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Topic: Ohio State Brackets

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 24 2010 12:54AM

Here are the live charts for Ohio State, which is running this weekend on Tornado.

Justin Shaw beat Ryan Moore(current world champ) in Open Singles.

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Oct 24 2010 1:00AM

It's his birthday ... he must have been drunk lol

Author: C.A.L. Reply #2 Posted: Oct 24 2010 1:21AM

Ryan is still in , He wins his next match he plays Justin Shaw again on the losers side ...then winner plays Tony S.

Author: hardboiled Reply #3 Posted: Oct 25 2010 10:02AM

and thanks to Eric, we can now offer a HUGE congrats to Calgary alumni Nate Porat for kicking some ass, and winning Rookie Doubles!

Author: C.A.L. Reply #4 Posted: Oct 25 2010 3:33PM

Nate Porat's Rookie partner was Michael Bittarelli.

Michael also finished 1st Rookie Singles. 1st Expert Doubles. 2nd Amateur Singles.

I assume Nate was in net.

Is he headed our way anytime soon?

Author: hardboiled Reply #5 Posted: Oct 25 2010 4:16PM

Nate's likely to be back in the spring...

Author: perennial underdog Reply #6 Posted: Oct 25 2010 8:40PM

It was only a matter of time for Nate's foosin' skills to begin to mirror his intellect,which is considerable.Congratulations,buddy!!!

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