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Topic: 2011 HOFC FLYER

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Dec 17 2010 3:17PM

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Dec 17 2010 4:49PM

Who is going to HOFC from Canada?


Author: University of Foos Reply #2 Posted: Dec 17 2010 4:54PM

I'm hopefully in.

Author: Tobin Reply #3 Posted: Dec 17 2010 7:55PM

Come hell or high water I'll find a way there!

Author: Pixel Reply #4 Posted: Jan 2 2011 2:16AM

I'm gon' try my damndest to get out there this year :)

Author: tony Reply #5 Posted: Jan 2 2011 10:59PM

wow. beat +100 rookies for singles first place.. $250.. they sure are making it attractive to tour these days

then beat another maybe 75 experts.. for $300.

happy new year..

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #6 Posted: Jan 3 2011 7:19AM

I wasn't going to go until Tony's post. After he put it so succinctly, I am definitely not bound for Vegas.

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Jan 3 2011 3:07PM

Cause we all play foosball for the money...

Author: tony Reply #8 Posted: Jan 3 2011 5:09PM

i don't play foosball for the money. but i'm not stupid with my money either. and as a player, this isn't my first rodeo. change is good, i'm just not seeing how screwing the new players is going to grow the player base. tim .. here i was looking forward to the armani shirts...

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #9 Posted: Jan 3 2011 6:39PM

Armani? I wear Armani? Gosh darn, when did I become so stylish and so lacking in free will that I fall for every sleazy marketing campaign? I must go be introspective for a while. Maybe I will go and play with my foosballs.

Author: Superfly Reply #10 Posted: Jan 4 2011 12:38AM

I just noticed that in this tournament a senior is classified as 45+ ... Timbo, you are now officially over classified as a senior.

Author: Darcy Reply #11 Posted: Jan 4 2011 1:30AM

I'm just saying... anyone who goes to Vegas to win money whether it be casino money or foosball money might be missing the point.

Author: The Next One. Reply #12 Posted: Jan 4 2011 7:50AM

Darcy, Im taking it that you have never been to a major?

Author: Darcy Reply #13 Posted: Jan 4 2011 12:03PM

No, this will be my first. Maybe I'm a bit naive when it comes to travelling for foose but, for me, I get to go to Vegas with some great people, play foosball for as long as I can handle and who knows, maybe I'll learn something while I'm there. If I win some money in the process, bonus.

Anyway, my point is not to say you guys are dead wrong, you definitely have more experience than I do, but I get the feeling we'd all have more fun if more Canadians can make it out. It's always fun to have people to root for!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #14 Posted: Jan 4 2011 1:48PM

>>i don't play foosball for the money. but i'm not stupid with my money either

Not really sure I understand this. If you don't play for money then this years HOFC is a better deal than most years. The package price for an AM is cheaper than it was last time I went and you get to play in more events. Airfares are cheaper than the last time I went and rooms are cheap.

As an AM, you don't have to "qualify" for any of the open events so there is a chance you can play a Fredrico or a Loffredo or a Pappas.

You get to play in Pro Singles and Doubles. In the past you wern't allowed to enter as an AM.

For amatuer a $175.00 entry fee, you compete for $9250.00 in prize money.

All in all I think it's a pretty good deal. You get to play a ton of foosball in Las Vegas.

And if you don't want to foos all the time there is always the Spearmint Rhino!

Author: eradicator Reply #15 Posted: Jan 4 2011 2:49PM

It seems to me, a lot of players from Calgary and Edmonton used to go down for the VIFA events, that is where the money was. Do they still have league events at Vegas?

Author: The Next One. Reply #16 Posted: Jan 4 2011 3:05PM

Well then Darcy, you'll have a great time then. My first major down there i got 4th in Semi doubs with Jeff, outta over 300 teams that year. It was the worlds in vegas then, it was really sooo cool seeing all the PMs for the first time. I was hooked after then. Don't be shy to ask the PMs for a game, if u cant get any games with them there are tons of other elite players there that would ablige.

