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Topic: Follow worlds here

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Sep 2 2010 8:30PM

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Sep 2 2010 8:32PM

Dave's going for winner of winner in forward shoot out!

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Sep 2 2010 8:40PM

Tony and Ryan both in the losers bracket. Nice shooting Dave keep it up.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #3 Posted: Sep 2 2010 9:21PM

Looks like Dave will probably play Ryan in losers final. Go Dave!

Author: Superfly Reply #4 Posted: Sep 2 2010 10:09PM

Dave vs Moore live now ...

Author: Superfly Reply #5 Posted: Sep 2 2010 10:32PM

Woohooo ... won free streaming for the Toury by answering this question in the chat room : Who was the world singles champion in 1996.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #6 Posted: Sep 3 2010 1:18AM

Anyone watch it?
So, was Dave able to keep it close?

Good job Dave! Hope it pumps you up for the rest of the tourny...

Author: Superfly Reply #7 Posted: Sep 3 2010 1:23AM

I think Dave 5 - 2, Ryan 5 - 1, Ryan 5 - 1 ... something like that. I got free streaming for the whole thing so i will try and catch what i can.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #8 Posted: Sep 3 2010 1:28AM

Ryan shooting a pull or a roller? Was Dave Cartwrighting his roller?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Sep 3 2010 3:29PM

Dave out of Semi Pro Singles.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Sep 3 2010 6:56PM

He lost his first in Am singles too but should have a shot at making it through the losers bracket.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #11 Posted: Sep 3 2010 11:50PM

Well, looks like it might have to be "the next one" since he is out of AM singles

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Sep 5 2010 6:56PM

Eric Dunn sents Fredrico to loser side.

Author: Superfly Reply #13 Posted: Sep 5 2010 10:06PM

Looks to be a very small turnout for Worlds this year.

Amateur Singles 65 players

Semi Pro Singles 103 players

Pro Singles 45 players

Open Singles Qualifier 118 players

The Main Event Open Singles 64 players

Womens Singles 38 players

Junior Singles 7 players

That last one doesn't bode well for the future of the game. I count maybe 250 people at this event.

Author: Superfly Reply #14 Posted: Sep 5 2010 10:09PM

You can see the room here ...

Author: Superfly Reply #15 Posted: Sep 6 2010 6:03PM

Ryan Moore beats Billy Papas for the World's Singles title ... with a pull shot no less. Beats Tony Spredeman 3 games straight with it on the way up.

Author: Superfly Reply #16 Posted: Sep 6 2010 7:49PM

Pro-Am Doubles ... Dave Ahn and Phil Peros sitting in Kings Seat. If they win they get tables, if they lose they split $500. Field of 56 teams.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #17 Posted: Sep 6 2010 8:14PM

Congratulations to both Eric and Dave.Well done.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #18 Posted: Sep 6 2010 8:54PM

Dave Ahn achieved 5/6 place in Pro singles also.

Author: Superfly Reply #19 Posted: Sep 6 2010 10:46PM

Dave and Phil got first in Pro-Am Doubles with Dave playing up ... great job guys!

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #20 Posted: Sep 6 2010 11:00PM

"David Ahn World Champion".

I can see the t-shirts and coffee mugs already!

OMG! Ha ha.

Way to go Dave.

Author: van_can_foos Reply #21 Posted: Sep 6 2010 11:03PM

Congratulations Dave, on a couple placements in the money, a World Title (!) and a brand new table! Well done! Hurricane Earl

Author: discosucks Reply #22 Posted: Sep 7 2010 1:39AM

congrats :)

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #23 Posted: Sep 7 2010 1:52AM

Just talked to Dave on the phone. He is still pretty pumped from the win. Mid tournament his pass left him but he kept battling and put it all together for the last few events. He learned a ton and is making a lot of friends there as well as pissing a few people off at the same time too as only Dave can. Ha ha...

Anyway, I will let him tell his own story. The takeaway for everyone should be that even though it is tougher to win a championship when you play in places that are not exactly foosball hotbeds, it can still be done.

Eric living in Victoria, not practicing enough and knocking off Frederic. Another story that can inspire you wherever you are.

I just retired from organizing events here in China and sent out the email yesterday. What is Mandarin for "un-retire"?

Hope to see everyone for the Freddy Christmas Open. I will need to bring more Winners gifts from China this year...

Arriving around December 20th and will likely stay there until mid January.

Congratz everyone who played in Worlds and hope to see there on my trip.


Author: spinner Reply #24 Posted: Sep 7 2010 4:27AM

dave you redeem yourself.. congrats!! that was a tuff field too.

Author: The Next One. Reply #25 Posted: Sep 7 2010 3:10PM

Well Im here at the hotel about to leave for home in a couple of hours, Thanks for the support everyone. Means a lot.

