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Topic: World Cup Team

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Sep 3 2010 6:27PM

The World Cup will be taking place in Nantes, France in January again this year.

I am posting this to see if there is much interest out there from people anywhere... Last year we didn't send a team, and I am hoping to be able to go this year.

If there is not enough people that commit to that want to attend from other cities, then some of us from Edmonton will try to get a team together. If there is say 2 or 3 people from other cities then maybe we can just make up the rest of the squad from here.

We want to do a bunch of fundraising to go, but unless someone is either in Edmonton or can come to edmonton a couple times for fundraisers then they would have to pay there own way there entirely.

So I guess I am throwing this out there to see if anyone at all will commit to going, and then we can come up with a way to decide on a team?

Eric maybe you have some sort of procedure for this, but I don't know if it is worth "qualifying" players to go because we have not had a team a couple times, and not even a full team one other time.

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Sep 3 2010 7:11PM

I know I'm not good enough but if, by default, there's not enough players I'd be happy to.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Sep 3 2010 8:02PM

Would consider going as a senior but not sure if we can qualify a team in those events, how many we need, etc. Can't come to Canada for qualifiers either.

If it did work out, then pairing up with someone who was a good forward on Bonzini and could also play goal on Tornado would be great.

Author: Tobin Reply #3 Posted: Sep 3 2010 8:04PM

Will, I would be stoked to go! I'm in the same boat as Darcy. Guess we will have to see what the interest is this year... Canada needs to be at The World Cup!

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #4 Posted: Sep 4 2010 1:51AM

I'd love to go, but ... no table at home ... no weekly DYPs ... school ... haven't really played much for a few years ... , but maybe. It's something to aim for, by all accounts Foosballs' premier event. Something I would definatly like to attend at least once in my life, if not this year maybe I'll get a Fireball table and go in 2012.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #5 Posted: Sep 4 2010 1:59AM

It would be nice to field a full team. I think everyone is good enough. Canadians would just be proud to be represented.

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Sep 4 2010 4:27PM

I was checking to see what sort of interest there is from out of town players... If we can just have a 7 man from Edmonton I'm sure we can fundraise enough money to make it worth going for us. I just don't want to do all the work to fundraise and then find out that 3 or 4 other players want to go and we have to have a qualifier or something...

If Greg and Fred want to go too that would be cool, but lets see if we can get firm commitments earlier rather than later, because if we have 5 guys fundraise so only 5 can go then others drop out it would really put a damper on things.

It would be great if we could get Eric Dunn and a few other top pro's involved because it would give Canada the best chance to win in France.

I just want to be clear I am not trying to discourage other players from going, but if other players do not want to commit now then we can put a team together of Edmonton (or mostly edmonton) players.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #7 Posted: Sep 4 2010 7:53PM

What do you mean by raising funds?If you mean arranging sponsorship,I would be happy to go.If not,then I probably wouldn't be interested.

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Sep 4 2010 9:09PM

I'm talking fundraise... If we can sell sponsorship's to companies interested in putting logo's on our jerseys that would be one idea - a really good one if it worked out!

Other idea's would be things like throwing "parties" where bar's could give us a kickback on the sales, selling 50/50 tickets, selling foosball canada merchandise for a profit, and just seeing what people can come up with for ideas.

I think if we put a bunch of effort in we could get a solid amount of fundraising done, but probably would end up costing everyone a bit of cash too. You would have to be a part of all of the fundraising to benefit from it though.

Author: Darcy Reply #9 Posted: Sep 5 2010 2:28PM

I'd say lets *bleep*in do it. If we get to the point where we have enough money, or close enough to go as a group, and then problems arise because of qualification or something we can just take the same group of guys and put that money towards vegas and maybe another trip next year. I'm 100% down, it'll be fun as hell.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #10 Posted: Sep 5 2010 4:53PM

A few thoughts:

1) Multi play tables

Just to add to the debate - a multi play table might really help in the preparation.

In terms of some background, I sell Fireball tables in and around Shanghai. If there was a market for Tornados I would sell those too but since there really isn't, I focus on selling Fireballs. But, I still prefer playing on Tornados when given the chance.

