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Topic: Canadian nationals

Author: perennial underdog Original Message Posted: Aug 2 2010 7:41PM

I am hoping to encourage Will to once again utilize his organizational expertise,be a good a good foosballer and once again put together another spectacular nationals.I am sure by the number of views this posting is sure to attract,Will may be inclined to do so.Encouragement from others will be helpful.Keep foosin' everyone!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Aug 2 2010 8:06PM

Joey, The Nationals are being held in Ottawa from what I heard. Will said he might run a smaller tournament and the winners get the trip to Ottawa to compete in the Nationals.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Aug 2 2010 8:16PM

Yup, I thought it would be a good idea to do sort of a "grey cup" style Canadian Nationals where the tournament moves around the country every year. Last year they did a qualifier in Ottawa to send players to Edmonton, so I was thinking we could do a one day event to send players to Ottawa.

I will still be running tournaments, but as most of you know - Chad, Ben, and Sam are huge parts of every tournament. All 4 of us have really busy summers with Sam and Ben both getting married, so it would be difficult to put in the time to prepare for an event the size Nationals deserves to be. Next spring we should be running another event in West Edmonton Mall.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Aug 2 2010 8:17PM

Thank you for the encouragement by the way Joey - it does mean a lot to hear that from players.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Aug 4 2010 3:59AM

Just to clear it up because I was asked about this tonight. You don't need to "qualify" to attend nationals. The tournament here will just be to win a flight and maybe expenses.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #5 Posted: Aug 7 2010 2:12AM

Just curious as to when the tournament in Edmonton is going to be held?And when is the nationals?

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Aug 7 2010 12:08PM

Once the flier is out for Nationals (which will be held in late october) is out then I will begin planning the Edmonton event.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Aug 7 2010 2:52PM

Joey, you have just enough time to learn a rollover

Author: Darcy Reply #8 Posted: Aug 7 2010 5:41PM

I'll even set you up with some real nice carbon fiber wraps.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Aug 11 2010 11:38PM

ottawa's foos site says nationals are oct.22-24.Edmonton's tourney?

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