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Topic: How to be a good partner as a Pro

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Sep 23 2010 12:03AM

I wanted to point out something that I have learned from Roger. Roger seems to always get the most out of his partner, and I think it is mostly due to his mentality and his teaching style.

Roger gives a lot of compliments to his partners, I know it sounds obvious when I say it this way, but telling your partner about what they are doing well helps them. It helps a lot more than telling them what they are doing wrong...

When Rog does give advice or try to correct something his partner is doing, he doesn't do it condescendingly. Rog says it with a smile and is giving them something to work with. Generally he doesn't say stuff like "never do ____, always do it like _____."

Anyway i'm not calling anyone out or anything, but more just trying to compliment Roger on an incredible part of his personality and hoping that the rest of us pro's can learn from that and maybe it will help our partners have more fun, and maybe make the tournament more enjoyable for everyone.

Author: Pushshot Reply #1 Posted: Sep 23 2010 2:09AM


It's easy when you draw great partners like Brian.
Wanting to learn & out to have fun.
Brian's got some natural skills & played awesome for someone who hasn't seen a roller, backpin, or any stationary shot.

I see you & everyone else doing the same, we can't be on our best behaviour, all the time,not even Me, it's nice of you to say so though, but the truth is ,if it wasn't for you & chad given all of us a place to play , this would not be possible.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #2 Posted: Sep 23 2010 2:33AM

Well said.Roger is a good foosball player,but he is an even better person.As well,and I believe one can draw this inference from what Will is saying,Roger has an incredibly cool disposition,always smiling and usually in a good mood.In short,Roger is a class act.Moreover,irrespective of who you are partnered with,and whatever he may or may not being doing wrong,never(!),ever ,be critical of him--especially during the match.Rather, suggest reviewing the match,going over what you,as a team,did right or did wrong and what you could work on for the next match.My philosophy with my partners has always been let them play their game.

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