The new Fireballs are designed to swap out the entire rod (complete with men bumpers and handles still on) very quickly and easily. I have a coin-op Tornado in my home and a number of the fast swapping rod Fireballs around Shanghai as well to play on.

I currently have two sets of men and rods (Tornado and Fireball). At our local events, I can then swap out to whichever set I want in just a few minutes. One part of me hopes one day to have more sets of other men so I can practice for ITSF tables a little better, the other part of me just wants to retire fully from tournament play. So overall, I am not sure if I will ever get this done. The better Mainland Chinese players may never be able to afford to go to the ITSF championship but realistically they do have a chance to attend competitions in other parts of Asia. At present this means Tornado (Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.).
So that is why I have the two sets of men and rods.

If I was still keen as a player myself, I would setup a Fireball for multi play on all five official tables. Especially if I was younger and was say a pro level player. I would have different sets of men on different rods. A hand reamer will cut out the hole so the men would then fit on the Fireball rod. The best way of course is to actually own multiple tables but if that is not feasible or affordable then this is a decent second solution.

Yes, you need to pay through the nose for extra men, buy extra rods, do the reaming, get the special bearings from Dennis etc. For Bonzini you need to buy the entire rod with the men on it. So overall, there are lot's of things to turn people off. But on the other hand it is still by far cheaper to have a multi play table than it is to have different tables. It takes up less room and is totally cool to have.

I will try top post a video clip of the multiplay table in action.

To make it sound even less attractive, I have been hearing rumours for a while that one of the two Italian tables will be out of being an ITSF official tables soon (hasn't happened yet) and that TecBall will be out soon as well (hasn't happened yet either). Fireball hopes to be an official table in the next year (who knows about this too).

FYI Even though I sell Fireballs here locally, I am not on their staff and do not stand to make any money on the deal if any tables are sold in Canada. But it should be known that Dennis Jiang is a friend. But then again so is Dave Courington. Instead of trying to make any money on the deal I just put Will in touch with Dennis directly when it became obvious that Warrior was not going to be in the mix anymore.

I love my buds in Vancouver but they are so lethargic when it comes to something like this that I won't even suggest it to them. Alberta players seem to have the most passion for the game these days so maybe it makes sense for them to consider? Will? Brian? Andrew?

If you need me to confirm with Dennis about availability of extra rods, multi play bearings etc. - I can do this on my end. Dennis knows this is not a mass market, big money making thing. For him it is a marketing thing to show the versatility of his table.

Anyway if the Calgary or Edmonton guys were interested I could do some checking here on my end.

I will always consider myself a Vancouverite and I love you guys but if you guys were any less motivated on things like this you would be dead. Ha ha...

But, I am guessing that Dunner might give it a thought though for Victoria players?

Maybe Dave or Tuano too but not sure? If I am wrong on this and someone in Vancouver is interested in putting together a multi play table just let me know.

But my money is on Alberta for this. Especially since their hockey teams suck so badly and so they have so much more time for foosball.

Go Canucks Go! He he heÖ

(Your Canuck bashing comment please)

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #11 Posted: Sep 5 2010 4:54PM

A few thoughts:

2) Multi play experience

When I was in Nantes last year I really did have a blast and was very sorry that a real Team Canada was not there to show how strong we are in foosball. It did strike me as I was playing that we do have a better multi table experience/abilities than a lot of other countries do. If we were to match up in doubles - one Bonzini or Garlando Specialist with a Tornado specialist and have them each play forward when playing on their favorite table we would field an even better team.
We also have guys like Mario and a few others who already have the multiplay abilities and can play either position on any table. Another big advantage.

In terms of making the Menís team Ė no. But as a senior player I guess that I may be good enough to make the team on merit but at some point I am going to have the ball on my 3 rod on a Bonzini/Garlando etc and not have enough experience/ability to really get the job done. I just kept thinking that if I had another senior player from say Quebec playing forward with me then we could do some real damage. We play on Tornado and switch positions and again we might have a chance. In fun games against other senior players, I have beaten Hans Fredrich Kircher, Ulli Stoepel and Dieter Thiele so I think I can compete against them especially if someone else is playing forward on one of the European tables.