Fwd Shoot out. when I played Ryan I bricked his ass
1st game. 2nd game we switched sides, started to whiff my pull side 3-4 times. 3rd game i whiffed everything haha. I bricked him so bad that, that 3rd game he just set up and went to a whole in 0.5 secs lol, It worked. I was giving him a slow post up D.

As the foosers in Van know I was bringing a stationary stick lane wall series as my tournament series to the worlds. When I get here, My wall pass was slower than a beginners wall pass so that series was just not usable. So i went to the brush pass right away that i wasn't practicing at home. My shot was flaky etc.

I bombed. Was thinking of quiting foosball. I couldn't hang with the other big boys, or so I thought then. Gerry took me aside after I let him down in Pro Doubles and told me something that changed my entire week. Thank you my friend. That was the official turning point. I am going to put your name on my trophy when I get back.

So, After I bombed all my events I thought I should have dominated in, it gave me alot of spare time haha. At this point, I now believe I can hang with anyone in the world, and start to practice my stick lane wall series, with help from Billy, Phil, and Trevor. (Who forgets to do a wall pass really omg, but I did) So i practice practice and practice. Lost $30 to Kane too (brush pass)

Then they announce that they only had 40 Pro players and told everyone any ams and semis can enter pro singles. My Stick lane wall series was getting better but just wasn't there yet, So i decided to enter Pro singles to practice my game for the Pro Am. I rolled over these pro's until i lost to joe hamilton and then Zeke Cervantes finishing 5th. But that last match against Zeke, when he won, he was yelling in joy like he just won the World Championships haha... That totally sealed it for me. I knew I was ready for Pro Am which was an hour away.

While practicing my passing series, I told Phil Peros that "If i get this pass down there will not be a team in Pro Am that will touch us."

By the beginning of Pro Am. All my stuff was there. My shot was frkn SICK!!, my stick series was good, my defence was great at both ends, my brush pass by then was really good too. And the intangibles were all there. And of course the best goalie in that division, Phil Peros. He was all there from the beginning, just had to wait up for me to get my part together, he can't do it all.

7 straight matches won and my first World Title. Lost the first game in the Finals, but started to calm down when friends, old and new, started supporting us and took the next 2 games.


(How do you like me now you FKN CHUMP!!)

Author: spinner Reply #26 Posted: Sep 7 2010 4:42PM

haha.. guess the alberta guys cant knock you down no more. I was starting to feel bad for you. thank god you did something at ends..

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #27 Posted: Sep 7 2010 9:07PM

To those of you who attended:

Tables - I played on a 2010 model this year and the table surface seemed stickier and slower. Did you guys notice anything like this? It seems the roofing and warping problems have gone away. Any thoughts?

Balls unchanged for this year?

It looks like Joe Rhodes, Joe Hamilton and Brandon Moreland have all gone up a notch. Any other noticeable breakthroughs?

Results wise, Ryan Moore seems to be the best player in the world these days. Is he just on a hot streak or can he keep it up? Any predictions on this one?

The Alberta guys seem to choose only one major to go to and that is usually HOFC because they can also play in VIFA league matches. Plus, if you have to choose only one - HOFC is in Vegas. Is that about right Alberta guys?

Tim and Gerrie, anything noticeably different, worse or better than from your last time out on tour?

Jeff, anything stick out in your mind about the event this year?

PS Tuano, if you were any worse at giving compliments it would look like my 2 bar...

Author: The Next One. Reply #28 Posted: Sep 8 2010 1:02AM

Thanks Tuan. I don't give a shittt about the other guys, you should know that by now, just more glad you and the other guys are proud of me.

Ya Fred, the table surface had to have been stickier and slower, that would explain why my stick wall was sooo slow. It was fine when i set the ball centre or back, but when i did it forward like i like it, it was super slow, unlike my table and at soho's and in alberta, where ever i played at. However, as the tables got more usage, i think the surface got slicker. Balls are the same.

Joe Rhodes, Brandan Moreland have stepped it up a notch for sure. Don't know about Joe Hamilton, I'd say he's a solid semi pro if anything. Eric Dunn may have another opinion about it though. But the real monster of the weekend was Liem Le or Le Liem. He doubled in semi dubs and pro dubs. That push kick of his is Fkn SICK!!!! SOOOOOO SICK!!!! OUTRAGEOUSLY SICK!!! did I say SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!??

Phil Peros says he's not worried about it though

What can i say about Ryan Moore. 1st in goalie wars forward shootout open singles and 2nd in open doubles.
Need I say more? Lesson, quit high school to become a great foosball player? You decide.

Smallest tournout for Worlds ever, according to Jim Stevens, but all the usual suspects were there, and still bigger than any other tournament of the year.

Peter K, I got my Championship Jacket!! I'll let you know when i get it so we can wear ours together at soho haha.

Pete T. I assume Moya got stuff for ya but I got the bumpers and pins for you too.

