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Topic: West Edmonton Mall Tournament April

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Dec 7 2010 5:54PM

The EFL is prepared to run the biggest tournament we have ever run! I need your help with the planning.

The event will take place on 12 brand new Fireball Tables - we will also have 2 table to be used by people in the mall for pick up games in a separate area.

The dates that have been booked for the mall are April 12-18th. Out of town players do not need to come in for the entire time, Friday the 15th will be when real events start, and Sunday by 5 the tournament will be over.

Tuesday the 12th - local tournament (moved from Gateway to WEM)
Wednesday the 13th - University/College Challenge
Thursday the 14th - Pro/Am or DYP - some form of specialty event
Friday evening - Tournament starts

The reason we have the mall booked for so long is for promotional reasons, we should be able to talk to a lot of people about the tournament in the 3 days before it starts - and it will help to get the word out early. It will also make it a lot easier for us, setting up days before the events starts.

Things that still need to be decided:

Tournament format - Either Nationals style or standard tournament style

Entry Fee's:
Keep entries low, $20-$40 per player and have another $3000-$4000 event with mostly local and a few western canada players

Get entry fees pushed up to about $50-$100 per player, and have a $10,000 event with some top Pro Masters from the US

Insidefoos: how much of a difference would it make having insidefoos at the event, would a lot more players from BC come because of Insidefoos? Personally I would think having our games on DVD's and broadcast live streaming would make a big difference, but I want to know players opinion on this

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Dec 7 2010 6:33PM

Here is my vote for what it's worth

I liked the Nationals format
Keep the entry fees low $40 sounds good but I like the idea of having big names at the event. Maybe then Dave Ahn would show up. So really I have no opinion
Insidefoos would be cool

Author: The Next One. Reply #2 Posted: Dec 7 2010 6:42PM

Fk that. High entry fees and high payouts for sure! Its a no brainer. Unless u just want another Alberta tournament. Bring on the US pms!! You want the elite there to have a legitimate tournament. Youd need to gaurantee the payouts too.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Dec 7 2010 7:48PM

"Youd need to gaurantee the payouts too."

Well that is impossible, I am not going to risk losing $5-$10 thousand out of my pocket by guaranteeing payouts... Would you do that? Be reasonable.

Also worth noting is that I didn't guarantee payouts for Nationals, which Tony Spredeman and Ryan Moore both attended. I'm not sure which other "Elite" players you are talking about but the current World Champion and also two of the most dominant players in foosball probably count as "Elite" to most people.

Author: The Next One. Reply #4 Posted: Dec 7 2010 8:44PM

Yeah i guess u cant gaurantee payouts. Would be nice tho. Who do I consider elite? Definately not you. But if u must know.... I would consider Tim Dudra as an elite player.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #5 Posted: Dec 7 2010 8:59PM

Will you have lots of time to work on the level this tournament could be targeted for.

1st: Same place as the Warrior was held at W.E.M.?

2nd: When do you have access to the New Fireballs Tables? Will they be coin-ops?

3rd: Ask the players from the West region how big it needs to be to draw the players from Calgary /Sask / B.C.

4th: To give some out of town players some opportunity to play for a One day effort do and complete some events the day they are started, like Open & Semi singles events Sunday or just the Open Doubles Saturday.

Maybe there should be a city type challenge event as a special interest. Build it up over time in conjunction with other Western centers. Could be a best City result for several played events combined.

Have a Beginner/Rookie only D.Y.P. and then a Open/Semi only D.Y.P.

Lots of different promo things can be done building up to the April Tournament.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #6 Posted: Dec 7 2010 9:29PM

Dave appears to be a poor judge for determining eliteness. However, if one equates old-fogeyness and broken-down, rustiness with eliteness, he might have a point.

Although it would be ideal, I don't think it is practical to guarantee payouts. Years ago, players used to be tentative about attending "non-guaranteed" tournaments and would really whine when final payouts were less than the estimates put forth by the tourney directors. However, it seems to me they are more understanding about this reality now or perhaps they are simply beaten down to the point of acceptance. Guaranteed payouts would probably increase turnout but probably not enough to justify Will taking such a big financial risk.