And ya the payouts are terrible but Mary says to just support the hof because it will pay off at the Worlds

Author: Superfly Reply #17 Posted: Jan 4 2011 3:08PM

"It seems to me, a lot of players from Calgary and Edmonton used to go down for the VIFA events, that is where the money was. Do they still have league events at Vegas?"

I think your answer can be found here ...

Author: Red Pepper Reply #18 Posted: Jan 5 2011 2:20PM

I'm going to head down to Vegas. I get more events this year for less, which is somewhat of an improvement. And yea, it's not really about the money, but I agree with Tony that after so many tournaments, shoddy payouts will start to wear on you.

Author: Pixel Reply #19 Posted: Jan 7 2011 3:22PM

Darcy, Simon -- I like both of your posts. You both get the Super Mario sticker of approval :)

In all seriousness though - I'm not seeing what the problem is re: payouts. First of all, as many people have already stated (and as I've stated in a previous thread as well), playing foosball for the money doesn't make any sense - and it hasn't since the 70's (from what I'm told). If you want money, start playing a sport with higher public-exposure, sponsors, and larger prize funds. Oh, and with more competition.

Here's the reality: If you win as a rookie, you cover your package fees. As a rookie-level prize, I think that's great! There's been a ton of people that have already posted on the foosballboard about completely abolishing cash prizes for rookies; with that in mind, you should be lucky that there's any prize at all!

1. Foosball needs new players - the player base needs to grow.
2. Foosball can't afford to lose players - the player base needs to grow.
2. Top-level players want more prize money, and justify it by saying that they've spent countless hours playing and practicing to get as good as they are. In essence, they feel they deserve to be rewarded.
3. New, low-level players want more prize money. They tend to shy away from the idea of travelling to tournaments if they think they can't win a lot of (or any) money in the rookie events.

Now, as you can tell, 3 and 4 are drawing on the same resources - the prize fund. You can't shunt money from the top level players to support the new players, and vice versa. The only influx of cash that could make both 3 AND 4 a reality would be from an external sponsor.

I think that 3 and 4 are both completely valid and justified wants; however, most of the posts I've read thus far from the foosballboard have been from the perspective of pros and promasters. They don't seem to understand that rookies want money as well (or rather, they don't feel that they deserve it as much), and that if they don't see the money in the rookie-level events, it becomes discouraging to venture out to tournaments.

Suggested reasons to go to a tournament as a rookie:

Money is not, and likely NEVER WILL BE, on that list.

Cheers :D

- M

Author: Pixel Reply #20 Posted: Jan 7 2011 3:23PM

Most of that post was addressed to Tony btw :)

Author: S. Edwards Reply #21 Posted: Jan 7 2011 4:27PM

>>Darcy, Simon -- I like both of your posts. You both get the Super Mario sticker of approval :)

must have been the reference to Spearmint Rhino

Author: tony Reply #22 Posted: Jan 11 2011 3:46AM

let me clarify this for those who haven't toured before.. or haven't toured before 2005...

each year i try to make it to at least one major. sometimes, i've been to 2. as a consumer, i've been loyal to the tour year in / year out.

each year, the payouts have been shrinking. the entry fees are really not changing value wise. now, we have a new promoter whose original business model depended heavily, or rather catered to those players SP and under in the old ranking USTSA ranking system. she was successful in bringing out the lower ranks and getting pretty good turnouts and overall, running great tourneys.

now, with the hierarchy changes, i don't see how IFP intends to grow the player base by peeing on the players that grew the business model.

i'm also not seeing how the new rankings can be valid without using the COMPLETE database of USTSA in formulating the new rankings.

i also don't see the value in eliminating INSIDE FOOS. can someone please explain that to me?

have a look at previous years payouts. take a close look. you'll see what i'm talking about. btw.. while you're looking...look at those year's attendance by scale...

signed... "looking forward to playing half a dozen former world champs in the expert division"

i was there BEFORE the spearmint rhino btw lmfao...

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #23 Posted: Jan 11 2011 5:49AM

I hate to but I'm going to swallow my pride (or more likely choke on it) and say the following: In my holy opinion, Tony Tong is right.

Even a broken clock ...

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