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Topic: Tour Kick Off Flier is out!!!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 5 2010 5:27PM

Follow the links:
Flyer front page

flyer back page

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Nov 5 2010 5:35PM

So you will notice that there are some significant changes made....

There is a new category of player, called Grand Master, 10,000 points and up gets you the fancy title.

There is no rank called rookie anymore.

Beginner is 700 and lower
Amateur is 701-1299
Expert is 1300-2299
Pro is 2300-4999
Master is 5000-9999
Grand Master is 10,000-Tony Spredeman

There is also a "Free Non-Rated Player Package deal" so if you don't have any points in IFP or USTSA ranks you might want to hit that.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Nov 5 2010 5:38PM

I just checked my points here:

Under "player profile and registration" you can type in your name. I'm hoping these need to be updated stll because i have 1450 points and that would make me an Expert now... hope I don't have to skip Amateur entirely.

Also I just checked and Darrel Popowich and other pro's have points that fall into the expert category, so I would bet that this will be updated...

Author: University of Foos Reply #3 Posted: Nov 5 2010 6:05PM

I think it needs updating cause there are multiple entries for some people. I'd bet they're just starting the ranking process.

Interesting to see the new categories; seems like they just added a category for Spree, Billy, Rico and Todd.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Nov 5 2010 6:32PM

They added a rank, but no events...

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #5 Posted: Nov 5 2010 6:40PM

That's where "pro-master" started too. Soon the Pros will be the experts and "open events" will be targeted to masters and this new rank. To me it seems more of a sign that their point system does not work; points keep entering the system but don't come out so ranks just keep going up.

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