Even with the few curling bonspiels I've helped with or been privy to the planning of, we don't guarantee payouts and there we are talking about clubs with (likely) more financial resources or at least a broader set of pockets to draw upon than Will has.

I think Will summed up the key question on entry fees though. With small payout and $20-$40 entry fees, he won't get many people travelling from afar. It will be a primarily local tourney. If he goes for steeper entry fees, he may get better players but he may also deter his local base from participating.

Rookies and broken-down-rusty-foosers might be willing to spring a couple of greenbacks for a tourney but may be reluctant to blow a $100 portion of their next college tuition or their next prostate exam on a foos event where they have little chance.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Dec 7 2010 10:03PM

I expected a much shorter and a more sarcastic reply from such an elite player.

Author: Chaos_Plus_Three Reply #8 Posted: Dec 7 2010 11:40PM

I spoke with some players at a tourny last year and there was some disappointment in the number of matches guaranteed. A guy could come from Van and with OD, OS and a DYP he could be out in 6, which is why he proly won't come.

As far as a different format is concerned I've wondered why foosers don't use the format chess players use. In a 10 round swiss everyone gets 10 matches, if after 5 rounds two players are sitting at 5-0, they play each other in the sixth round. A finals of sorts even though the guy who wins still has 4 more matches he could loose. People are always playing others with the same running total so there should be a lot of close matches. You don't need more than one division caus in the last half it would mostly be pros playing pros, semi against semi ect.

I don't know if this would work but I just thought I would throw it out there, with 10 matches guaranteed in each OS and OD there may be a bigger turn out, more $$$

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Dec 8 2010 1:06AM

I agree with The Next One, higher entry fees is the way to go.Moreover,as to Greg's point regarding a guaranteed
number of matches.I think for beginner and amateur
categories,this would be acceptable.In the pro categories,definitely not.In the latter, if you,whomever you
may be,can't win matches,that's your problem.Try something revolutionary--PRACTICE!!Alternatively,Will,you may employ a Round Robin
format for all categories,which will increase the number of matches for everyone.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #10 Posted: Dec 8 2010 2:42AM

How about everyone plays Simon until they lose. That way everyone gets an infinite number of matches.

Author: domi nate Reply #11 Posted: Dec 8 2010 11:47AM

OMG that was the funniest reply I've seen in a long time I actually laughed out loud (to myself).

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Dec 8 2010 12:06PM

Good idea, but I couldn't afford the loonies, unless the table was on free play.

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Dec 9 2010 2:59PM

The biggest decision I have to make right now is regarding inside foos..

If you don't know what inside foos is, check out the web site

Jim Stevens does commentary and produces high quality DVD's of the tournament, all finals will be recorded, as well as many other important matches. He also gets the tournament streamed live online, so that people from home can watch matches. Also he will make sure that we have a good live feed for all of the matches in the pits table.

He will be selling DVD's of our event at the event, and you would get the DVD in the mail. He will also sell other DVD's from Majors like Worlds, Hall of Fame Classic, US Open, World Cup, etc.

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Dec 9 2010 2:59PM

Post on here if it is important to you to have Insidefoos at the event!

Author: Linda Reply #15 Posted: Dec 9 2010 3:54PM

I don't know how important having inside foos would b, buy it would definitely help with exposure of foosball in Alberta.

Author: Tobin Reply #16 Posted: Dec 9 2010 8:06PM

Insidefoos would be great! Especially if the turnout for the tourney is big and we have some exciting matches that showcase alberta foos. Im sure that it's not cheap to have insidefoos, but having them come out to WEM helps put Alberta on the foosball map. I would think that the turnout could be quite good if top competitors are planning on attending as well as having insidefoos! But what do I know?

Author: spinner Reply #17 Posted: Dec 11 2010 6:34AM

if insidefoos show up.. it would help my decision t attend.

Author: Will Reply #18 Posted: Dec 13 2010 7:49PM

Thanks for the input - I have continued discussion and things are looking pretty good. I am excited about having DVD's of the event to watch after.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #19 Posted: Dec 20 2010 9:32PM

I came across a shop that makes coins with logos,
insignias,and just about anything else that one can think of.I thought this might be a good idea,to make up
some coins with Canadian Foosball or at least Alberta
foosball as the logo.Just an idea.

