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Topic: Edmonton Foos has come a long way

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Dec 12 2010 3:06PM

I would like to give Will and Chad huge props for reviving the foosball scene in Edmonton. You guys have done a great job over the last two years and it's cool to see so many people in Edmonton into foos. The weekly events are a huge success and the tournaments you put on are top notch. This year we have 7 confirmed players going to the HOFC!

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #1 Posted: Dec 12 2010 6:09PM

Maybe Will and Chad should move to Vancouver. We need a foosball scene revival and, frankly, why would anyone live in Flatmonchuk when you could have the ocean, mountains, blue skies, and absence of snow in Lotusland?

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Dec 13 2010 12:26PM

Not saying Alberta is any better than anywhere else, but we do have more than two days of sun a year.

Also, top notch EFL!

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Dec 13 2010 7:17PM

Edmonton Foos has come a long way, and that is something that benefits all of us! I appreciate the "props" and I'm sure Chad does too, but realistically so many people have contributed to the development of our league and the growth that has followed. I obviously can't name everyone off the top of my head but the guidance of the "old pro's" like Garry, Rog, Simon, and Shane helped us from the start. The new energy brought in from players like Darcy and Chris has helped spark things, and obviously Sam/Ben/Tobin have done a ton of things too. I mean just naming those key people almost isn't fair, so many people have contributed so thank you to everyone else for making it more fun for Chad and I when we go to play foosball.

Before the league started I would go and play, we called everyone we knew and sometimes it was just Chad Paul and I that would show up. Once Sam and Ben got into foos we knew we had to start something up, so far so good!

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Dec 13 2010 7:45PM

Also - Alberta is way better than everywhere else. I think most people are just really jealous of the weather that we get so they knock Edmonton a bit... If it isn't the weather they are jealous of it must be the night life, success of our sports teams, or our close proximity to the mountains/ocean that really gets people wishing they lived here.

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