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Topic: Pull Shooter vs Roller Shooter Competition!!!!!!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Sep 21 2010 7:58PM

I challenge Joey to a competition! Lets make some teams and have a forward shootout competition, 5 shooters a side!

You pick your team of 4 pull shooters, I'll pick my team of 4 roller shooters. Then we have each player play forward shootout against one person from the other team. Winning team will have 3 or more wins. (probably 5-0 for the roller shooters)

You in Joey?

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Sep 21 2010 8:06PM

Sure hope Matt and Darrel are coming to this tournament...

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Sep 22 2010 10:20AM

I think you just proved Joey's point and according to Garry, the Rollover is just so easy to score that even a monkey can shoot it.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #3 Posted: Sep 22 2010 12:30PM

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!The foosball skies have parted and said let it be done.Without first consulting any of the following people,these would be my initial choices for the aforementioned competition:Eric,Brian,Andy,Simon,and Myself.I think,however,that the format of this competition does not fully illustrate the overall skill of each player.Hence,I suggest the following:a two part competition.Part one would consist of a regular game and part two would consist of the forward shootout.In the event of a tie,there would be a coin toss to decide the format of the third and deciding game.Any other ideas as to format are welcome.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Sep 22 2010 12:44PM

How about this for a twist, to illustrate the players skill in forward shoot out how about you can't score the same type of shot twice. That way you have to score with 5 different type of shots.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #5 Posted: Sep 22 2010 3:48PM

The third game should be goalie wars.And what would be interesting,and in keeping with my argument pertaining to the roller,is if none of the competitors were permitted to use their primary shot,i.e.,I would not be permitted to shoot a pull shot.This,in my opinion,could be very telling as to what impact one's primary shot has on their ability to win.Or,perhaps,one could use their primary shot during forward shootout but not during the regular game.Moreover,and I am being sincere when i say this ,I was happy to receive Will's response to my challenge in the affirmative.As it has always been my contention that any player worth his salt never turns down a challenge.That being said,I will not have any because you can't use your primary shot.Use of the primary shot will automatically be met with the following penalty: No Exceptions!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #6 Posted: Sep 22 2010 7:30PM

In addition to the above competition,I propose The First Alberta B.C. Foosball Challenge,pitting both provinces players,pros and amateurs alike,in a battle to end all battles.In a roundrobin format,this tournament will help to determine, in a formal way,western Canada's best players.I expect there to be back and forth between the two camps over this proposed tourney.

Author: Linda Reply #7 Posted: Sep 22 2010 10:22PM

Why am i not surprised as to how extensive the male ego comes into play in foosball?

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Sep 22 2010 11:34PM

I was kind of thinking that the rule would be that "rollover shooters" had to shoot rollers and "pull shooters" have to shoot pull... you know, so that it can be proved which shot is best.

If you want to just divide up into groups of players that shoot rollers and pulls and play games against each other it is more dependent on other skills, like who has the best 5 bar etc. If you think about it, Rico would win our tournament shooting a backpin if he wanted to. His 5 and other skills are good enough to carry him.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Sep 23 2010 2:47AM

I have no problem with playing your format.Sounds good to me.But what of the proposed Alberta vs.B.C. Foosball Challenge?This needs to happen.As competitive foosers,we cannot shy away from competition.Alternatively,I'll bring it up Thursday night,proposing the top 6 Calgary guys face off against 6 of B.C.'s best.And hopefully this could take place by December or January.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Sep 23 2010 10:48AM

Sounds like an awesome idea. GO Alberta!

Author: TR Reply #11 Posted: Sep 23 2010 12:33PM

Maybe next you can hold a tennis tournament where you only hit backhands. One handed backhands can play against the two handers and finally show those two handers, that the one hander requires way more practice, skill, and timing to execute and is better......

Author: Will Reply #12 Posted: Sep 23 2010 12:39PM

Two handed back hands are far better.

Author: Linda Reply #13 Posted: Sep 23 2010 1:34PM

"two handed backhands are far better"

Unless you're Roger Federer

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Sep 23 2010 1:41PM

"Unless you're Roger Federer"

I'm not...

Nadal is better anyway and hits a two handed backhand.

Author: Will Reply #15 Posted: Sep 23 2010 1:43PM

It would be sweet if we could have foosball video analysis like this.

Author: tony Reply #16 Posted: Sep 23 2010 5:32PM


Author: TR Reply #17 Posted: Sep 23 2010 10:38PM

Federer best of all time. There was a time back in the day when you had to beat different styles, play a serve and volleyer one day and beat a base liner the next. Nadal only has to focus on beating his opponents on the base line because that's how the all play.

Sorry to Hijack, continue on.

Author: hardboiled Reply #18 Posted: Sep 24 2010 5:54PM

fine idea there Will.

We should line that up. Maybe during the nationals warm up you have coming.

Putting together a tournament that can draw the BC guys out is a must. Long lead time, off-season for airfare, and a large Edm/Sask turnout is important. We'll get there.

Let's set this challenge up for the 15th. I heart seeing rollers sob

Author: Will Reply #19 Posted: Sep 24 2010 7:58PM

Alright. Let's do the forward shootout when the DYP starts to dwindle down.

My team depends on who comes to edm but Christian matt and Darryl are all on if they are going to be there. Any other nominations for "team Roller"

Author: Desmond Reply #20 Posted: Sep 25 2010 8:33AM

Dave Ahn, his roller is still difficult to stop even though you know what's coming. it's almost like a hybrid pull/roller shot. So if Dave is coming, he should be on Team roller.

Author: Will Reply #21 Posted: Sep 25 2010 1:31PM

I didn't post this thread to Vancouver because there is only 4 tables at this event. So having more players show up would be difficult.

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