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Topic: 30th Anniversary Tornado Coin Op

Author: tony Original Message Posted: Nov 27 2010 7:02PM

For Sale:

2006 vintage. Less than 50 total racks on coin side. Maybe 15 racks on the other. The only person other than myself to touch this table is Eric Goodman for those 15 racks when i first bought it. It has a US coin op currently set on free play.

Extra plastic handles (yellow / black). Original wood handles.
Extra men.
Extra balls (about 50-60 new fuzzies)
Everything that came with the table (wrench, lube, pins, punch, rulebook, etc)

I bought this table the month or so before 2006 HOFC and have almost mever touched it. Im selling because i bought the current version Tornado coin op in 2008.

The 2006 is better built than the 2008 (08's were made in Mexico) but im too lazy and dont have the time to spend the $150 or so to buy the upgrade kit (men, sidestrips, etc) and do the upgrade.

I have the original receipts ($2600+) not including the balls and accessories from SML.

I can take some pics if there is interest. Reasonable offers over $1200 will be considered - i dont need the money but am considering a fireball coin op when it comes out and the wife prolly wont fall in love with 3 foosball tables in the house.

If any questions feel free to email me.


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