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Topic: Thursday

Author: mEthOdmAn Original Message Posted: Feb 2 2011 4:40PM

Who's coming out tomorrow? I think I will make the trek up if there is a good turn out.

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #1 Posted: Feb 2 2011 4:41PM

WOOOOOOOOOOOO I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!... btw...

Author: Barry Reply #2 Posted: Feb 2 2011 4:53PM

I'll be there. It'll be great to see you back Mike!

Author: Dylan Reply #3 Posted: Feb 2 2011 5:57PM

There should be a decent amount of people tomorrow

Author: JeremyR Reply #4 Posted: Feb 2 2011 9:55PM

Haha, that's awesome. I was just saying last week that I hoped you would come up for some foos. I'll definitely be there. We've been having good turnouts, about 14 people each of the last two weeks (the only two weeks I've gone so far).

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #5 Posted: Feb 3 2011 11:55AM

Right on.

Author: Mstraw Reply #6 Posted: Feb 3 2011 2:37PM

Ya I'm in too.... Wow it's been awhile

Author: ziggypop Reply #7 Posted: Feb 3 2011 3:52PM


Silvester is not the only one "who's back..."


Author: Barry Reply #8 Posted: Feb 4 2011 8:54AM

Had an awesome time last night! 20 foosers... lots of new people and a few of the old guard.

Remember everyone, next week we are starting to play @ 7:30pm, be there early to make sure you are in the draw. If you are going to be a few minutes late, call Dylan, Jordan or myself to let us know and we'll pencil you in.... otherwise, you'll just be a spectator. Our numbers are on the "Contact Us" page.

See you there!

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #9 Posted: Feb 4 2011 9:32AM

That was a good time! Looking forward to next week!

Author: JoKeR Reply #10 Posted: Feb 4 2011 10:27AM

Who won?

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #11 Posted: Feb 4 2011 1:13PM

Matt and his partner. Not sure of his name...

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #12 Posted: Feb 4 2011 2:12PM

we actually had a 3 way tie for 2nd place . then played that out. it was pretty fun

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #13 Posted: Feb 4 2011 2:14PM

BTW, there is an Owen Black doppleganger thats a pretty good fooser

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