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Topic: Canadian Nationals

Author: 5barwarrior Original Message Posted: Sep 29 2010 1:32PM

Hello West Coast Foosers:

Just to give you guys an update, OFA will be guaranteeing $1000 of the prize money. So if we fall short of the estimates we will add up to $1000 to the prize fund to make up the difference.

Hope this helps with people making a decision about coming out.

See you guys in Nov.

Ottawa Foosball Ass.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Sep 29 2010 7:53PM

Awesome Chris, sounds great! Payouts looks good.

Author: The Next One. Reply #2 Posted: Oct 1 2010 2:52PM

How are they figuring anyone from the west is going to this.

Flights are 400plus roundtrip to ottawa from van.
Open Doubles pays 600 each...

That said, anyone planning on going to this?>
and what americans are going to this also?
any pm\s going.?

Author: Pixel Reply #3 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:14PM

David, are you suggesting the Nationals were profitable for us to attend when they were held in Edmonton? I assure you, they were not - we still came.

Not to mention that if you were to predict attendance of a foosball tournament based on expected return, no one would ever go to any of them...

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:30PM

Well I am sure there will be a couple from Edmonton or Calgary going, because we are holding a tournament to pay for someone to attend essentially. There has been interest from a few people in Edmonton so maybe you will see 3 or 4.

The payouts look pretty good too, and I could see more than 60 people showing which would bring the payouts up. Also they are guaranteeing to add 1000 to bring the payouts up. That is pretty sweet, would you do that if you were running a tournament? It is when people go the extra mile to make sure a tournament is great that it becomes worth attending.

Also - I like the idea of having a chance at stealing Mario's title, Canadian National Champion!

Author: The Next One. Reply #5 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:36PM

sup homeboi

Ya man, we don't play this great game for the money thats for sure.

It would be nice to go to our nations capital, however. and I didn't know they were kicking in an extra $1000

Looks like no one from Vancouver is showing any signs of going as of yet. We don't have promoters here that will help any local players travel to these kind of tournaments these days or that i can ever remember.

I really want to go, but i would have to have a serious partner to be in for sure and any representation for BC.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #6 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:37PM

Dave, the one thing you could do to help the attendance is stay home

Author: foosghost Reply #7 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:42PM

I'm likely going. It's our National Championships - how can i not?

Author: The Next One. Reply #8 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:42PM

Haha, ya my new world title may need polishing, I do still love wearing my championsip jacket, and my new t3000 will be coming shortly.... I may have to entertain the idea

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Oct 1 2010 3:50PM

Exactly Eric - our nationals. That is what makes it worth going.

Author: Superfly Reply #10 Posted: Oct 1 2010 4:10PM

So if Spredeman, Pappas, Moore and so on show up ... an American will be Canadian National Champion.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Oct 1 2010 4:21PM

Nope. Highest placing Canadian. Last year Tony and Ryan both showed. Mario finished 3rd but he is the Canadian National Champion.

Author: foosghost Reply #12 Posted: Oct 1 2010 4:28PM

lets not forget about the doubles Canadian National Champions..

holy. its not like singles is the only event that matters.


Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Oct 1 2010 4:52PM

man. your right - except that Mario won the spot of "Canadian National Champion" for the right to represent Canada at the World Championships. It was designated ahead of time to go to the singles winner, so that is why I say he has the title.

Either way, I think I remember Kane and some guy winning the doubles title, I cant remember for sure though....

Author: tony Reply #14 Posted: Oct 1 2010 6:59PM

OFA runs a good tournament. At least it did when I went in 2005. And looks like the tables are in good condition this time! Kudos to the promoters for putting it on for a good cause.

Chris, keep up the good work. Timing is bad for me or I'd come. Here's to a successful tourney and fun had by all.

Author: hardboiled Reply #15 Posted: Oct 4 2010 8:01PM

These are our nationals, and they deserve support wherever possible.

Those who can climb off their wallets - should.

Those who need a small hammer to bust open a piggy bank: grab one.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #16 Posted: Oct 4 2010 8:17PM

So you're going Andy? I'd go but my problem is not my wallet or my piggy bank. It's my care.

Author: The Next One. Reply #17 Posted: Oct 5 2010 5:52AM

Same in my way...

I know Erics going. And ianuzzia and nhu,, want to know if kane and mario a will be there as well. and any pm's from the us. I want to go if the event will bring serious names to it.

The West needs some incentive to attend.

Author: hardboiled Reply #18 Posted: Oct 5 2010 7:15AM

Tim: it's our nationals, if you can't get it up for this one, then why bother? I understand if a guy ain't the competitive type...

And those who came to Shmengeville last fall had all the incentive they needed: to compete in the Nationals.

And dave: speak for yourself or BC, but not the 'west'. Maybe you should ask for a $2k bursary and appearance fee. Don't go unless you get it.

Author: domi nate Reply #19 Posted: Oct 5 2010 10:36AM

I don't understand this fascination with PMs from the US.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #20 Posted: Oct 5 2010 10:54AM

I think he wants to rub some elbows, after all Dave is a world chumpion.

Author: 5barwarrior Reply #21 Posted: Oct 5 2010 3:26PM

Hello All:

US players - I haven't heard anything about Papas or Moore. I know that Ron Olson can't make it which means that Rick Moeler isn't coming. They are the two main US PM we get.

Just to clarify the $1000. If we fall short of the $7000, we will add the extra money. So if we only get $5500, then we will make it $6500. Also if we get more than the estimates, we will pay out more than the $7000.

Any questions drop me a line -


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