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Topic: Humbly submitted must-see TV on Dec 31: Sherlock

Author: van_can_foos Original Message Posted: Dec 30 2010 10:27PM

I know there's lots of hockey to watch & partying if you're younger than me, but...if you havenít already seen it I suggest PVR-ing ďSherlockĒ on Showcase tomorrow.

Itís a miniseries with 3 2-hour long episodes being broadcast back-to-back from 1pm to 7pm on channel 39 here. Donít try to catch the later showing because it appears that they wonít include the third episode at that time.

Itís a BBC production setting Sherlock Holmes in modern times. Itís very stylish with quick dialogue and peppered with unexpected humorous bits. The producers are huge Sherlock fans who have been involved in other BBC shows including the new Doctor Who. Thereís a bit of gimmicky graphics & effects, but not too much that it put me off.

They reportedly put a lot of effort keeping the personalities of the characters true to the books, but in a modern tech-savvy setting. Iím not a S.H. fan, so I donít know about the character comparisonÖbut I do enjoy good TV, and this more than qualified for me - YMMV.

Enjoy! Earl

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #1 Posted: Dec 30 2010 10:54PM

Bought the Dvd set in China a few weeks ago.

The best show I have seen in years...

Thanks everyone who came out last night.

See you again sometime.

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