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Topic: Club Fund Raising Opportunities

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Sep 13 2010 11:10AM

Will, This might be something worth looking into. If not for this year maybe for next year.

Alberta has adopted the charitable gaming model for casinos, bingo, raffles and pull tickets. These gaming activities present excellent fundraising opportunities for all charitable and non-profit organizations, which generally include sport organizations and clubs, to raise funds for their worthy projects and services.
Last year, this gaming revenue totaled about a quarter of a billion dollars that was reinvested back into communities throughout Alberta.

For complete detailed information please visit the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission website:

To qualify for a bingo licence, a group must have delivered a charitable program in Alberta for a minimum of twelve months at the time of application. A licensed group's volunteers may hold bingo events at an association, a community, or a privately operated bingo facility.

For information on acquiring a Bingo Licence:
b) Go to Gaming - Bingo
c) Complete Licensing and Eligibility Forms
d) Complete Bingo Licence Application
e) Review the Bingo Licence Terms & Conditions for either Licensed Bingo Facilities, or Non-Association (Community) facilities, as well as the Bingo Terms and Conditions and Operating Guidelines

The AGLC determines eligibility for a raffle; however, the method in which licences are issued is based on total ticket value.
For raffles with a total ticket value $10,000 and less, the licence must be obtained from any Alberta registry agent.
For raffles with a total ticket value more than $10,000, the AGLC issues the licence.
For information on acquiring a Raffle Licence:
b) Go to Gaming - Raffle
c) Determine if your total ticket sales will be more or less than $10,000.00
d) Complete Eligibility for Raffle Licence application form if total ticket sales are less than $10,000. Licenses are only available at the local Registry Agent, who can provide a listing of approved charities.
If your organization is not on their list, your application must be reviewed and approved by AGLC before receiving a Licence.

If total ticket sales are more than $10,000 AGLC issues the Licence. Complete Raffle Licence Application and Guidelines

e) Review applicable Raffle Terms & Conditions and Raffle Ticket Inventory Control Procedures

Raffle Ticket Sales Tip:

A great way for clubs to expediate ticket sales is to set up a table at a mall or local event venue. The club raffle coordinator only needs to contact the chosen venue for permission, and supply the club members to do the selling.

To qualify for a casino licence, a group must have delivered a charitable program in Alberta for a minimum of 24 months at the time of application. A licensed group's volunteers generally hold two day events in a casino facility within a designated region within the province. Casinos are available to groups on a rotational basis - the length of time a club must wait between its casino events is generally 18 - 24 months.

Groups located within the boundary of Edmonton must conduct their casino within that city.

Groups located outside of Edmonton may not access casinos within Edmonton.

Groups located within the boundary of Calgary must conduct casinos within that city.

Groups located in close proximity to Calgary may conduct casinos at the Silver Dollar Casino in Calgary. This area includes Banff to the west, Crossfield to the north, Strathcona to the east and High River to the South.

Outside of Edmonton and Calgary groups shall normally conduct their casino events at licenced casino facilities located outside of Edmonton and Calgary which are in their location or at the casino facility in closest proximity to their location.

For information on acquiring a Casino Licence:
b) Go to Gaming - Casino
c) Complete the Eligibility for Casino Licence form
d) Dates will be assigned for eligible organizations. Once approved, complete Casino Licence Application form 60 days prior to the dates assigned to your organization, as well as Casino Bank Account Declaration.
e) Have all volunteer workers fill out Casino Volunteer Worker Application forms and submit 60 days prior to Casino Dates

Author: tony Reply #1 Posted: Sep 16 2010 1:57AM

Simon, I've participated in ALL of those items over the years. AGLC will likely not support an official license for a foosball club. Not anymore than they would for bowling, pool or darts league, all of which are bigger draws.

One idea that has worked really well for sponsorship is in this form. I once raised $25k in a year for my fraternal group in this format :

I went to ABC Gas company. I spoke with their MKTG people. I asked them to give us discounts if we used PREPAID cards and They gave us a 5% discount but not at the pump. At the end of the year in a cheque form. Similar to how CO-OP rebates their members for their loyalty. I asked the guys in our group to only buy fuel from that vendor for a year. On prepaid fuel cards. And to pay with their credit cards to get the obvious rewards points their credit card companies would also give. I had a lot of participants and we bought a lot of ABC FUEL that year. At the end of the year, ABC presented our group with a pretty nice dividend cheque, which we used to give to various REAL charities. We had nearly 500 - 600 guys participate in this program so it was a great success. A lot of the guys redeemed things like Airmiles, Aeroplan points and gave those items to the charities on behalf of the group as well. It was really nice.

I can totally see that working if you struck deals with Gas companies, GROCERY STORES, liquor stores, restaurant / pubs, gyms, car washes and many more - anywhere else that you might be able to establish a corporate discount of sorts. The key point is consolidation and brand loyalty. Foosers are loyal to TOrnado in AB so i think you know what i mean. Hell, if promoters buying tables from vendors took their group batch savings and donated them to trips like FRance and the word got around town i'm sure foos would grow. A small contribution from everyone makes a big difference.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Sep 18 2010 12:46PM

Simon that is really great, I think it would work.

Tony I disagree that it won't work. Bocce ball gets funding from the province and I don't see that as far more credible than foosball, especially with the ITSF behind us. We can show them video's like the "The game you always loved, the sport you never knew existed" video. Stuff like that looks really professional and can go a long way into swaying there opinion. Also if we are working with youth that will go a long way.

Chad and Paul both played on a soccer team that worked casino's for a while and made a ton of money off that. The only catch was that 50% of the money they got had to be spent on youth programs.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #3 Posted: Sep 18 2010 11:21PM

Bocce ball is played by old people.
Foosball is played by pool hall kiddies (and Simon)

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Sep 18 2010 11:22PM

Governments like old people because they vote
Governments hate young pool hall kiddies because they smoke marra-ju-wanna and get all liquored up.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Sep 18 2010 11:35PM

Come on Tim, I expected a way more sarcastic post than that.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #6 Posted: Sep 19 2010 2:58AM

What can I say? I vote. Sometimes the constant strain and inevitable wear and tear of voting weighs on a person and our ability to spew out sarcasm at the drop of a hat wanes.

Fortunately, I have realized that if I simply stop voting, then I will be young again.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Sep 19 2010 1:53PM

I thought it was just senility

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #8 Posted: Sep 21 2010 8:27PM

I do a reasonable facsimile of senility but, alas, the pleasures of forgetting all the events of my life still remains ahead.

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