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Topic: Roll Call for EDM Tournament Oct. 15-18

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 10 2010 2:28PM

Who is coming? I haven't heard from many people. Let me know if you are coming or if you know of someone else that is coming!

Author: Chris.K Reply #1 Posted: Oct 10 2010 2:35PM

Im in for all events that I am eligible for.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Oct 10 2010 2:52PM

As a heads up, Justin Shaw is coming too!

Author: Linda Reply #3 Posted: Oct 10 2010 3:11PM

I'm 90% likely to be going for Saturday. Not sure if i'm going to stay the night for Open Doubles or not though.

Need a semi dubs partner if i go...any takers?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Oct 11 2010 8:28PM

I'm in for doubles, Doubt I will make the DYP and almost positive I won't be playing singles.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #5 Posted: Oct 11 2010 8:51PM

I won't be there Will. Good luck with it though. From way out here in lotus land, I think you are doing a great job over there in the flat lands.

Author: Will Reply #6 Posted: Oct 11 2010 8:54PM

Thanks Tim. Too bad, I hope you make it out here eventually

Author: C.A.L. Reply #7 Posted: Oct 12 2010 2:28AM

Will I will be playing with Mike J in semi doubles.
I will enter D.Y.P. /semi singles, possibly open events too.

Any idea as to what happened to the Table at Beer Hunters?

The Table at Sherlock Holmes needs lube and proper balls although I do not know whom owns/takes care of that one. It's 2 bucks a game!

Mike & myself went over to Time Out pub on Sat. Nice clean (new) place. A few locals played during the time we were there. Rick J showed up out of the blue and we played some three-way for a while...good stuff.

Time Out Pub's table uses quarters (1 buck) for those of you whom did not know.
That table could be lowered a little as the feet seem at the extreme extended height level.

Author: Darcy Reply #8 Posted: Oct 12 2010 10:57AM

I'll be playing in everything I can. Not sure whom I'll be playing semi dubs with though!

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #9 Posted: Oct 12 2010 12:19PM

I will be playing with Tobin in Open and Semi Pro. Also playing with Christof in Rookie. C Dunn and I for Pro Am. Any more from out of town coming?

Author: University of Foos Reply #10 Posted: Oct 12 2010 1:07PM

Andy, Joey, Tim and I are confirmed. Matt and Darrel are still questionable I think.

Author: melanoir Reply #11 Posted: Oct 12 2010 1:24PM

yeah i will be there

Author: Darcy Reply #12 Posted: Oct 12 2010 1:28PM

Are you coming tonight Dan?

Author: melanoir Reply #13 Posted: Oct 12 2010 4:00PM

yes sir
gotta practice up for the tourny...i thought we were doing the semi's and open as double partners?
Im still looking for a pro partner for the pro/am

Author: Darcy Reply #14 Posted: Oct 12 2010 4:40PM

Sounds good!

Author: Ted Reply #15 Posted: Oct 12 2010 5:05PM

From Regina most likely the following are coming:


I'm still making up my mind...

Author: Will Reply #16 Posted: Oct 12 2010 5:07PM

Awesome! Ted you should come (I have a partner set up for you for open if you are interested)

Author: Will Reply #17 Posted: Oct 12 2010 7:24PM

More than 40 players confirmed now, and that isn't counting a lot of edmonton players that I'm sure will come but didn't tell me yet. Should be a really good tournament!

The Trophies will be AWESOME

Author: Pushshot Reply #18 Posted: Oct 13 2010 4:22AM

Richie D was looking for a pro partner, for open doubles.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #19 Posted: Oct 14 2010 1:00PM

Looks like I can now make the DYP and singles.

Author: Will Reply #20 Posted: Oct 15 2010 2:32AM

Fireball tables and all other tournament tables are set up now! The tournament room is ready. Lets have a good weekend everyone!

Author: hardboiled Reply #21 Posted: Oct 15 2010 2:44AM

"Looks like I can now make the DYP and singles" - Author: S. Edwards

Hot dog. Super fun.

I need a rookie partner for the pro am... anyone?

Author: cnote Reply #22 Posted: Oct 15 2010 9:50AM

Just a heads up that there will be no tabs run this weekend for anyone at Gateway. This is at the request of Gateway staff and we have agreed to comply with this. Thanks everyone.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #23 Posted: Oct 15 2010 9:58AM

>>Just a heads up that there will be no tabs run this weekend for anyone at Gateway

Thanks a lot Garry!

Author: RezaREX Reply #24 Posted: Oct 15 2010 3:48PM

Gayyyyyyyy............I'm gonna go to time out instead out of principle.

Author: RezaREX Reply #25 Posted: Oct 15 2010 3:49PM

or bust out the rye n coke camel pack

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