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Topic: Edmonton Weekly Tournament

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 5 2009 4:19PM

Hello Edmonton Foosball players:

First of all, I would like to thank the managers of Gateway Entertainment Center and the Players of the current scene that I have talked to already about this for supporting this idea and helping this announcement become a reality. The tables that are going in to Gateway Entertainment are the newest and best Tornado tables available completely upgraded to the ITSF specifications.

We have come to an agreement with Gateway Entertainment Center (3414 - Gateway Blvd) on running a league. Tuesday Feb. 17th will be the official League Kick-Off night for a weekly tournament, run by Tournament Co-directors, Will Stranks and Chad Spencer.

We have already put a lot of work into this, and are very excited about the future of Foosball in Edmonton. Every Tuesday we will be having a tournament, the events will change throughout the month in an attempt to keep everyone happy. Each Tuesday the registration is $5 per player.

1st Tuesday of each month: Expert Doubles and OPEN DYP
2nd Tuesday of each month: Beginner Doubles and BYP **
3rd Tuesday of each month: Expert Singles and No 2 Expert DYP*
4th Tuesday of each month: Beginner Singles and BYP **

For the No 2 expert DYP there will be a seeded draw, the top half of players will each be drawn with the bottom half of players
For the BYP any two players can play together, no rules surrounding that

Seeding will initially be done by the tournament director for the first month. After that it will be based on points.

Points will be calculated for all events based on the structure. I can assure you that this is a fair way of calculating points and it ensures that the best players accumulate the most points. tracks everyones player stats such as head to head results, winning percentage, top 3 tournament finishes, ect. All tournament brackets are provided by Netfoos and will also be providing additional prizes such as T-shirts etc.

Gateway Entertainment Center is going to be helping in many ways. First of all, they are adding weekly prizes in the form of bar tabs proportionate to the amount of players that attend. The bar tab can be used on Food or Drinks. Gateway is advertising our league on the radio, on the big screens in the bowling area at Gateway, and printing off several color print fliers for distribution around the city. We will be putting the fliers up at local Colleges, Universities, and other foosball locations if possible. Gateway has also talked to several beverage companies that are eager to work with us for prizes. Gateway will also provide every member of our league with a Gateway Gold Card, which entitles you to 15% off at the center at all times.

After reading this you are probably wondering what you have to do to be a part of this league. Just show up on time for registration. Registration begins at 6:30 every Tuesday and closes at 7:30. The first match will be called at 7:30.

All prizes and payouts will be announced before any matches have been played, and will be determined in as fair of a way as possible.

If we have too many people then we can either cancel one event or make the beginner event single elimination and best of 1. For the big event(DYP or BYP) it will be double elimination and best of 3.

While many of the previous points have already been agreed to with Gateway Entertainment Center, we are very open to suggestions. We want players to know that we have two main goals in mind when running this league.

1. Give the existing player base in Edmonton a location with the best setting possible and a weekly tournament to play in.
2. Grow the player base in Edmonton by recruiting beginners and new players.

We would also like to take this opportunity to request that any complaints or problems that the local Pro’s and top players here be sent via E-mail to or Edmontonfoosba

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Feb 6 2009 4:13PM

After talking with some other players we are not sure whether the events listed in the first post are the best events to run. There will be a DYP night at the kickoff for sure. Come out and we can discuss the format of other events that night. All i know for sure is there will be a good foosball scene in edmonton from now on.

Author: BoozeFoos Reply #2 Posted: Feb 7 2009 10:06PM

wow... that is walking distance from my house. Time to come out of retirement AGAIN?

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Feb 8 2009 6:26PM

The first table is in Gateway now, I played on it a little bit earlier today after setting it up and it is awesome. It is for sure the best table in edmonton right now. This tuesday night i'll be going there to play with ben and chad, although it won't be an official tournament, come down and play some pick up games.

Author: Pushshot Reply #4 Posted: Feb 8 2009 8:27PM

Count me in

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Feb 8 2009 9:14PM

me too!

Author: domi nate Reply #6 Posted: Feb 9 2009 10:32PM

Pretty weak tournout at Rosario's on Wednesday, Edmonton players.

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Feb 10 2009 1:16PM

I am not sure if anyone does go to rosarios on wednesdays. Last night we played at gateway and it was pretty good foos. We only have 1 table in right now, other than the old dynamo that is in really rough shape that they already had there. Player count for tonight is: Roger, Shane, Ben, Will, Simon, Chad, Paul, maybe 1 or 2 more.
7 isn't too bad, if we have 9 then it lots, I'm gonna see if there is any way we can get the 2nd table in for tonight but don't count on it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #8 Posted: Feb 10 2009 8:58PM

I can't imagine playing foosball without Karaoke skreeching in the back ground. This sound to good to be true!

