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Topic: Fireball in Vancouver

Author: FireballGuy Original Message Posted: Sep 20 2010 4:20AM

Hello all,

This is Dennis the Fireball manufacturer. We have 10 new tables going to Vancouver now and will arrive around Oct 5th. Since I will be in Vancouver that time after the Bart'O, I wonder if anyone wants to come out to try out the tables on Saturday Oct 9th at some place you usually go for foosball gathering. Please email me at to get connected on this.

Thank you


Author: The Next One. Reply #1 Posted: Sep 20 2010 4:58AM

Too Cool

Author: C.A.L. Reply #2 Posted: Sep 20 2010 8:16PM

Bring those tables to Edmonton

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #3 Posted: Sep 21 2010 8:31PM

I'd be willing to come out. Not sure where you are going to put them though. We play at Soho Billiards in Vancouver and you would have to clear that with Glenn. Otherwise, a location would have to be found.

Author: dfnder Reply #4 Posted: Sep 24 2010 4:04AM

I think a lot of people would come out and try the table, they are just not posting that they would. I sent you an email, Soho is willing to provide the space for your table so that the players can enjoy it.

Let us know one way or the other, cheers

Author: Red Pepper Reply #5 Posted: Sep 24 2010 1:58PM

This might be sorted out for Saturday night, but I don't know for sure.

I really don't know anything, most of all, about foos.

Author: domi nate Reply #6 Posted: Sep 24 2010 6:20PM

I thought dfnder was Peter Tielens, not Moya.

Author: moyatielens Reply #7 Posted: Sep 24 2010 6:46PM

Wow, that's weird. dfnder is Pete and I'm Moya. :p Don't know why it came up as that when you click on his name.

Author: FireballGuy Reply #8 Posted: Sep 24 2010 9:44PM

Thanks Pete for helping to set up with Soho. I will keep in touch as dates come close to Oct 9th and will post here to let everyone know exactly when to meet. It would be noce if you or someone can organize a small tournament to make it more interesting. I will bring 2-3 tables of the newest version and welcome all your input.


Author: dfnder Reply #9 Posted: Sep 25 2010 3:12AM

Dennis I set up the date as the 9th not knowing you wanted it another date - It works being a Sat and all. If you want it another date I will have to talk to the owner again. Did you get my email?

I look forward to trying the table out :)

"peter tielens"

Author: FireballGuy Reply #10 Posted: Sep 25 2010 4:41AM


The date is fine with me, and I do hope to meet many Vancouver fellow foos friends then. The tables arrive at Vancouver port on Oct 2nd. As long as the customs does not cause delays with silly inspection they will be available for the weekend event. After that, 2 tables will probably go to Ottawa for the Canadian Nationals, and 2 will go to Edminton for Will's tournament later on. Around 4 will stay in Vancouver as stock. I will get more tables and more versions in the country later, including the coin op model, the Multi-play model and a cheaper Trainer model.


Author: FireballGuy Reply #11 Posted: Oct 7 2010 4:43PM


I have the tables now in New Westminster. I can take them to a place of your choice on Saturday so we can have the event there. Please help send out invitations to everyone you know so we can get the best turnout.



Author: Superfly Reply #12 Posted: Oct 7 2010 5:19PM

Hey Dennis, sounds great. What type of table is it ... is it the same one used at the Bart O ? I know the one i tried in Vegas still had a few kinks in it to be ironed out. Looking forward to playing on it again very soon.

Author: FireballGuy Reply #13 Posted: Oct 7 2010 8:24PM

It is the 1-man goalie version with the lighter silver rods.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #14 Posted: Oct 7 2010 10:06PM

Dennis it would be great to bring one of each type to Edmonton. I prefer the single goalie type , but will play on any more bankable table than Tornado by default.

Are you coming to Edmonton or any representative?

Oh yes, one more thing... Can you bring the various ball types you may use in the table also?


Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #15 Posted: Oct 8 2010 1:11AM

I will be there. I have something on Saturday morning but have everything after about 1:00pm wide open.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #16 Posted: Oct 11 2010 2:36PM

What did you think about these tables?

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #17 Posted: Oct 11 2010 8:49PM

I like them. Like any table, there could be improvements.

Would I replace my 25 year old Tornado with one? Probably not.

If I did not have a table and I had a choice of an economically priced Fireball vs. an expensive Tornado with dubious goal post life expectancy, then I might be leaning to the Fireball.

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