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Topic: Compelling movie for foosers to watch/record:

Author: van_can_foos Original Message Posted: Feb 5 2011 9:12PM

It's a documentary called:
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

It's a recent movie about the world of competitive Donky Kong coin-op players at the top level, trying to break long-standing records and win live tournaments.

I know it may sound lame, but you'd be surprised. It's got a lot of intrigue and colorful characters that will be recognizable to many fellow competitive foosers.

Here in Vancouver it's showing tonight (Sat) on YTV at midnight - don't know about the timing in other cities.


Author: Slow. Period. Reply #1 Posted: Feb 6 2011 12:09AM

Hiya Earl. Thanks for heads up--looking forward to it.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Feb 6 2011 3:33AM

Cool movie.

Check out this link

Author: hardboiled Reply #3 Posted: Feb 6 2011 11:51AM

a good sized production crew came down to the blackfoot that night - I was hoping this thing would get done.

it's nice to be reminded how good Kent was (Robotron!) at so many games.

gads, 30 years ago

illusions and zacks anyone?

Author: eradicator Reply #4 Posted: Feb 8 2011 8:29AM

You can also download it if you know how to use torrents. I love that movie.

Another one I'd recommend is Pulling John, about arm wrestling.

Author: Barry Reply #5 Posted: Feb 8 2011 8:36AM

I watched this movie on Netflix the other night. That Billy Mitchell sure is an arrogant dick.

Author: eradicator Reply #6 Posted: Feb 8 2011 8:47AM

Yeah, I really hated him by the end, and all the people that enabled him. My favorite part was the shots of him creeping around in the background while the other guy was playing, what a goof.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Feb 8 2011 9:05AM

At the beginning of the movie there is a quick shot of Chris Steele.

Author: Barry Reply #8 Posted: Feb 8 2011 9:14AM

...and the time Mitchell called ahead while driving to the restaurant to get a list of everyone who was there, and then driving right by when he found out that Steve Weibe had showed up. Bizarre.

I'm thinking that Mitchell must fund Twin Galaxies given the way that Walter Day serves him and the way that they treated Wiebe like a criminal when he first broke Mitchell's DK record (that they ultimately dismissed after an investigation was conducted by their team that included Mitchell). What a farce that was.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Feb 8 2011 10:27AM

Must have something to do with his mullet

Author: foosghost Reply #10 Posted: Feb 11 2011 12:01PM

this is on NetFlix as well - incase anyone missed it.

I've yet to watch it, but plan to - sounds right up my alley.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #11 Posted: Feb 11 2011 11:03PM

Or if you live in China you could just buy it on DVD for about $1.50

It really does capture elements of foosball like insiders totally get it and outsiders are left bewildered about it all. The creepy and totally out there characters you meet standing toe to toe with the regular guy united only by their love of what most think is a weird obsession. The dedication and desire that you need to have. etc.

I loved it and at least it let me know that we are not the only weirdos out there...

Ha ha

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