Sure Todd and Jeep as seniors would crush me on a Tornado but if we played them half the time on European tables and I had an experienced forward playing with me on those tables then same deal - we would probably lose but we MIGHT have a chance. I also doubt if the Americans will keep their interest up in attending now that they have won a few ITSF championships (Men and Senior Mens).

If not me then some other senior player like Greg (I think he is at least 50 now, or Gerry, or whoever) or a few other Canadian players could compete in the senior events and be competitive, especially if it featured some Canadian senior men who specialized on the other tables. Maybe the senior players could also be alternates for the main menís team. Be nice to see Mitch there in a few years but donít think he is traveling to play any more. I wonder what some of the Ontario and Quebec senior players are thinking about ITSF as well?

Joey and Brian? Are you guys close to being seniors yet? Any others who might be interested?

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #12 Posted: Sep 5 2010 4:56PM

A few thoughts:

3) The cost of attending ITSF events in Europe

I understand their reasoning and no knock against them but many of the best players in Canada who have already attended ITSF events in Europe tend to do a cost benefit on the financial return of going versus not going. This will never work on ITSF championship now that they are no longer funding a lot of the costs and donít have big cash payouts. You go there: for fun and or glory or because you live nearby so it is cheap for you (i.e. you already live in Europe). You donít go there to put net money in your pocket if you live outside of Europe.
So where does that leave us? Either: a) Canada never goes back, b) fundraisers are figured out, or c) the most passionate players pay their own way.

Option a would be a shame, b would be great but no history shows that this will work long term so what - c wins by default? Any other thoughts on this? If not bringing our best team means we donít win then so be it. But we should at least be thereÖ

A few thoughts:

4) Maybe Moya can suggest some thoughts for having a Canadian womenís team attend?

Author: Darcy Reply #13 Posted: Sep 5 2010 7:14PM

So to summarize on behalf of Mr. Gower:

It would be nice to get a Canadian team to this event.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #14 Posted: Sep 5 2010 9:40PM

Hey Fred, is there any way I could get my hands on a decent Fireball table. I was going to get one from the Washington tourny but heard ...

1) People couldn't set pulls on the two near the wall because the ramps interfeared,
2) No magnetic score keepers,
3) Useing tornado balls.

It would be great to get one of these tables to prepare for Europe but I didn't want one that was going to need renovations. Is Fireball making changes for next year and when and how could I get a new one. Any info on this would be apprecieated,
thanks Fred.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #15 Posted: Sep 5 2010 9:57PM


Changes are in the works. I will ask Dennis how/if he plans on marketing in Canada and post that on here.

PS What Darcy said! Ha ha...
No Canuck bashing? DIsappointed...

Author: tony Reply #16 Posted: Sep 7 2010 9:59PM

soccer... not hockey. most of the guys hungry enough to spend a few grand on a tourney on the other side of the world have real world families and responsibilities. others talk about it but are never going to be able to afford it.

the only way i see this happening is thru a tournament series (the best players go because they're not going to embarass the nation) and they have a real responsibility to the others to put in the practice and effort required to do well on an international stage. sponsorship would make this a lot easier.

what i see a lot of is enthusiasm. it takes a lot more than enthusiasm.

fred, i like the multi table idea. i can see Canada doing well on Tornado / Fireball. all of this should be put together via TSAC, alas like i said above, it takes energy and willpower to want to do so.

i would really like to hear perspective from the various promoters in Canada on this. -BC, AB, SASK, ONT, QUE - sorry if i missed anyone. Hard to do that in time for January im' thinking. why do the morons that be have to do it January.. it's so anti - north american.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #17 Posted: Sep 8 2010 2:19AM

What you're sayn' makes a lot of sence Tony but as Will said "Last year we didn't send a team", So I think we should walk before we run, and concentrate on getting a team there before worring whether or not it is our best team. There proly is a couple of guys from here and there who wouldn't mind payn' there own way. We just have to courdinate the thing to actually make it happen.

