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Topic: The New IFPPT Points are up.

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Jan 14 2011 10:14AM

Everyone in Alberta that has played in a USTSA event is now an Expert....except Brian Loeppky. Not sure how you pulled that one off!!

Author: Linda Reply #1 Posted: Jan 14 2011 10:35AM

Well fack! Looks like I need to email Mary. I'm listed as an expert with 1500 traditional points and "null" for womens. He'll I've only ever played on two tour events (none of which were the traditional events other than mixed) and frankly the first time I was in Vegas shouldn't have even counted

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Jan 14 2011 10:40AM

Ben Wilkins and David Smith are also listed as Amateur.

Even Gary Gurgardt and Evangelos Karmis got bumped to Expert

Author: Pixel Reply #3 Posted: Jan 14 2011 11:27AM

See here:

It almost looks like they're almost using expert as a sorting bin - most players that have some sort of experience seem to be dumped into there, and will then distinguish themselves either by doing well (and thus increasing in points and getting moved up) or by not playing/doing poorly (thus getting kicked down).

Author: eradicator Reply #4 Posted: Jan 14 2011 11:53AM

Which events are seeded?

Author: Superfly Reply #5 Posted: Jan 14 2011 12:21PM

News Flash Timbo ... you are now officially ranked Expert. Time to reconsider Vegas ...

I think Paaaauuuuul should go too ... he has a chance of winning Am now lol.

Author: Superfly Reply #6 Posted: Jan 14 2011 12:42PM

It should go without saying now ... that whomever wins Expert singles at HOFC most definitely has their work cut out for themselves.

I think i read :

Master = 42
Pro = 242
Expert = 11,100+
Amateur = 3800
Beginner = 800

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Jan 14 2011 1:35PM

All events are seeded except DYP's.

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Jan 14 2011 1:39PM

Its easy enough to point out a lot of stupid things that have been done with the points, I doubt many players are happy with the ignorance that they re ranked players with.

On the positive side... All the players from Edmonton that are not on that list will have a lot more fun in Amateur now that everyone good(pretty much) is bumped out of it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Jan 14 2011 1:39PM

I'd like to see how they can seed expert when everyone has 1500 points

Author: Superfly Reply #10 Posted: Jan 14 2011 1:52PM

This from Mary ...

"Lets remember USTSA nulled out over 8000 players to zero making them all Amateur, we put them all at Expert. We feel if they are over rated they will give us a call and if they are under rated they would not."

Beginner is for new players
Amateur is = to Rookie
Expert is = to Semi Pro

Man vs Moon = Man 6
Man vs Points System = Man 0

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Jan 14 2011 1:59PM

There are 1700, 1800, and 1900 point experts also.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Jan 14 2011 3:30PM

Those must be the Pros that got moved down to the expert class.

Author: Linda Reply #13 Posted: Jan 20 2011 12:08PM

I emailed IFP to get them to look at my points. Hoorah I'm an Amateur again :)

They got back to me in about a week. So if you don't agree with your points just email them. It can't hurt.

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Jan 20 2011 12:15PM

Nice work linda.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #15 Posted: Jan 20 2011 8:57PM

I was a pro. I got moved to expert and am still at 1500 as is Jeff Pipkin Jr.

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