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Topic: Congrats to Matt and Andy

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 15 2010 2:55PM

3rd place in Open doubles at the Canadian National Championships! Great job guys!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Nov 15 2010 2:57PM

Very Nice

Author: RezaREX Reply #2 Posted: Nov 15 2010 4:07PM

Nice job guys!!!!

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Nov 15 2010 4:36PM

Nice work fellas!

Author: Tobin Reply #4 Posted: Nov 15 2010 5:47PM

Awesome! Was there anyone else from Alberta there?

Author: hardboiled Reply #5 Posted: Nov 15 2010 6:00PM

thanks all.

No other Albertans, but great turnout from Quebec.

Author: The Next One. Reply #6 Posted: Nov 16 2010 2:53AM

who won what?

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Nov 16 2010 3:00AM

From Chris Thomas on

Hello All:

I would like to congratulate Mario A. and Kane G. on become the National Doubles champions and on Kane G. on becoming the National Singles champion.

We also raised $500 for the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

You can find the full set of charts, rankings, round robin results on the website at the following link:

Here is a summary:
Open Singles
Rank Name Club Payouts
1. Kane, Gabriel PM Pro Master $450
2. Mario, A PM Pro Master $300
3. Rick, Moeller P Pro $150
4. Mario, Iannuzzi SP Semi Pro $150
5. Julien, B SP Semi Pro $100
5. Tyson R Rookies $125
7. Kenny R Rookies $50
7. Olavo, Traveres P Pro $100
9. Biggie SP Semi Pro $75
9. Jon, Trudel R Rookies $25
9. Matt, B SP Semi Pro
9. Merv, Buske SP Semi Pro
13. Taha, Ahmed P Pro $75
13. Andrew, U. R Rookies
13. Sean, Lee SP Semi Pro
13. Simon R Rookies
17. Claire R Rookies
17. Laurent R Rookies
17. Nhu, Tran SP Semi Pro
17. Vern, Rose R Rookies

Open Singles Playdown
Rank Name Club
1. Chris, Thomas R Rookies
2. Greg L. R Rookies
3. Jason R Rookies
4. Francois R Rookies
5. Bango A Amateur
5. Calvin R Rookies
5. Kent, Ross SP Semi Pro
5. Sam R Rookies
9. Chris, Lavoie A Amateur
9. Dan, K R Rookies
9. Jennifer R Rookies
9. Marc B R Rookies
9. Mario, P. R Rookies
9. Sheldon, Yu R Rookies
9. Steve, Z R Rookies
9. Steven, D. R Rookies

Open Doubles
Rank Name 1 Name 2 Club Payouts
1. Mario, A Kane, Gabriel PM Pro Master $900
2. Julien, B Laurent SP Semi Pro / R Rookies $600
3. Matt, B Andrew, U. SP Semi Pro / R Rookies $300
4. Rick, Moeller Olavo, Traveres P Pro $300
5. Mario, Iannuzzi Sean, Lee SP Semi Pro $150
5. Steven, D. Greg L. R Rookies $200
7. Biggie Simon SP Semi Pro / R Rookies $100
7. Chris, Thomas Jon, Trudel R Rookies $150
9. Jason Kenny R Rookies $100
9. Brian, Hogan Paul, Jaworski R Rookies
9. Francois Jennifer R Rookies
9. Taha, Ahmed Merv, Buske P Pro / SP Semi Pro

Open Doubles Playdown
Rank Name 1 Name 2 Club
1. Nhu, Tran Kent, Ross SP Semi Pro
2. Calvin Sheldon, Yu R Rookies
3. Chris, Crosby Tyson A Amateur / R Rookies
4. Evan, B Justin, H A Amateur
5. Mike, Mil Phil, P A Amateur
5. Sam Mario, P. R Rookies
5. Steve, Z Marc B R Rookies
5. Tyler, B Jim R Rookies
9. Ashley Elli A Amateur
9. Dan, K Vern, Rose R Rookies
9. Tom, Browm Todd, Henderson A Amateur

Happy Foosing


Author: dfnder Reply #8 Posted: Nov 16 2010 12:54PM

Grats Guys!

Nice to see that Andy is still traveling to tournaments. Still appreciate Andy housing all the BC players when we came to play in Calgary for the Cue and Cushion tournaments.

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Nov 16 2010 1:52PM

I suppose congrats to Kane is in order, I doubt he checks this board though. Still a strong double for singles and doubles, he is our Canadian champion!

Author: hardboiled Reply #10 Posted: Nov 18 2010 9:01PM

whoa Pete - that's going back a ways, and I'm STILL a rookie

If y'all can make it out next year, it'd be nice to see some old(er) faces

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