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Topic: someone took over the old Edmonton Foos site

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Oct 21 2010 9:48PM

Author: Table Lag Reply #1 Posted: Oct 22 2010 12:44AM

"Over 100,000 loyal only to the net mouth!"

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Oct 22 2010 1:17AM

Google translation:

"My child has no Naka Naka constipation still persists, at about one and a half months to investigate various natural oligosaccharides [north] of the earth after the sugar water, like a bird since read more"

Well glad to hear it! Ha ha

Author: hardboiled Reply #3 Posted: Oct 22 2010 12:40PM

"I searched on the net take any port in a storm "of natural oligosaccharides northern land" from the day I ordered a drink, banana-shaped Kii Hiroshi suddenly poop out, .."

nice....sounds like a satisfied customer...

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