Author: Superfly Reply #29 Posted: Sep 8 2010 1:37AM

Vegas had more players for sure.

Author: Will Reply #30 Posted: Sep 8 2010 2:18AM

Awesome story of a weekend playin foos. Congrats on the World Champion Jacket, Trophy, and Title. No matter how you look at that it is an awesome accomplishment!

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #31 Posted: Sep 8 2010 2:34AM

Yes, good playn' Dave, Eric, and a bunch of other Canadians that looked like they were doin some damage too.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #32 Posted: Sep 8 2010 2:48AM

Dave Ahn did well despite the trouble he had. Buy Gerry his needed liquid to appreciate his words of advice.

Author: The Next One. Reply #33 Posted: Sep 8 2010 5:08AM

I have other ideas for Gerry. Speaking of Gerry, him and Tim got 17th in Open doubles. Every year someone from Van finishes top 20 in the world.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #34 Posted: Sep 8 2010 5:57AM

Old guys rock!!!!
But then they need a nap...


Author: The Next One. Reply #35 Posted: Sep 8 2010 4:15PM

The guys from valley tornado called me and wanted to know if i wanted a table with a 1 man goalie or a 3 man goalie... what should i do?

Author: The Next One. Reply #36 Posted: Sep 8 2010 4:34PM

i think im going to stick with the 3 man goalie because i just talked to them and any tournament in the us will be on a 3 man.

they are gonna pay for all shipping too. i just have to pay the duty or tax

Author: Darcy Reply #37 Posted: Sep 8 2010 4:41PM

Dave, I know we give you a hard time and we like to talk shit just as much as the next guy, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we all feel a little pride when a Canadian does well at an international tournament. Nice work man.

Author: Sluggo Reply #38 Posted: Sep 8 2010 11:55PM

Superfly - I think you're about right on that estimate of 250 (even though they're trying to say 311, I think they're counting all the locals that played in DYP's but were too cheap to pony up for the entries). I think they're saying it was bigger than the HOFC by comparing ONLY the Tournament players and not adding the VIFA Team players into the mix. However, I'm pretty sure that Europe had a few larger tourneys (like the World Cup in France or the P3 Worlds in Germany)

As far as improved players are concerned I have to say I think David fits in solidly into USTSA's Pro Division! He's played at least as good as the ones we met in the past year at the HOFC & Worlds but if the Ratings keep to form he probably won't make it for another 3 or 4 (Which is good for me )

A player I was totally impressed with and didn't realize he was that good is, is Daniel Colter: IF he ever decides to settle down long enough to learn a full range shot I think he can be up with the Big 4 (Tony, Ryan, Rico & Billy) in 2 years..... But if my Aunt had nuts she'd be my Uncle too (so we'll wait and see)

BTW, who is the "FKN CHUMP" refereed to?

Great playing Champ (David). It was great to see Tim & Gerry again: I could tell Tim had gotten that old Foosball itch back and I fully expect to see him touring over the next few years

Author: moyatielens Reply #39 Posted: Sep 9 2010 2:30AM

Jeesh Dave..hope I get at least a little credit. I told you there was no way you would be able to do your stick series and your wall would be slow as shit. You'd have to work your brush series until the balls slicken up towards the end of the weekend and by then you will have figured it out and your stick series would kill.

Hmm, sounds about right..right?? :p

Congrats, but you know you're still an *bleep*. Of course, in the way that I love you, which is pretty much how a mother can love her son. Jkin, man. *muah* :)

Author: moyatielens Reply #40 Posted: Sep 9 2010 2:33AM

Oh man...hahaha...I seriously wouldn't ever "bleep" myself. That's too funny, but for it to really be funny, I said a**hole. *double muah*

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #41 Posted: Sep 9 2010 12:42PM

Sluggo writes: "I could tell Tim had gotten that old Foosball itch back and I fully expect to see him touring over the next few years".

Yes, I am planning to attend the Hell Freezes Over tournament in the future. I merely await the event to be scheduled. I might consider another event so I could play seniors but I don't meet the criteria until January 1, 2013 and we all know the world ends December 21, 2012.

I'd like to say it was great seeing a bunch of old foosers like Sluggo again.

Author: moyatielens Reply #42 Posted: Sep 9 2010 2:13PM

>I'd like to say it was great seeing a bunch of old foosers like Sluggo again.

Hahah, Tim. Sarcasm is much better delivered in person. :p

Author: Sluggo Reply #43 Posted: Sep 11 2010 8:05PM

Gotcha Aged W&C, I will talk to Brendan about setting up the "Hell Freezes Over" Tourney It was great seeing you and Gerry again.

Pretty lady Moya, Happy Birthday... I hope it was a good one (I hit you up on FB but you blew everyone off About Tim's sarcasm being delivered better in person; are you sure? I've known him 20 years and I can't say

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