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Topic: New Tornado foosball table

Author: foosghost Original Message Posted: Oct 23 2007 10:43PM

just got this email from valley-dynamo

Dear Foosball Distributors,

Tornado is proud to announce their new ONE MAN GOALIE table. This table is similar to the current coin operated Tornado in it's construction and aesthetics with a few differences.

We will have stock on these units for year end needs.

> One Man Goalkeeper with ramped corners
> Precision machined Stop Ring
> Split cabinet for easy access
> Guaranteed 9-ball drop
> Patented Split bearing
> Precision Ground Balls

I wonder if this is going to be the new itsf official table

also they've provided a pdf

Author: supergifted1 Reply #1 Posted: Oct 24 2007 1:15AM

how am i supposed to rag it in of the winger now?

Author: foosMEISTER Reply #2 Posted: Oct 24 2007 4:43AM

You'd think ornado could afford to have someone doctor the photograph so that it looked like they at least had a prototype with ramps and a stop ring......maybe even two stop rings.

AND don't worry Robbie......assuming someone at Tornado figures out what a ramp is........when you hit your limp-wristed pull shot from goal it won't have enough power to climb the ramp, so your mishits into the corner will start to climb the ramp and then curve towards the goalie. Goalies brought up without ramps will let those trickle in behind their men all night...should've heard the cursing from Tornado goalies on the Stryker-Dynamo table.

Author: foosMEISTER Reply #3 Posted: Oct 24 2007 4:48AM bad......I justv reread Tornado's email......its not the Tornado TABLE that is going to have ramped corners, its the "One Man Goalkeeper with ramped corners".

Author: TR Reply #4 Posted: Oct 24 2007 4:54PM

Yeah! Less slop! 2-5er's just gained a little more advantage! I might actually do something in Am. Singles this March for a change. Do you think they'll have some kind of retrofit kit for old tables?

Author: supergifted1 Reply #5 Posted: Oct 24 2007 11:11PM

im confused, where are the ramps gonna b? same as old protop or million dollar tables right?

Author: Taha Reply #6 Posted: Oct 25 2007 10:40AM

Is this actually for real? Someone mentioned that the table in this picture is very old.

And shouldnt the email be from Brunswick. Didn't they buy Valley?


Author: University of Foos Reply #7 Posted: Oct 25 2007 11:21AM

I can see this having two more impacts

1. More time spent waiting for the ball to roll out of the corner especially in amateur where ball control is skeptical in the early rounds. Hell I even have issues at times.

2. More inconsistancies from table to table

This makes sense though... look at the tables that were at worlds, the corner roll on the 2-bars was like they forgot to rest their machines from when they were building rolled corner units.

I'm alright with it as long as the table still sets up a 2-bar without making resets more common.

Author: foosghost Reply #8 Posted: Oct 25 2007 1:58PM

No its for real.

I got the email from a sales person as valley-dynamo. The same lady that gave team Canada a bunch of gear (free towels, hats, etc) at worlds.

The tables at worlds had a brushed steel look to them as well, so no, its not old.

Author: Taha Reply #9 Posted: Oct 25 2007 3:10PM

So I guess the real question is: Is this a marketing ploy to sell more Tornado tables in Europe, or are they switching back to the 1-man goalie in the official tables for good.


Author: greg Reply #10 Posted: Oct 25 2007 7:18PM

I think it's a better game. The junk goals coming off those outside guys are a major disapointment in the 3 man goalie bar design, the disadvantage in ramps is the increased complexity/cost/down time due to breakage. I heard the quality of the tables at Worlds was not that great, I hope this new design is better and I look forward to playing on it.

Author: No 2,5 or 3 bar Reply #11 Posted: Oct 25 2007 10:51PM

I might play again

TS memories coming back

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #12 Posted: Oct 26 2007 9:36PM

I am noticing no side return strips. That could be interesting if it helps banking. Both the Chinese table and the Legend/Spectrum have side return ramps under the playing surface so banking is much improved.

I hope they have solved the level surface and men with side seams issues.

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