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Topic: New IFP Points

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Dec 9 2010 3:49AM

The new IFP Points are out for this coming year.

Click on player profile & registration

Type in the player name that you want to check points for.

I checked for as many players from western canada as I could off the top of my head.

Eric Dunn 2500 (pro)

Will S, Matt Botros, Eric G, Garry B, Darrel P, Tony Tong, Jeff A, Tuan, Dave A, Ang K, Tom M, Tim D, Joe R, pretty much everyone else that has toured recently - 1500 (Expert)

Simon Edwards, Christian Dunn, Ben Wilkins, Brian L, - 900 (Amateur)

Author: The Next One. Reply #1 Posted: Dec 9 2010 4:02AM

Im a semi pro in singles but.... WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! am an am in doubles yesssssssssss!!

The points are still *bleep*ed. How the heke is Brian Leopky an Amature with his game if Will is a semi pro??

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Dec 9 2010 4:16AM

Just checking through other players that I have played agianst or know, and it is going to be crazy this year.

Here is the break down

beginner 700 or less
amateur 701 - 1299
Expert 1300 - 2299
Pro 2300 - 4999
master 5000 and higher

Anyone from canada will be considered at least Amateur, essentially. At big tournaments like HOFC in Vegas they won't even be having Beginner events because there is no beginner local players to support. No tour event is ever easy but I am having a hard time finding any other players I know that are ranked that low. Virtually everyone was bumped up to Expert from what I can see.

Expert is a huge category with tons of players, because the point span is 1000 points... We'll see how it goes but it looks like just from Canada we will have tough competition amongst each other. In case Matt/Eric are interested, Robin Adcock is in this division

Pro contains players like Eric Dunn and Moya - and a bunch of the old "semi-pro" players that have been bumped, Mario Iannuzzi, Joe Hamilton, David Vick and a few more.

Pro Master is pretty much just the IFP Pro Masters with a few players bumped up, Mike Bates and Joe Rhodes.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Dec 9 2010 4:21AM

Dave you are at 1500, that means you are somehow ranked "Expert"

There is no seperation for Doubles/Singles, I know it says that on your screen but Mary cleared it up on already. You are just Expert for everything. Clearly that title needs some revamping if you made it up into the same category as the rest of us.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Dec 9 2010 4:54AM

I lost 500 points. I am listed at 1500 points but still listed as a Pro. Finished 17th in Open Doubles at World's. Admittedly I stunk in Open Singles but never expected to lose 500 points. It makes no sense.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Dec 9 2010 11:27AM

Dave is an Expert lol, thought you needed a five bar for that. As far as Brian goes, he has worked very hard at flying under the radar at the US events. He is very selective on what he enters.

Author: The Next One. Reply #6 Posted: Dec 9 2010 1:22PM

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Dec 9 2010 2:11PM

The name of the rank beside your points does not mean anything.

Just take the number of points you have and match it up with the chart that Mary posted - Tim you are also ranked expert.

Author: Red Pepper Reply #8 Posted: Dec 9 2010 2:30PM

Yea, Tim, you lost 500 points and are now a Semi-Pro, welcome back to the tour....I lost pretty much everything I gained last year, Moya gained a 1000 points somehow, unless those are the just the woman points, Pipken jr. is a semi pro.

Seems like if you didn't support Mary, you just got raped up the ass for all your points.

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Dec 9 2010 2:35PM

I had 912 USTSA points and have only been to one of mary's events, i have 1500 points.

All pro master women are ranked pro in mens/open events.

That is pretty amazing that Jeff Pipken can win Pro Singles at worlds among other things and end up getting bumped down...

Author: Linda Reply #10 Posted: Dec 9 2010 3:51PM

Any clue as to whether it not Mary is distinguishing womens points from traditional?

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Dec 9 2010 5:16PM

She has said that womens points will still be used. Not sure when or how she is implementing them. I think she was pressured into releasing the points early and didn't address a bunch of issues.

Author: Red Pepper Reply #12 Posted: Dec 9 2010 7:23PM

To me, the points read like a big *bleep* you to anyone who didn't really touch her tour, and played mostly on the Valley tour.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #13 Posted: Dec 9 2010 9:26PM

Or they are an incentive to people who did not play on her tour to come and play. Look, your points are really low now - you can go clean up as an underranked player. It may be more of a big *bleep* you to the people who actually supported her tour.

Author: Viper Reply #14 Posted: Dec 18 2010 5:51AM

The points on the IFP tour have always been simply whatever people think, and it is even worse now, although it will eliminate under ranked players playing in events, since you will be auto bumped if they think you should be...........

Just expect less people to show up, and those that do are pretty much all experts....

If you read through the boards you can see the points were decided based on who 5 people knew, so dont know them too bad for you.

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