And as much as I hate sounding like a broken record, A National Rating System would really help with this because the people who have their matches rated do pay for that service, hence a money pool and orginization that make these kind of things happen. We wouldn't always be running into the "Hard to do that in time for January" kind of thing.

Author: Will Reply #18 Posted: Sep 10 2010 11:32PM

Ok we have a ton of interest here in Edmonton, so if you are from Edmonton and will be part of a "fundraising team" then don't answer this, but if you are from another city and want to go then say so.

We need 100% commitment out of anyone else that wants to go right now, because if two other people want to go then we can only bring 5 from here. If no one else commits now then we will take 7 players and do all the fundraising for our own trip.

If someone commits now to going then drops out it would really mess things up because we wouldn't be able to have a team because we told people they couldn't come - because of the previous commitment of other players...

If you want to go for sure then put something up here showing that you are going. I'll talk to Eric soon and set up an official process for this or something, maybe because Eric is not an "active president" right now then I can just set something up as the president of TSAC. Eric if you see this let me know if you want to be involved in this process at all.

Author: The Next One. Reply #19 Posted: Sep 11 2010 7:10PM

I think Simon Tony and Will should be on the team along with in no partular order

Mitch Moya Eric Mario Tuan Kane Dave Darrel Ianuzzi Matt Robert Tim Christian Olavo wow this list is starting to get long...there's a lot of real good players...

Gerry(if he can stroke the long) Joey Tran Goodman Jeff Brian Shane(he's got all the shots)Pete Audrey

wow thats a good team. Simon Tony and Will


Shitt that looks like a pretty damn good team so far

Author: The Next One. Reply #20 Posted: Sep 11 2010 7:15PM

Eric's pick from last year...too bad we couldn't make a team

Eric D
Kane G
Mario A
Mario I
Joey R
Eric G
Brian L
Dave A
Andy U
Nhu T

Author: The Next One. Reply #21 Posted: Sep 11 2010 7:17PM

omg i forgot Ang, Garry....and probably other real good players.

Author: Tobin Reply #22 Posted: Sep 11 2010 8:41PM

A list of great Canadian players. Without a doubt, Canada has a deep field. The list goes on for a while, and the players that could be picked from that list would surely be a great team in January! But, Who is going to commit to the trip? The sooner the better.

Author: .Garry Reply #23 Posted: Sep 11 2010 11:40PM

Great-I get grouped with

10-20 years ago maybe, but as Tony stated real world responsibilities overide my ability to play-hell I barely have time to play in weekly dyps.

There are lots of great Canadians that would represent us overseas based on their semi recent accomplishments in North America, but it all comes down to funding or lack therof.

Author: The Next One. Reply #24 Posted: Sep 11 2010 11:46PM

Shitt i always forget about SASK. Barry Willick and Gee would be a nice fit too. Garry!! aahahaha.

Author: Will Reply #25 Posted: Sep 11 2010 11:57PM

Canada does have a bunch of pretty awesome players. We are totally underestimated and underranked by players in the USA... That list is pretty sweet actually, a bunch of great players from every player base in Canada really.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #26 Posted: Sep 12 2010 12:17AM

Damn it,Greg,for a genius you can't spell for shit.I am getting a little testy because you haven't shown up to play in a while.

Author: Will Reply #27 Posted: Sep 12 2010 12:22AM

Can't leave out Domenic and Julien from Quebec, while they are strong on Bonzini they are also top notch Tornado players.

At the World Cup they won 3-0 against Tracy McMillan and Dave Gummeson (the World Champions at that time and still a TOP team in the world). They also beat Wolfgang Rezler and his partner on Garlando (one of the top Garlando teams in the world) and beat some of the french national team on Bonzini. At Kentucky state last year they were beaten in Open Doubles by Billy and Tony, meat ball 5th game.

As far as World Cup team credentials go they are probably the best in Canada because of the amount of Multi-Table experience they have.

Author: foosghost Reply #28 Posted: Sep 12 2010 3:55AM

Yea I'm following this. Do I want to be involved? I don't think that's necessary. As long as the team is formed in a fair way where everyone in Canada has the same chance to get on the team.

