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Topic: Tuesday Night Result - Team Event (please comment)

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Sep 29 2010 9:50PM

Last night we did a team event, where players were drawn onto 5 different teams, 4 players per team.

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:

Team 4:

Team 5:

To complete the team even each team played a match against each of the other teams. In a match there were 4 singles games, and two doubles games - The highest ranked singles players played against each other, 2nd vs 2nd, 3rd vs 3rd, and 4th vs 4th. In doubles it was up to each team to set who played with who, and then the two doubles games were played.

Team 5 won the event, with Chad, Rick, Carlos and I all playing great and winning all of our matches except for a tie against team 1.

Some highlights:
Travis beating Cam in a huge comeback win and then beating Des 9-8

Uzair beating Des (sorry to pick on you with hightlights Des)

My game against Ben in singles which went to 9-8 (all games were race to 7 win by 2 max 9)

Brian beat Carlos in the first singles game they have played against each other in the league.

Post more if you can remember highlights!

Oh ya, Brian blocked a roller of mine that almost went into the other net, then Rog practically one timed it in. It was pretty cool.

From the feedback I have heard, a lot of players enjoyed the event. My personal opinion is that it is too complicated and it doesn't seem intense enough, like the games don't mean as much to anyone. BUT... my opinion isn't all that matters.

Some obvious benefits include:
- Every single person at the tournament won at least one game for there team.
- Players got to play against players of similar skill level
- My 4 singles games were against Roger, Garry, Christian, and Ben
- Daniel played against Carlos, Eric, Taylor, and Brian
- very close games and matches in most scenarios. Each team won at least one match.
- Matching up our doubles teams could have been done better. If any team had felt confident with the singles games of the players they could have gone with a powerhouse (top 2 players) and weak team (bottom two players)
- Players are pretty much constantly playing games

Also could be done by putting best two forwards seperate from eachother, or any other idea. I guess we didn't put much thought into it but it makes for discussion.

- Takes a long time - everyone has to be there until 11:00 (at least we finished the tournament at 11!)
- No pick up games can be played (sorry Karli and Ben)
- Less intensity
- I didn't play 9 games against Christian like usual
- REALLY hard to organize and set up, keep running smoothly etc.
- Some of the top pro's either didn't come or decided not to play because of the structure

So what I am wondering is if I am the only one that likes normal tournaments better than this... I mean it is still really fun but I wouldn't want to do it more than a couple times a year. I can see a lot more positive things than negative - but for me personally I enjoy other events more.

I think this would work really good for a league structure where you have set teams each week, a lot less organizing involved.

Share your thoughts!! Whether you are the newest player, the most experience pro, or anything in between feel free to post opinions and thougths..

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Sep 30 2010 12:13AM

Positives- good atmosphere

Negatives- too long of a night
- No strategy involved- the winner of the pre match toss should be able to set their roster last
- clarify rules beforehand ie; tie breaker

just my 2 cents- not trying to be negative

did I say too long?

btw- you should have a real byp the last week before the tourney-more focus and intensity

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Sep 30 2010 1:54AM

Deal - BYP the week before the tournament for sure. A warm up for the warm up of nationals!

Certainly need to clear up rules and set things up better if we do it again.

Too long though? the tournament ended earlier than an average tuesday by about half an hour. It keeps everyone in the tournament until the end though which may be looked at as a downside i guess, although I bet a lot of people enjoyed that too.

Need to find a way to make teams care more who wins..

How about using a format similar to this for a League starting the week after the tournament on Thursdays? That is the original reason for having this event was to test out how the games would go. I think we would need more doubles games though, maybe everyone plays on two doubles teams and in one singles game. All on one table too so that you can watch your teams games and stuff.

Author: wilkins Reply #3 Posted: Sep 30 2010 6:29AM

All I found was that we needed to do the doubles matches first. It would have made it run more quickly I think. There were times that we had to wait to play both our doubles matches because players from each team were playing singles.

Maybe if that would make it run more quickly we could do 2/3 in the singles or something.

Author: University of Foos Reply #4 Posted: Sep 30 2010 8:40AM

Will, if you're looking for format ideas for a league check out:,%20etc.pdf

It's got the score sheets that we use in Calgary for leagues on page 13 or so.

The idea of rounds helps the score from getting too lopsided and having games that mean nothing to anyone. Plus this system adds forward shootout, goalie wars and 4 on 4 into the mix, which are a lot of fun and never get played otherwise.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Sep 30 2010 10:08AM

If you plan on going to Vegas this March then I think it would be a good idea to get use to the Vifa format.

Author: melanoir Reply #6 Posted: Sep 30 2010 12:41PM

yeah i had lots of fun

The picking the doubles should be during the matches...would add an element of strategy into the teams
also with the four singles games, it seemed like the double sometimes didnt even matter, so having the doubles count as two wins might even things up abit

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