Author: lance Reply #9 Posted: Feb 12 2009 1:22PM

that is cool I will be there for the FEB 24/09.


Author: Pushshot Reply #10 Posted: Feb 12 2009 3:43PM

11 of us showed to play ,
Good turn out
Chad,Paul,Will,Ben,Sam,lindsey,Christen,Simon,Rick,Shane,& myself.
Great time
Awesome table

Thanks Chad & Will & everyone else who had a hand in setting things up.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Feb 12 2009 4:17PM

Awesome, table number 2 is going in tonight, although lighting won't be hung until monday probably.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Feb 12 2009 11:12PM

I could bring some draw sheets if you are planning a DYP or we could just play challange table. 3 wins your out was a great idea to get everyone playing

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Feb 13 2009 12:07AM

Well netfoos has everything covered like tournament brackets/draw sheets, so we should be ok there. I'll explain the format to everyone at 7:30 when chad and I talk to everyone about all of the details. If you have any questions feel free to ask then in front of everyone that will be there.

We will have all 3 tables in by tuesday.

Author: Pushshot Reply #14 Posted: Feb 19 2009 9:07PM

Shane & I will be at gateway tonight.
Come get some !

Author: S. Edwards Reply #15 Posted: Feb 19 2009 9:11PM

what have you got?

Author: lance Reply #16 Posted: Feb 19 2009 10:42PM

Alohaaa See you boys on the Feb 22. Is it DYP or BYP?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #17 Posted: Feb 19 2009 11:05PM

BYP - Feb 24th

Author: what the Reply #18 Posted: Feb 20 2009 12:31AM

Garry, wanna team up on that day?

Author: Will Reply #19 Posted: Feb 20 2009 10:19AM

Just as an FYI for all of you:

Sleemans is now sponsoring us! We will have sleemans lights hung above the tables, and the section that we have is now name the "Sleemans Foosball Stadium"

Also sleemans beer is discounted extra to all our players on tuesdays.

Author: Pushshot Reply #20 Posted: Feb 20 2009 10:29AM

Slope, lots of slope !!!!

Author: Will Reply #21 Posted: Feb 20 2009 11:10AM

What does that even mean?

I'm playing with Zak this week.

Author: Pushshot Reply #22 Posted: Feb 20 2009 12:16PM

I'll be playing with Mike J.
My reply #20 was in regards to simon's reply #15 lol

Author: Pushshot Reply #23 Posted: Feb 20 2009 12:18PM


Author: Will Reply #24 Posted: Feb 20 2009 12:21PM

Thanks, I was very confused.
Either way, you and mike are going down! I hope we get randomly drawn against you in the first round. Maybe the tournament director can make that happen ;)

Author: lance Reply #25 Posted: Feb 20 2009 1:30PM

Do any of you players want to hook up? I'll will be back sunday.Have not played for some time.


Author: S. Edwards Reply #26 Posted: Feb 20 2009 1:38PM

I predict Christian and I will be the new champs this Tuesday. We just need to SCHTOP THE SCHLOP!

Author: BoozeFoos Reply #27 Posted: Feb 20 2009 5:04PM

I fully intend to jar my way into the money again.

I will also be supporting our new sponsor.

Author: Pushshot Reply #28 Posted: Feb 20 2009 5:21PM

This means WAR !!!!!
In the land of idots, the one with the bright orange helmet is king.
But in Shane's case it's QUEEN.

Author: Will Reply #29 Posted: Feb 20 2009 5:38PM

Wow it looks like we have a foos scene now! I plan on going to play tonight at 8 or 9 ish. Let me know if there is any other interest though because i might not go if no one else posts.

Roger, didn't that queen just carry you into the money last week? Don't be so hard on him

If you guys need reff's call me, or another expert, to ref the game. Honestly most of the beginner guys are still learning the rules, never mind the calls that need some discretion from a reff.

Lance- if you can't find anyone before tuesday just show up and you will be able to find a player, especially if you come a little before 7:30.

One more thing, I cant extend the deadline past 7:30 for players to show up. I understand that some guys cant make it right for 7:30. If you call ahead and let me know what time you will be there at I will try to make it work, but it is not guaranteed.

Author: RezaREX Reply #30 Posted: Feb 20 2009 6:10PM

I'll show up tonight round 8-8:30.

Author: cnote Reply #31 Posted: Feb 20 2009 6:14PM

I'll be there if I can. Gota do some reno work to the house first.

Author: Pushshot Reply #32 Posted: Feb 20 2009 6:42PM

Did Doe

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