What I would suggest is to post on every board (namely Ottawa, this one, tsac, aqbb and anywhere else I've forgotten) that a team is being formed, and this is how it's going to work, and here's the deadline for applicants

Then follow the process outlined

I'll have to dig through my emails but I think there's some deadlines as to when we need to let the itsf know
1. That we wish to send a team
2. Who the players are and what table is our home table

As for me personally I'm semi interested in going but depends on so many things right now that I can't commit to anything yet. But if given a deadline to work against I might be able to commit one way or another

Author: foosghost Reply #29 Posted: Sep 12 2010 4:10AM

Yea, so its Sept 30, that we have to let the ITSF know IF we wish to send a World Cup team. they also want to know what table at that date as well, but we could possibly delay that - as we've done in previous years.

There's 4 different types of world cup teams we could send,
Men's, Women's, Junior's, and Senior's

Men's team can be up to 9 players (7 + 2 reserves) - must have a minimum of 5 to form a team.

You could also take into account the national champions that we get to send who can play in the World Championships events - Deadline for submission of those is Oct 30th. It makes sense to have the national champions on the world cup team as well.

All this info can be found at:

Author: foosghost Reply #30 Posted: Sep 12 2010 4:40AM

So Will, here's what i would suggest.

If you're absolutely sure you could get a minimum of 5 people from Edmonton that would go, then don't let the Sept 30 date effect any planning from our end. We'll just tell the ITSF that yes, we'd like to send a Mens team.

Then I'd say give people at least 2-3 weeks to commit, so post that TSAC is accepting applications for players for Team Canada - with the understanding that they will be paying their own way. (i'd say keep the money raised in Edmonton for those players from Edmonton - that makes sense to me - but no need to broadcast that in the official message.) Post a hard deadline for accepting applications.

Then come up with some fair way to pick 9 players if you get more than 9 applications. I would also suggest applicants must put down a non-refundable down payment to show their commitment - like $300 (paypal works nicely for this).

As long as everyone in Canada has a chance to see the process, and can decide if they want to apply, and they know the deadline, and how the selection will go if we get more than 9, then i'd say that's fair.

Author: Will Reply #31 Posted: Sep 12 2010 2:05PM

I am pretty sure we could get 7 players, but I would need to talk to people first. We will have a meeting here in Edmonton to discuss this and I'll post an update.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #32 Posted: Sep 13 2010 12:58AM

Oh thanks Joey for saying such nice things about me, and yes I know I can't spell, came out of grade 12 with my ability tested at a grade 3 level. The ultimate contempt for athority perhaps.

Havn't had time to play foos, I just worked The Masters at Spruce Meadows for CBC, (show jumping). I was in the truck watching the sound guy mixing when Eric's broken foot came out of the sterup costing him 500k, unf***in real.

I might play some foos this thursday, we'll see.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #33 Posted: Sep 13 2010 3:05PM

Darn it,greg,just commit to playing every thursday so you'll be ready for the edmonton tourney.

Author: Red Pepper Reply #34 Posted: Sep 13 2010 7:58PM

Flights are currently around 1100 to get to Paris from Van. Steeeeeeep....

Author: Will Reply #35 Posted: Sep 13 2010 9:48PM

$760 CAD Edmonton to London January 3rd to 11th - catch a train from London and have a few extra days in Europe

Author: Will Reply #36 Posted: Sep 13 2010 9:53PM

Tax in takes it to 1200 I thought that site included it. Expedia is so much better than everything else...

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #37 Posted: Sep 14 2010 4:06AM

Joey, I had so much more fun playing in edmonton, it was a tourny and I drew some new kid who had only been blocking rollovers for 3 weeks , but we beat Christian in the first round, and had a shot to put Will away in the second. Then we got knocked out right about when Lee and Grace Murray showed up, Tommy and Dale T. What a time.

Old friends aside, we don't have dyps in Calgary, no rateing system, we don't teach the new kids sweet f*ck all. To be honest playing in Edmonton made playing in Calgary seem like a drag, and eventually they will have stronger players then us too. 'Challenge table' has its limitations, a lot of good players don't get that pumped playing for sh*t on a stick.

