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Topic: Rayn M vs Tony S 2009 Canadian Nationals

Author: Pushshot Original Message Posted: Aug 22 2010 2:57AM

Author: Pushshot Reply #1 Posted: Aug 22 2010 3:29AM

Here's part 2

Author: Pushshot Reply #2 Posted: Aug 22 2010 3:42AM

Part three is loading.
It's Tony vs Ryan.
Ryan won king seat.
Sorry , my bad

Author: Pushshot Reply #3 Posted: Aug 22 2010 4:25AM

Part 3

Author: Darcy Reply #4 Posted: Aug 22 2010 1:19PM

Interesting match, good post Rog.

It's good to see that even the best still lose their heads under pressure. In the first match Tony looked really desperate after it was 4-1 and was just trying anything, including silly shit that kept losing him the ball. But then the 'taking care of business' song comes on and he goes back to playing his game and cleans up. His 5 is sick.

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