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Topic: New Points System Announcement

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Nov 24 2010 8:39PM

The Edmonton Foosball League and Calgaryfoos are pleased to announce that we have put together a new "Alberta Points System" which will be implemented backdating to Foozapalooza 08.

The points system is based on which will also show all stats for every player. The stats for each player include:
Head to Head results
Money Winnings
Winning Percentage
Top 3 percentage
Much much more.

The points system will be calculated using ELO (which is quite complex but accurate) and also a bonus points system. I will type out a more detailed description of how the points system works in my second post on this thread.

We have entered the results from every event in each tournament. The only thing we are missing is the Open Singles Chart from Nationals(which is obviously important). Once we have compiled enough information to figure out all the results from that event we will post the current points. Every tournament from now on will effect the points in the future! Anyone who has played in any of the Calgaryfoos and EFL events will have points at this time.

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Nov 24 2010 8:46PM

ELO is a system which works well for a points system, but we are adding in Bonus points also to reward players for placing high in an event.

ELO works like this:
When two players/teams play eachother, the winning player/team is awarded points, which are deducted from the losing team.

If a player/team has lots of points, and beats a player/team with not many points, the winning team only wins a few points from the other team, but the losing team doesn't lose many points.

If a player/team with few points beats a player/team with a lot of points, the winning team is awarded a lot of points and the losing team loses a lot of points.

If the players/teams have similar amounts of points, a medium amount of points are deducted from the loser and given to the winner.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Nov 24 2010 9:31PM

Also worth noting is a feature called the ELO K Factor.

The K factor is set for each event in a tournament:
32 - Open
16 - Semi/Rookie
8 - DYP
8 - Beginner

The ELO K Factor represents two things:
It is the maximum amount of points that you can win or lose in an match
It is the amount of bonus points rewarded for winning an event.

If a player/team wins an Open Event, they will gain points from each match that they won along the way to that victory, but also will win 32 bonus points.
The second place team will get points for all their wins, but is only awarded 16 bonus points.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #3 Posted: Nov 25 2010 1:58AM

I don't know Will, isn't that just going to TIP OFF the SPACE ALIENS, after they overrun our galaxy and finally find us hiding they will know how our secret street corner language got started. All that from a rating list, maybe we should just flush it down the toilet like we did to every other list we ever had that was any good

Author: hardboiled Reply #4 Posted: Nov 25 2010 5:24PM

props to Will and Brian for bringing this to reality.

An impartial ranking system based upon play - and not torque - it's good stuff.

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