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Topic: Christian Dunn $1000

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:42AM

Christian just hit $1000 in money earned on Tuesday night tournaments! Pretty cool stat. for stats.

Author: RezaREX Reply #1 Posted: Oct 7 2010 2:04AM

Damn I'm so rich!!!!!........I just checked my bank account though and it all seems to be missing.

Author: Desmond Reply #2 Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:37PM

Here I thought based on the title of the post that someone was challenging Christian to a $1000 game....

I was severely let down when I read the actual post.

Well, no better time to congratulate Christian than now I guess...

Congrats Christian.

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Oct 7 2010 1:47PM

Maybe Dave will entertain that bet?

Author: domi nate Reply #4 Posted: Oct 7 2010 4:27PM

Will there be any US PMs present at the match?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Oct 7 2010 7:04PM

Good point Nathan. I want to go if the event will bring serious names to it.

The West needs some incentive to attend.

Author: tony Reply #6 Posted: Oct 7 2010 8:53PM

i just wanted to go meet all the great world champions is all.. you know.. tony spredeman... frederico collignon.. david ahn..

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