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Topic: Fireball West Edmonton Mall Tournament

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 4 2011 6:08PM

The poster is up now for the event! Please see the top message that is stickied on the message board.

Some comments on the tournament:

Amatuer = Rookie
Expert = Semi Pro

Last time we were in the Mall a lot of people complained that the Rookies they were losing to were too good to be called Rookies. Semi-Pro doesn't describe the players skill level, all the Semi-Pro's are actually Expert foosball players so that is why I changed those.

The Payout for Am Doubles is hard to read, $200 is the projected 1st place payout.

Make sure you note that prize money is not guaranteed. I came up with those estimates by using the results of the last 5 Alberta tournaments. Any players that had been to 3 or more I entered into a spreadsheet, then figured out how much the payout would be if all of them show up. That didn't account for SEVERAL players that have come to only one or two, most importantly a lot of the players from Edmonton that have only been to 2 events. I am fairly confident the payouts will be around those amounts.

Huge thanks to Simon, Darcy, Sam, and Ben for helping out with the flyer/flier.

We will be using the Group Stage format that was used at Nationals. If you qualify for the Open bracket (2 out of a group of 4, 3 out of a group of 6 qualify) then you are automatically entered into the Double Elimination 3/5 Bracket.

We do not have a separate bracket for players that don't qualify. We will be running a lot of extra DYP's throughout the weekend, so if you don't qualify in Open you can start joining into those - they are free once you have registered.

If an Amatuer Singles player is still in the Open Bracket after qualifying and has survived 2-3 rounds of the Double elimination they will not be allowed to play in the Amatuer Singles event. Same goes for a doubles team. That is strictly because of time constraints and conflicts.

If an Am has gone that far they will almost certainly either be in the money in open or they will be one of the top 4 Am/Expert players so they will be getting a fair deal anyway. If you would prefer to drop out of Open to play in Amateur that is acceptable also but I wouldn't make that choice if I was in that situation.

The Registration fee is $40, but includes a lot of bonus items. Jim Stevens will be creating a special 2 hour DVD for this event, featuring some Fireball and some Tornado footage. This is included with your registration. Please email or to register. I will email you the information that I need to confirm your registration once you contact me.

On the poster it says that only the first 50 registrations will receive a Tee Shirt. If more than 50 people register online I will make everyone a tee shirt - I just don't want to get stuck with 30 or 40 extra shirts so if less people register I am only making 50. I know we will have significantly more than 50 people.

At the smaller tournament that we hosted as a Nationals Qualifier we had over 60 players show up, at the Nationals we had 84 registered in Open events. At the WEM last time we had more than both of those when including the Beginner and Womens events. This time we will have the biggest turnout yet!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Feb 4 2011 6:14PM

cool flier will

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: Feb 4 2011 7:11PM

What time is WEM open until at night? Seeing as we're starting events at 7pm, i'm curious as to timing.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Feb 4 2011 8:07PM

9:00 on weekdays but we can stay late on the weekend.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Feb 4 2011 8:07PM

The stores close at 9 but the mall never closes.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #5 Posted: Feb 5 2011 1:51PM

Generally most stores close at 9:00 ,some stay open till 10:00 pm. The food court locations can be the same way, but the Restaurant locations stay open later... past 1-2:00 am.

Will can you post the table plug amount or will they be on free play at any time? Also will the Fireball tables be available to play on BEFORE the week of the tournament?

Could the prize amounts increase with a larger player base entering?

Some players will need advance directions:
The actual location of the tournament placement within the mall is where ? and will that be the location for each days events (D.Y.P's)that will be held through the start of the week to the weekend?

Thanks Will Stranks for your ongoing efforts to allow Tournament Table Soccer events to be held throughout the Edmonton area.

Author: Darcy Reply #6 Posted: Feb 5 2011 2:03PM

I don't think there are fireball coin ops yet Carey.

The tournament is going to be held at west edmonton mall in front of HMV. You can't miss it, really.

The DYP's will be held in the same location.

Also, Thanks Will Stranks!

Author: Will Reply #7 Posted: Feb 5 2011 3:14PM

The prize money is directly affected by the turnout. The entry fee's will be paid out in full.

100% of entries = Prize Money

In West Edmonton Mall the tournament is held at the NewCap Stage. It is a large area in front of the large HMV at the end of the mall. It is also very close to the Scotiabank Theater.

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Feb 5 2011 4:10PM

The tables will be accessible for the entire week. As soon as we are set up on Monday/Tuesday until the end of Sunday night. Once a player registers they will be allowed into the players area any time!

We will have two tables outside of the tournament area for drop in/pick up games. These will be the one man goalie tables.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Feb 5 2011 4:47PM

For those of you that are not familiar with West Edmonton Mall

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #10 Posted: Feb 7 2011 2:52PM

I always assumed WEM was a myth until it was mentioned on Stargate Atlantis.

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