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Author: The Next One. Original Message Posted: Jan 15 2011 7:00AM

Just got back to Phil's place from tonights Friday Dyp in LA. I must say LA foos is where its at, and their complaining about their shrinking tournouts. I think there was 13 teams tonight, Trevor couldn't make it but so many others did, Fernando was there tonight. Talent here is pretty good. It was in a auto body shop, the set up was pretty decent actually for an auto body shop. Guys brought their children, stocked the fridge with lotsa beverages of your choice, Tommie had her personal bar outside in the trunk of her hummer lol. I drew Christina Fuchs, she taught me so much today on my pull shot, roller again had issues. She is such a solid
solid player, i think she was the 2nd rated female player on the world at one time. We lost to Paul Ranken and Jeff Ige early, but stormed back, to beat them in the losers bracket final to play Fernando and Flyod in the finals. 60% of the players shot a roller, the rest pull shots obviously, push kickers super super sick push kicks from Javier, and yes pull kickers.

Author: The Next One. Reply #1 Posted: Jan 15 2011 7:08AM

They play on 4 tables. 2 ice box tables before the clear sidestrips, white sidestrips, and 2 marble tables. Entry fee was $15. 10 for the entry fee and 5 for the table fees.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #2 Posted: Jan 15 2011 9:15PM

That's the place where I played a DYP in LA. I also got eliminated by Fernando. Unfortunately, I went out at 5/6 I think and not in the finals. It was a great turn out when I was there too.

Author: moyatielens Reply #3 Posted: Jan 16 2011 6:32PM

Hey cool, Dave!! Haven't been there, but when I was visiting Tommie we went to the other one, that Art runs. A ton of teams. Stupid Jay Barthlow and Fern didn't show tho. Wussied out. Stupid family stuff..:p

Christina is a freakin studd. Ya, she was number 2, if I remember correctly. I've played against her a ton, of course, and she is one of my tougest competitors, which, of course, makes her one of my fav female players to play with.

Have fun out there and give Phil a lil punch from me. :p


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