Author: moyatielens Reply #20 Posted: Dec 21 2010 8:45PM

The absolute WORST thing Canadian foos has going for it is the f'n government. High taxes/cost of travel is def our curse.

Total congrats to you/Will and co. for helpin to keep it alive, but's a tough chunk to swallow for anyone that has to travel further than a mind boggling drive (8ish hrs or more). Super duper sucks.

Author: Will Reply #21 Posted: Dec 21 2010 9:35PM

Our flight costs are brutal.

I just noticed that the IFP Colorado State dates changed and now fall perfectly on top of my WEM Tournament dates. I was planning on going to Colorado State and I'm sure a bunch of other people are/were too.

I booked the mall based on Mary posting:

JAN. 27 - 30, 2011 TOUR KICK OFF, Lex., KY

MARCH 9 - 13, 2011 HALL OF FAME, LV. NV


APRIL 28 - MAY 1, 2011 US OPEN, Atlanta Ga.


JUNE 30 - JULY 4, 2011 NATIONALS, Saint Louis, Mo.


SEPTEMBER 1 - 5, 2011 IFP WORLDS, Dallas. TX.





Author: C.A.L. Reply #22 Posted: Dec 21 2010 10:02PM

Will you can deal with it.

W.E.M. is what I what ...anytime. no taxes, no travel costs or time! W.E.M. is warm , close and when I have nothing to do I could shop or eat or whatever.

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Dec 21 2010 10:38PM

Mary didn't know she was double booking my event, but is this going to cost us any players?

(other than Ryan)

Author: moyatielens Reply #24 Posted: Dec 21 2010 11:25PM

Quick search on travelocity.

Sea to CO.. $215 direct

Van to CO..$450 1 stop

Van to Edmonton..$405 0-1 stop :(

Edmonton to CO..$500 ish..0-1 stop

Calgary to CO..$600 ish..0-1 stop

F'n Canadian taxes/airfares are f'n RETARDED!!!

Most likely the only players you'd lose are those from Van would be those considering Colorado anyways and convinced by airfare outta Sea (which is usally only me..mayb Jeff..)...and it would be my opinion that US players would easily choose CO, sorry, man.


Author: domi nate Reply #25 Posted: Dec 24 2010 10:13PM

I'm in CO right now where the regulars play?

Author: Superfly Reply #26 Posted: Dec 24 2010 10:54PM

Author: Superfly Reply #27 Posted: Dec 24 2010 10:56PM

Author: S. Edwards Reply #28 Posted: Jan 25 2011 4:42PM

any updates on this tournament?

Author: perennial underdog Reply #29 Posted: Jan 25 2011 7:39PM

Will there be complimentary beverages and fine cuisine offered to the champions,which will be myself and my partner,who will remain shrouded in secrecy?

Author: Will Reply #30 Posted: Jan 26 2011 1:24AM

I'll update this week.

Author: JeremyR Reply #31 Posted: Feb 2 2011 9:56PM

Any updates?

Author: Will Reply #32 Posted: Feb 3 2011 1:44PM

Working on a flier - hope to have it done by 8:00 tonight, I'll guarantee I put it out by 5:00 friday.

Date won't be changed. Insidefoos will be in attendance - registration/table fees will go up from the last tournaments I have run but with a lot more included in it. Entry fee's wont be too high.

Open events will be round robin.

Events will start Thurdsay night at 7:00. Open events Start Friday at 7:00. So book the Friday off if you are from out of town. Tournament is just over 2 months away.

Author: Will Reply #33 Posted: Feb 4 2011 11:56AM

Assuming that shipping works out ok I'll have a Bonzini B-90 set up at the tournament too!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #34 Posted: Feb 4 2011 1:53PM

nice work Will, I would like to have a few games on a Bonzini

Author: Will Reply #35 Posted: Feb 4 2011 5:17PM

Bonzini Canada and Bonzini France agreed to help out a bit with the costs so that we can get it on display at the mall - so it is mostly them we need to thank.

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