I'm not going to Europe this year, probably next year when I'll have a table & more time to put in but not this year. Best of luck to those who are going there and to the Canadian Championships.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #38 Posted: Sep 14 2010 1:58PM

Greg,I wish I had been there to see Lee and Grace,two special people I have known since I was 10yrs. old.Lee's fastball style of foos is unlike that of anyone else,which is clearly just how fast his mind works.I'll see you Thursday,Greg.

Author: tony Reply #39 Posted: Sep 16 2010 1:37AM


I totally disagree with your comments about Calgary's foos scene. You've been here maybe a year. Maybe out to play 10 times total in that year. You haven't watched the club for the past dozen or so years like I have. Believe or not, some of our new players come onto these boards, read messages like yours, and aren't exactly motivated to come out. You don't have to promote, but you shouldn't be pessimistic either.

We did and do occasionally still have DYP's. Summers are slower for obvious reasons. Families, holidays, life aside from this silly game.

We have a rating system and it's very fair. We have usually had handicapped DYP's. When you have more experienced veterans than new blood you have to do it that way. Edmonton is going through a revival of sorts thanks to the efforts of a few key people and just happen to have more newer players than seasoned ones. Kind of like SFC circa 2003. Clubs, like everything else have their ebbs and flows.

We've had league teams in Vegas at HOFC every year since 2003. Those teams have been in the money and have many trophies to be proud of.

Some of us are constantly guiding / coaching new players. We just want to see some effort. And I'm not about to impart all my knowledge to someone if i'm not seeing a consistent disciplined approach to wanting to get better. Which is a lot more than I can say for the old "challenge" tables of 25 years ago. Loser pays ring a bell? How many players have left the game over a stupid $2 / 5 / 10 / or even $540 bet? Was it worth it?

I'm pretty certain that every player I've seen move from Edmonton to Calgary had improvements to their game so there must be something we're doing right considering we have no dyp's, no sharing / learning, and no comraderie. Ang / Matt / Joey all come to mind at this point. I won't even go into TOURNEY and TOURING results.

As for Edmonton having stronger players soon than Calgary, well, don't take this the wrong way but the only way that will happen is if their players quit their jobs and turn into Ryan Moore type's of this world or all of us veterans quit overnight. Let's not get in the debate on which city does better, it serves no positive purpose.

As for money matches or playing for something, you'll only see that from us if we really don't like someone. It sets a bad example of the game, because honestly, I know very few good losers. I don't even want to play for beers. I'll bet $5k on an NFL game, but I'd rather not hustle you for $5 on a foosball table. And a lot of us would be action magnets believe me.

The club has produced some really good talent via leagues and hard promoting. But that has to come from more than just a couple of people.

Some assinine behaviour from egoists or cynics hasn't helped grow the game in Calgary. But if you don't have anything nice to say... SHUT UP and foos it.

One more thing. One thing I'm kinda proud to say I've accomplished was at 2008 HofC. Decided to go last minute. Little to no practice. Last minute bookings so $$. 2 new babies. Decided to enter OD when I got to Vegas I think. Played with Eric (who 2-3 years previously was one of our "untaught" rookies. Placed 13-16. Mostly nets. Pretty happy watching HULK boy have his greatest accomplishment to date I think. I could go on and on. Linda is also another good example.

It's not the quantity of players that we'll remember in our limelights. it's the QUALITY. Please think about that "Quality" when you post on here. I see lots of guys post up the garbage and trash talk and then when they're on the receiving side or overdid it they're silent. Or when the $ bets come up it's "oh, all in good fun, J/K." That's garbage.

This post was originally about the World Cup. Have you paid your TSAC memberships yet? What have you done for me lately?

January 2011 is not a good time for me to go to France. In fact, I much prefer Asia to Europe and I've visited both. But I'm happy to lend my resources and limited abilities if there is a concerted effort to represent.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #40 Posted: Sep 16 2010 2:56AM


That's good you disagree with me because it's through the discussion that progress is made but you are wrong about a couple things or maybe I'm wrong or something.

'You've been here maybe a year' ...

I've actually been here for close to 3 years. The first time I came out we were still playing at the Blackfoot. I wanted to play a DYP that night but was told there were too many players, too many. My my how things have changed.

