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Topic: IFP Announcment

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 2 2010 2:12PM

At select IFP events starting with the TKO we will have these promotions in place to help build the pro tour back to where it was many years ago.

Bring Back A Player from the Past ( one that has not played since 2004 at a IFP event. This player must be rated in our system and purchase a package.)

Get 50% off your package for bringing back a player from the past!! Bring two players and you get a free Packages

All first time new players not rated in any system will get a free tournament package at the TKO.

So Please let all your non touring new players know this. I hope to bring all these players in and show them the new tour is worth coming out for.

International Packages for players coming from over seas $100 includes package and registration.

Hawaii Points race in doubles and singles! 30 players will win a trip to Hawaii, just a little bonus for playing on the IFP Tour.
WIN BIG TABLE GAME!!Another bonus is that one lucky player could win $Lots of money in the lucky table game. These details are being worked out now and will be in the news letter.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Nov 2 2010 2:15PM

Christian you have to go to the TKO (Tour Kick Off) in January. I don't even care if you end up going by yourself.

It will be your first IFP event so you get a free package. There is a hawaii points race and this tournament counts for double. So in other words if you go you can play rookie, if you win rookie you can get a huge lead on the points race to win a trip to hawaii. Then with the winnings you will make for sure, you will be able to pay for the next trip.

I could see you hitting every tour stop this year.

I would do this but I'm not a rookie on IFP right now (gonna try to get bumped down).

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Nov 2 2010 2:36PM

that would likely affect his ranking for the HOF in vegas though, wouldnt it?

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Nov 2 2010 3:03PM

When there is a points race on she wouldn't bump him mid tour. If you are a rookie for the start of a year you normally remain a rookie for the entire year.

Craig Williams dominated rookie 2 years ago and won a hawaii trip, and was bumped at the end of the year. I think they pulled Craig out of beginner after one event.

That said, I was not allowed to play beginner at my first IFP event and also was bumped to amateur after the tournament, but I think Mary will put me into rookie again now that she is combining points.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Nov 3 2010 1:53PM

If only I hadn't come out of the woodwork for the Worlds last year, I could have been cajoled endlessly by players trying to convince me to come out again.

Author: The Next One. Reply #5 Posted: Nov 3 2010 2:13PM

Ahhh shucks... Same. The last worlds wad my first ifp event as well. Oh well

Author: discosucks Reply #6 Posted: Nov 3 2010 3:01PM

"All first time new players not rated in any system will get a free tournament package at the TKO."

Does "any system" include vifa and itsf points as well?

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