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Topic: Nationals Warm Up Results

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Oct 18 2010 11:14AM

Thought I would post this up for Will.

1 Darcy S / Andy U
2 Pat M / Justin S
3 Ted A / Will S

Rookie Singles
1 Darcy S
2 Brian B
3 Danny B

Rookie Doubles
1 Darcy S / Daniel K
2 Brian B / Danny B
3 Sam W / Christoff D

Semi Singles
1 Ted A
2 Linda L
3 Sam W

Semi Doubles
1 Pat M / Lance C
2 Carey L / Mike J
3 Ted A / Linda L

Pro Am
1 Simon E / Darcy S
2 Roger P / Christoff D
3 Will S / Chad S

Open Singles
1 Justin S
2 Matt B
3 Joey R

Open Doubles
1 Darrel P / Matt B
2 Will S / Christian D
3 Eric G / Andy U

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #1 Posted: Oct 18 2010 8:09PM

Thanx Simon,
too bad i had to work sat , really wanted to play.
singles is my "new" focus from now on!!!!!!!!!
who was justins doubles partner?

Author: Bush Doctor Reply #2 Posted: Oct 18 2010 8:16PM

duh, i guess i should read the posts!

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