"We have a rating system"

No we don't, at least not to my knowledge. We have divisions, but as to who is the 5th highest rated player here, or who is 15th, we have no idea because we don't do the math. Vancouver, Edmonton, and Regina all have rating systems and players fight every week to move up a spot.

"We did and do occasionally still have DYP's"

That is true, but sounds like a foos scene that's going downhill, and especially unproductive for the up and comers. In Edmonton there were 20 players in the event I played in, and maybe I've only been out 10 times in the last year here but outside of the time the guys from
Edmonton were passing through there were no DYP's, none.

"the only way that will happen is if their players quit their jobs and turn into Ryan Moore"

We have better players right now, but with all that activity up there I think their game is improving faster then ours. They play more matches then us but we play better opponents when the good players come out for challenge table. It's close but if things don't change I think they will pass us eventually. You got to play lots and against lots of different players to improve and they do.

"if you don't have anything nice to say... SHUT UP"

As far as criticism goes suck it up buddy, nothing in life, not your game your art your foos club or anything else can improve without criticism. It's not personal, it's productive. And if you want to bring out more young players then be like Will and run all kinds of events that entertain both them as well as the seasoned players.

If what you want to do is carry on as we are, squash the criticism and just tell the kids it's fun ... Well you're just running a con. If the young ones go up against Matt and Daryl on a challenge table they're not going to learn SFA compared to if one kid drew Matt and the other drew Daryl and now their in the finals playing for rating points and a bit of cash.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #41 Posted: Sep 17 2010 10:32PM

I played challenge table in Calgary last night and it was fun. I would have rather had a tourny but that's just me. The Calgary pros do great, they are dedicated, the teams play together a lot and solidify to improve their chances in the States. And they go to the States a lot improving their game. As a result of all this stuff the compition in Calgary is very strong.

Having said that, I also noticed the less experienced players looking over at the pro table, wanting to play but knowing how hopeless it was. I think there is some support out there for what I've been driving at. Of course I'm just one old-timer who probably wouldn't come out anyways but ...

I worked 2 moble sports gigs with CBC this summer and I talked to those guys a bit about Foos. It would be nice if CBC covered a foos story, and it would be nice if a company like Molsons came accross with a bit of cash for trips to Ottawa or France. But those companies arn't going to have any respect for this game if we can't get a national rating system up, show them a larger audience, national coverage.

It wasn't long ago there was talk of rating the 5 majors we've had in Alberta in the last 2 or 3 years. And we were going to have a rated tourny every 3 months, I'd be down for that.

Am I the only one who wants to see TV coverage and corporate sponserships, because you ain't going to get that with challenge table. And we may never get that no matter what but ...

A) There is strength in numbers and the bigger and more functional we can get TSAC the more likely it is good things will happen

B) Those new players come out and want to play us. If we could do something like once a month run a Hi-Low tourny where the Highest rated player pairs up with the lowest, the second highest with the second lowest, ect. The new players have a riot, learn a lot, the player base grows and the chances of getting a sponcership grows.

C) No more arguments over who is in what division.

But like I said I'm just an old-timer who probably wouldn't come out anyways. And after 7 years of bitchin about this you would think I was tired of it, broken record syndrom.

There Tony, that's what I've done for you lately, I've encouraged the organization of foos, plus I covered the long for the last shot in the last game we played agianst Matt'n Daryl last night, where the f**k were you? Ho Ho Ho

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #42 Posted: Sep 18 2010 4:12AM

I thought this was a thread about the World Cup team.
Did anyone ever form such a thing?

Author: Will Reply #43 Posted: Sep 18 2010 12:41PM

I talked to people here and we have decided to wait until next year to see if we can form a team from here. We'll need more time to fundraise appropriately.

I'm still open to going, and a few others are as well, but we would need a strong team and interest from other players/cities as well.

Author: Linda Reply #44 Posted: Sep 19 2010 3:18PM

I'd be open to going in the future some time (not this year though) if we could ever form a women's team. That said, i'm in the same dilemma as everyone else, and that's money =(

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