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Topic: Nationals Warm-Up October 15-17th at Gateway

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Sep 28 2010 1:12PM

October 15-17th
Gateway Entertainment Center
34 ave and Gateway Blvd
6 Tornado Tables
1 or 2 Fireball USA Pro Tour Tables (for testing and trying out)

Friday Night: $10 Draw Your Partner 8:30

Semi-Pro Singles 11:00
Open Singles 12:00
Rookie Singles 1:30
Semi-Pro Doubles 5:00
Open Doubles 8:00

Events Continue (TBD)
Pro/Am 11:00
Last Chance DYP 1:00

Event Entry Fees:
Rookie $20
Semi-Pro $25
Pro $30
Pro Master $40

Registration fee per player: $10

We might run some 4 team DYP's on the Fireball tables.

For the Pro/Am one player must be a rookie. SemiPro, Pro, and Pro Master ranked players can play with any Rookie. It is not a draw, it is a bring or choose your own partner event. Everyone pays the same entry as they would to any other event.

Payout Structure:

1st 40%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%

Total of 80% payout per event.

The remaining 20% will be taken out of each event, and put towards the highest placing player that plans to attend Nationals.

The highest ranking player will be based off of Open Singles/Doubles combined. Add the two numbers together (i.e. 3rd and 5th =8 , 1st and 4th = 5) whoever has the lowest number or highest total finishes wins. If someone doesn't play in both events then they will be placed in last in the event they don't play in.

This isn't planned to be a huge tournament, so I am guessing we will have 30-50 people attend.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Sep 28 2010 1:18PM

So there are a few changes to the previously planned tournament. Sorry for the confusion on everything, I guess I realized that we couldn't run the tournament on 4 tables so that is why I posted it to Van/Sask also now. We should have plenty of room and time to finish the event.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Sep 28 2010 2:39PM

You have to check out the flier for Nationals, it is really cool.

Author: domi nate Reply #3 Posted: Sep 28 2010 3:31PM

That's cool.

Author: Pushshot Reply #4 Posted: Sep 28 2010 6:14PM

Sounds great Will, this is going to be a great weekend.

Can't wait.

Author: Linda Reply #5 Posted: Sep 28 2010 9:39PM

What are the chances Semi Pro doubles will be finished on Saturday? I was kind of hoping to be able to drive back to Calgary at a reasonable hour.

Author: domi nate Reply #6 Posted: Sep 29 2010 10:16AM

*bleep* me I just realized now this is the weekend I'm in Edmonton. Great!

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Sep 29 2010 7:56PM

Linda I figure it will be in the last couple rounds by 8:00. After a couple rounds of Open Doubles the Semi will resume, so most likely done by 10:00 - could finish by 8:00 though depending on how many players play that event.

Author: domi nate Reply #8 Posted: Sep 30 2010 4:25PM

Obviously I'm still Semi-Pro, right?

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Sep 30 2010 8:31PM


Author: domi nate Reply #10 Posted: Oct 5 2010 4:38PM

Will there be wraps for purchase at the venue?

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Oct 5 2010 7:20PM


Author: Linda Reply #12 Posted: Oct 5 2010 9:30PM

Hey Will...wanna throw in some money for the top female to go to Ottawa?

Author: domi nate Reply #13 Posted: Oct 6 2010 10:27AM

You think you can beat Simon?!

Author: Chris.K Reply #14 Posted: Oct 6 2010 12:22PM

Hey Will, I was just wondering if I am playing as rookie or Semi? Great game last night by the way, You and Paul played really well.

Author: Linda Reply #15 Posted: Oct 6 2010 12:37PM

Dammit! That's a good question's a possibility :)

Author: S. Edwards Reply #16 Posted: Oct 6 2010 12:45PM

Nathan, you looking for a date?

Author: Will Reply #17 Posted: Oct 6 2010 2:52PM

Chris you are a rookie, Linda, I would love to but I'm not adding money for anything so I can't do that.

Author: Linda Reply #18 Posted: Oct 6 2010 5:26PM

Meh no worries Will. It was worth a shot :)

Author: Pushshot Reply #19 Posted: Oct 6 2010 9:33PM

Any deals on rooms for out of towners or local drunks aka Lance LOL

Author: Pushshot Reply #20 Posted: Oct 8 2010 1:14AM

Lance & Pat were playing in the warm-up.
He would like to know if there was anything in the works. for rooms.

Author: Will Reply #21 Posted: Oct 8 2010 10:44AM

I have no room deals set up. sorry.

Author: Will Reply #22 Posted: Oct 8 2010 2:35PM

It would be cool to see lance again though, hope be can find something. Try

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Oct 12 2010 11:35PM

I just noticed I didn't put rookie doubles on that list at the start. There is a rookie doubles tournament also - 3:00 Sat.

Author: Will Reply #24 Posted: Oct 15 2010 2:10PM

DYP Tonight!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #25 Posted: Oct 15 2010 2:34PM

Will the open events be 3/5?

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #26 Posted: Oct 15 2010 8:12PM

Only your first match Simon.

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