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Topic: Post Tournament Comments

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 17 2010 10:26PM

What a great time I had this weekend. Really good playing all around! It was nice to see all the Calgary and Regina players that attended, it really makes for a good tournament.

Congrats to all the winners, especially Matt and Darryl on a huge win in OD. Down 2-0 in games to Justin Shaw and Ang, winning, then down 2-1 in the first set against Christian and I, fought back to win. Down 2-0 in the second set, and came back to win. What a never say die attitude they have and what a tournament.

Also Darcy won the DYP and rookie singles and doubles - he's playing the Pro/Am final right now.

Good job to all the winners, can't post them all but really impressive.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Oct 17 2010 11:10PM

Oh and Matt Botros won the trip to Nationals in Ottawa. Great Job Matt! Make us proud.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Oct 18 2010 12:09AM

Absolutely. The tournament went on very smoothly and had some great matches. Got to see some really good players play and learned alot. Can't ask for much more than that.

Good work EFL! Looking forward to the next one.

PS the trophies look great!

Author: Linda Reply #3 Posted: Oct 18 2010 1:34AM

Thanks to the EFL for hosting another great tourney. Glad to have seen as many players come out as there's always fun to play different people for a change. Overall, a fun but long weekend.

Kudos to Matt & Darrel for winning OD. That match against Justin & Ang was EPIC!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Oct 18 2010 10:06AM

Chad and Will, thanks for putting this together. You guys did a great job as usual.

Highlite or Lowlite (you pick) of the weekend.... Ang's sexy dance.

Author: RezaREX Reply #5 Posted: Oct 18 2010 11:24AM

Thanks Chad and Will and everyone who helped out for running yet another awesome tourny. Great to see everyone again. Congrats to Darcy doubling in the rookie more rookie for you Awesome playing by Matt and Darrel showing that being down 2-0 only makes them play better instead of going downhill. I learned a lot from them this tournament in terms of perseverance and making the correct choices at crucial times.

Too bad we never got to do the whole roller vs. pull thing.....however, 5 of the 6 competitors in the finals of the Open events were roller shooters......just an observation

Author: S. Edwards Reply #6 Posted: Oct 18 2010 11:37AM

DYP Winner - Pull Shooter
Open Singles Winner - Pull Shooter
Open Doubles Winner - Rollover
Pro Am Doubles Winner - Pull Shooter

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Oct 18 2010 11:48AM

There is no "Pull Shooter" in TEAM, Simon. Especially not last night.

Author: RezaREX Reply #8 Posted: Oct 18 2010 11:59AM

Both the DYP and Pro/Am winners were pull/roller teams so they cancel each other out.

Plus J-Shaw should have his own category of shot.

Author: melanoir Reply #9 Posted: Oct 18 2010 12:25PM

Great weekend for foosball...awesome tournament Thanks Will & Chad

Author: S. Edwards Reply #10 Posted: Oct 18 2010 12:31PM

>>There is no "Pull Shooter" in TEAM, Simon. Especially not last night.

I stand corrected.

Pro Am Doubles winner - Squeeze Shooter

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #11 Posted: Oct 18 2010 1:08PM

Great weekend! Congrats to darcy for the quad 1st place finishes. It was a awesome turn out really good to see everyone. Seems like every division is more competitive even compared to the last tournament. Looking forward to the next event already! Also best of luck to Matt in Nationals.

Author: The Next One. Reply #12 Posted: Oct 18 2010 8:12PM

Congrats to all the winners at the alberta tournament.

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #13 Posted: Oct 18 2010 8:12PM

who did joey play doubles with?

Author: C.A.L. Reply #14 Posted: Oct 18 2010 8:59PM

Joey played with I believe Tim Wilson.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #15 Posted: Oct 18 2010 9:05PM

Darcy great playing , Do not tell people You won FOUR events .... they would not believe you.

Just show them the Trophies & the CASH!!

Author: Darcy Reply #16 Posted: Oct 19 2010 12:04AM

Actually, after all of you guys left I also played the last chance DYP by myself too. So technically I won 5 events.

Jokes aside, I have to give credit to my partners too. Simon and Andy are both very talented and easy to play with. Dan is a little newer but played very composed foosball all weekend, he learns fast and made some key blocks. Thanks for carrying my ass guys!

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #17 Posted: Oct 19 2010 3:28AM

I certainly enjoyed the brief time I spent there, and thank you Will and Sam for helping me out with the table.

I liked Justin Shaw's game, it was sure nice to play against something a little different. But a great tourny from what I saw.

Good playing Matt, I hope you crush those guys down east !!!

Author: TedA Reply #18 Posted: Oct 19 2010 10:04AM

Thanks to Will et al. on another well run tournament. I had fun partnering up with Linda and Will in doubles. The Regina boys definitely had a good time both at the tournament... and the strip joint...

Sadly I am still going through Red Bull withdrawals.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #19 Posted: Oct 19 2010 12:13PM

>>Do not tell people You won FOUR events .... they would not believe you.

I'm not suprised. For the short amount of time Darcy has been playing, his defense is as good as or better than some of the pros.

Author: hardboiled Reply #20 Posted: Oct 19 2010 3:12PM

Congrats Will, fun weekend. Thanks for a great time.

And good job Darcy, I was happy to watch that defense stop alot of everything

Author: domi nate Reply #21 Posted: Oct 19 2010 9:14PM

Biggest highlight (despite it being a goal against me) was the Snoose-Shot Tong pulled on me. I haven't been Snoosed for at least years 6 years...

Author: tony Reply #22 Posted: Oct 20 2010 12:16AM

nathan.. that was a fun match. good to see you're doing some good work up there..take care.

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Oct 20 2010 2:23AM

What happened to you Nathan? Was hoping to play you again or see you play at least!

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #24 Posted: Oct 20 2010 3:13AM

Snoose shot?

Author: domi nate Reply #25 Posted: Oct 21 2010 11:44AM

It is to the Sling-Shot what Magnum is to Blue Steel. Essentially a Sling-Shot but more effective....very hard to defend.

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