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Topic: Tuesday Oct. 5 Results and Points Update

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:07AM

BYP Results:
1st $55 Christian and Darcy
2nd $35 Will and Paul
3rd $20 Simon and Chris

Sam and Cam $25

1 Stranks, Will 1503 1519/803
2 Dunn, Christian 1422 1432/801
3 Edwards, Simon 1322 1370/801
4 Penner, Roger 1244 1285/816
5 Lawrence, Shane 1228 1248/816
6 McDonald, Tom 1174 1202/817
7 Burgardt, Garry 1133 1202/801
8 Wilkins, Ben 1106 1149/800
9 Scaife, Darcy 1024 1024/800
10 Luft, Carey 953 1010/800
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 946 991/800
Tse, Desmond 930 953/800
Trynchuk, Dale 928 933/800
Rupertus, Lindsey 920 973/800
15 Simeon, Jamie 917 938/800
Burrows, Cam 902 902/800
Spencer, Chad 892 920/800
Schnieder, Jeff 886 923/821
Wilkins, Sam 883 883/800
20 Dick, Matt 882 902/804
Smithson, Justin 882 898/800
X, Jeff 881 894/822
Campbell, Lance 880 906/800
Djakovic, Christoff 878 934/800
25 Kippen, Rick 874 894/800
Humberstone, Paul 871 968/800
So, Albert 870 946/801
Johnston, Mike 865 929/800
Daly, Ritchie 862 869/800
Kerr, Chris 859 1006/800
Green, James 857 872/800
Deeg, Phil 855 884/800
Hopfner, Jordan 854 854/800
Kelly, Brad 849 864/800
x, Tanveer 843 843/800
X, Darnel 841 854/800
x, Ryan 825 853/800
Volkman, Dallyn 825 841/800
Moir, Zak 824 864/800
Taft, Spencer 824 834/800
Lehman, Blair 823 847/800
Faulkner, Stephanii 822 840/800
Wood, Greg 818 881/800
Hasiuk, Jody 816 881/800
Phillips, Mike 812 829/800
Gish, Brian 812 823/805
Gibson, katy 811 848/800
X, Gerald 811 836/800
Wong, Felix 811 836/811
Jordan, Darren 809 827/800
O'Stream, Don 806 826/800
C, Erek 803 816/800
Kimber, Daniel 803 864/800
Perira, Carlos 802 818/800
Bennett, Doug 801 816/800
Baayens, Dean 801 818/800
Hodinski, Jasmine 801 817/800

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:24AM

Last night we did a BYP and then at around 9:00 we ran a DYP too.

In the first round there were some tough matches, including myself and Paul playing Christian and Darcy right off the bat. We won the match I think two strait but really it wasn't because we played great, it was more because they were not warmed up or ready. I think we went up 3-0 without me having made a pass yet (Christian just dropped the ball to me a couple times). Darcy also turned the ball over a bit, and Paul and I both played really well.

Des and Daniel beat Cam and Travis quickly then played Ben and Ritchie in a match I saw a bit of. Des looked more focused than typical and I saw him passing and shooting really well at times; Ben just plays the most composed foosball of anyone that I have ever seen though, and it is tough when he has someone with a 2 bar behind him like Ritchie. It was a close match but Ben and Ritchie came out on top.

Chad and Jamie played Christof and Sam also in a REALLY tight game. The 5 bar war was pretty sweet, Chad has a 5 that can hang with anyone now, and overall his game has picked up a lot. Jamie also has the potential to score whenever he has the ball, I think it is tough for him playing only once in a while though but still can just rip a long pull or a deep roller to either side on any given shot. Sam and Christof went up 4-2 in the third game but then Chad passed a couple times, taking time outs for jamie to shoot. That pulled them to 4-4, then Jamie closed it out from the two bar.

Paul and I played Chris and Simon in a great game for King seat. The game went back and forth with momentum swings. Chris and Paul both held there own and passed several times each. I think it was one of the better passing displays I have seen from the 2 bars. Also Simon hit his rolling pull to the TIGHTEST little hole a few times. Paul won the game with a 2 bar bank on meat ball and we took kingseat. As a cool sidenote, this game also marked my 26th strait match won on Tuesday nights during the tournament - a little accomplishment that I kind of wanted to brag about. I don't think I had ever won two tournaments in a row before this streak so I'm kinda pumped about it.

Anyway Darcy and Christian made it back to the final, and absolutely steam rolled Paul and I in the first set.

In the second set we each won a game, and it went to the final game. Christain had been shooting MUCH higher percentage than me - and although Paul had made easily enough blocks to get the win, Darcy just kept his cool and wouldn't move out of the way when I shot. I helped out by missing the net a bunch of times too, not to take anything away from the incredible performance of the two opponents. One part that really sticks out in my mind was when the ball was bouncing around in the air, and christian half volleyed the ball with his 5 bar on the bounce and just ripped it onto his 3 where it stuck HARD. Christian can really play this game, and there is no shame in losing to Darcy and Christian so keep your head up Paul - Great playing.

In the DYP Sam and Cam won, and I apologize for having no notes on it, I was playing during the event so I missed pretty much everything. I'm pretty sure they didn't lose a match though as I know they won kingseat. Good job.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:48AM

Sorry I was wrong about my stat, 21 strait, not 26 strait. I counted one week twice by accident.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:50AM

Scratch that - 26. I need to work on my counting skills.

Author: RezaREX Reply #4 Posted: Oct 7 2010 2:20AM

I wanna give a big shout-out to darcy and paul. Paul played extremely good D-fense and forced me to either time an incredibly tight near side or execute a deep sqaure push which if you don't know is probably my weakest in terms of consistant execution. I also can't recall Paul letting in any slop or getting stuffed which was pretty impressive.

Darcy started the night out with a little rust after taking some time off but as the night went on he got more comfortable with the ball control and began executing his patented squeeze shot with lethal least thats what we're gonna tell everyone. His defense also got better as the night went on as he stopped Roger quite a few times (which isn't easy) and bricked Simon's pull enough for him to switch to a roller. In the final against Will he was like a completely different player than in our first match. After Will torched him in the first match (which I believe went three games :P ) he made some adjustments and shut will down for the most part. Easily making enough saves and forcing Will into trying some different offensive approaches which eventually got me enough possessions to put it past Paul's tough D.

The squeeze pass is also virtually unstoppable....

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Oct 7 2010 10:15AM

Bricked my pull? Lets not get carried away here. Afterall I think I only had three shots on net

Author: Darcy Reply #6 Posted: Oct 7 2010 11:44AM

I just remember feeling like i totally let Christian down after the first match vs Will and Paul.

Fortunately, after the second and third matches, we really started to get some momentum and all I had to do was get out of his way. He was a machine all night and i had a great time playing with him.

Will always plays great and Paul's composure on defense is solid, it made for very tough matches, I'm glad to have played in them.

I'm not sure anyone ever really bricks Simon's pull but I did feel as though I got some pretty good reads on him before he changed to the roller. Couldn't seem to stop anything in that second game though!

Also, anyone playing this weekend?

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Oct 7 2010 11:47AM

Good write-up Will, these posts really keep people motivated.

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