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Author: Will Original Message Posted: Apr 1 2009 6:13PM

Congrats Christian on becoming the new Points Leader in Edmonton.

Last night was great. I think it was a pretty smooth tournament, and a lot of games were really exciting. One great match was Matt and Lindsey beating Chad and Zak, i think it was 5-4 5-4. Chad scored a few from the 2 bar which was pretty impressive, and as a team Chad and Zak seemed to do well. Matt and Lindsey looked good too winning that one and putting up a good fight in the tournament, finishing 4th. It was also good to see Justin and Dave win the beginner doubles tournament, coming through the losers side and double dipping the final. All together there was 25 people.

Zak you jumped over 900 points now, so you don't qualify for the highest beginner prizes after that night.

Check to see the bracket and results, as well as all the info for your personal stats.

Open Doubles Results:
1st: $50 Shane and Christian
2nd: $30 Team Machine - Roger and Mike
3rd: Garry and Lance

Highest team with a beginner $25: Will and Paul played against Chad and Zak after each coming in 5th. Will and Paul won in the 3rd game of a best of 3.

Beginner Doubles Results:
1st : $25 Dave and Justin
2nd: Dallyn and Paul

Dunn, Christian 1125
Penner, Roger 1096
Burgardt, Garry 1062
Lawrence, Shane 1035
Stranks, Will 1030
Johnston, Mike 992
Edwards, Simon 979
Campbell, Lance 969
Dick, Matt 954
Kelly, Brad 943
Rupertus, Lindsey 931
Deeg, Phil 929
Kippen, Rick 918
Jordan, Darren 909
Wood, Greg 909
Moir, Zak 902
spencer, jay 900
x, extra 900
Macdonald, Jon 899
Faulkner, Stephanii 898
C, Erek 889
Hewson, Craig 885
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 884
Wilkins, Ben 880
Smithson, Justin 877
Bennett, Doug 877
Cabay, Codie 876
Baayens, Dean 874
Chornohos, Curtis 872
Volkman, Alanna 869
Hodinski, Jasmine 869
Daly, Ritchie 868
Park, Gordon 868
Cooke, Drew 868
Dubray, Liz 868
Mayoski, Trevor 867
Potts, Nigel 867
Jamerson, Rick 856
Castillo, Jonathan 856
Nguyen, Dan 854
H, Jody 844
Humberstone, Paul 838
Gibson, katy 838
Spencer, Chad 830
Jackson, Dan 821
Volkman, Dallyn 816
Wilkins, Sam 812
Fester, David 801
Campbell, Carmen 796

Author: RezaREX Reply #1 Posted: Apr 1 2009 6:28PM

I would like to take this opportunity to retire on top. Thanks for the games everyone and good luck in the future.

................................ PSYCH

APRIL FOOLS HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh I got you good......maybe not

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