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Topic: New league

Author: Dylan Original Message Posted: Jan 12 2011 1:55AM

So we are going to try and get a league going again. The current plan is every Thursday night at the Snooker Shack. We'll be there at 8pm every week starting this Thursday and hopefully we can attract a bunch of new players and maybe some of you old guys can come out haha.

Author: Barry Reply #1 Posted: Jan 12 2011 8:39AM

I'm not sure who you're calling "old", but I'd love to help out. Give me a call when you have a chance....

Author: JoKeR Reply #2 Posted: Jan 12 2011 8:43AM

I will definitely try and make it out in the coming weeks. I will not be there this Thursday but good luck guys. I guess I better dust off my table and see if it still works before I come out and get embarrassed.

Author: PaulG Reply #3 Posted: Jan 12 2011 7:01PM

Nice to see a possible revitalization of the foosball club in Saskatoon. Maybe we can do an inter-city again here in Regina.

Remember the good old days?

BTW, if you guys ever decide to come down to Regina for one of our DYP's ... just let me know in advance and we can try and get a good turnout. We're normally getting 10-14 players every Tuesday.


Author: tomschopsuey Reply #4 Posted: Jan 15 2011 10:24AM

Are you running double knock out or round robin?

Author: Dylan Reply #5 Posted: Jan 15 2011 12:19PM

We did a double elimination dyp last week, but I think we're going to try Barry's king-of-the-hill format this coming week

Author: tony Reply #6 Posted: Jan 15 2011 3:31PM

very nice... do bald married guys get to join?

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Jan 15 2011 4:11PM

Awesome guys I'm pumped that you have something going on again!

Author: Barry Reply #8 Posted: Jan 15 2011 10:22PM

Just who are you referring to Tony?

Author: tomschopsuey Reply #9 Posted: Jan 15 2011 11:28PM

What exactly is "Barry's king-of-the-hill format"?

Author: tony Reply #10 Posted: Jan 16 2011 12:25AM

ballhummer and sylvester..

Author: Barry Reply #11 Posted: Jan 16 2011 9:43AM

Tony.... I was curious because there's a few of us that fall into that category.

Tom... the King of the Hill format is a variation of something that Roger used to run with the Striker League in Edmonton. Works like this:

We draw partners like a normal DYP and the first 4 teams are put on the tables. The remaining teams names are put on a list. A single game is played on each table. As soon as he game is over, the winners remain and the losers leave, putting their name at the bottom of the list. The team at the top of the list goes to the table that the losing team just vacated, and plays a game. If a team holds the table for three games in a row, they must leave the table along with the losers and the top two teams on the list go to that table to play.

A time limit for the event is set (say 10pm) and the results of each game played are recorded. When the ending time arrives, the games in progress complete and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place are awarded based on the number of games won.

The nice thing about this format is that the tables are always busy and everyone gets to play a lot of foos, We used this format a few times in the past and it was a lot of fun. It really works well when there are new players out because it gives everyone lots of opportunity to play and learn without being knocked out in two straight.

Author: tomschopsuey Reply #12 Posted: Jan 16 2011 1:35PM

Sounds fun. Getting the opportunity to play will definitely help to keep new players coming out. It's not much fun to get two and outed.

Author: F.Q. Reply #13 Posted: Jan 17 2011 10:19AM

Right on guys, keep foosin and have fun!

Author: tony Reply #14 Posted: Jan 17 2011 5:38PM

Barry and co.

I bet that if you guys hit the tables you'd be pretty successful at TFL in June, especially with all those 3 handicappers. Its a lot easier than in the past to run a league..all you'd need is 6 weeks each.

Author: JoKeR Reply #15 Posted: Jan 20 2011 8:38AM

Anyone coming out to the Snooker Shack tonight?

Author: Dylan Reply #16 Posted: Jan 20 2011 11:45AM

Should be a bunch of us there

Author: JeremyR Reply #17 Posted: Jan 20 2011 12:18PM

I plan on showing up. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Somebody have a wrap I can borrow?

Author: Dylan Reply #18 Posted: Jan 21 2011 1:38AM

Solid turnout this thursday. The king of the hill format worked nicely. It created a more relaxed mood that let people get back into it. So maybe we'll just do it again next week? Unless anybody has different suggestion.

Author: Burning Feet ManŽ Reply #19 Posted: Jan 21 2011 2:41PM

Should be IBFN also make a comeback?

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #20 Posted: Jan 24 2011 11:56AM

i havent bought a wrap since 2006. do they still sell yonex at riverside club? lol

Author: tony Reply #21 Posted: Jan 25 2011 10:43PM

i could send you the guide

"how to play foosball while being newly married"

Author: Will Reply #22 Posted: Jan 26 2011 2:42AM

haha. It would be nice to have instructions posted on here.

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #23 Posted: Jan 27 2011 2:54PM

hey guys, how long did it go last week and about how many players

Author: JoKeR Reply #24 Posted: Jan 27 2011 3:31PM

2 hours - 12 players. I am trying but not sure if I will make it tonight.

Author: JoKeR Reply #25 Posted: Jan 27 2011 3:31PM

Where is counterstrike?

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #26 Posted: Jan 27 2011 4:05PM

Ha, thanks.
I thought 10 years with the same handle was long enough. Also, I changed my whole game, its all dink shots and chip passes now!
Maybe i'll see you later.

Author: ziggypop Reply #27 Posted: Jan 27 2011 5:12PM


Can't make it tonight, but will put it into the calender for next Thursday. Sounds like were gunna get this thing rolling again.

Barry, you should make a facebook page for the club and put a link to and one this site. maybe a twitter account with stats and standings.

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