in being 2 of the worlds best video game players ie. Thats Incredible, Life Magizine & Guiness Book of World Records. They have also taken an interest in our other hobbies such as foosball. Kent and I think this is a perfect oppurtunity to put Calgary/Canadian Foosball on the map in this documentry which is suppose to be aired throughout North America. Our hope is that all players come out to support this event.

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #1 Posted: May 25 2005 10:49PM

cool stuff chris
congrats, wish i could be there.

Author: NOVAPULL Reply #2 Posted: May 26 2005 8:09AM

Wow! That is crazy! I'll be there for sure
"...past achievements in being 2 of the worlds best video game players." What does that exaclty does that meen?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #3 Posted: May 26 2005 8:14AM

From Life Magazine 1983

Twin Galaxies had learned of these two Canadian superstars when newsmen started calling Twin Galaxies about their exploits. On one occasion, they played a game of doubles on Stargate for seventy hours. But their greatest notoriety was gained when they dominated games like Asteroids. Since they could play forever, other kids never had a chance to get any play time. Shrewdly, Olson and Farries would store up hundreds of men and then, with great audacity, line the kids up and sell them -- at three ships per quarter -- play time on the game. The arcade managers considered them Public Enemies #1 and #2 and put a stop to their new cottage industry, but not before Kent and Darren made a good profit.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: May 26 2005 8:16AM

here is the link to the full article

Author: TR Reply #5 Posted: May 26 2005 10:07AM


Got your message last night, Probably can't make it. If I can it might not be until later.

Break a leg! (not you Kent)

Author: NOVAPULL Reply #6 Posted: May 26 2005 10:43AM

Author: Chester Reply #7 Posted: May 27 2005 4:16PM

How did it go?

When / what station does it air?

Author: Kent Reply #8 Posted: May 30 2005 12:23AM

The documentary went well at the Blackfoot and we hope that some Foosball makes it into the final production. They filmed Kent and Chris for the most part which was a little unfortunate for other players. We do thank everyone for showing up though.

They continued to film Chris and myself Friday and Saturday regarding our role in video game history. I think they collected about 10 hours of video in total. They will be interviewing everyone that was is the January 1983 Life Magazine picture and they hope to complete the filming in the summer. After that it will take them until December or January to put the whole documentary together from all the footage. It will then be entered into a film festival. Men At Work Pictures believes it will be picked up since the topic is interesting and that it was filmed in HDTV (200K worth of High Def equipment).


Author: Veneno Reply #9 Posted: Jun 5 2005 4:52PM

So your saying they did a doc on a couple old dudes who use to play video games?

I can see this being a real BLOCKBUSTER... wow

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