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Topic: thats the greatest news ever

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Original Message Posted: Feb 9 2011 8:19AM

seeing the saskatoon foosball is back and a live i remeber saying something month ago bring back foosball
to saskaton and it is not dead peopel still want to play fooseball

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #1 Posted: Feb 9 2011 8:21AM

and thats good barry is bring back foosball back to akive again

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #2 Posted: Feb 9 2011 10:39AM

Who is this? Do you even play foos?

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #3 Posted: Feb 9 2011 10:40AM

Your handle is Saskatoon Fooschamp but yet it says you live in Regina when I click your name.

Author: tony Reply #4 Posted: Feb 10 2011 2:56AM

yeah.. but mike.. you used to hair once a long time ago too haha.

Author: nathanp Reply #5 Posted: Feb 10 2011 11:10AM

looking forward to some foos tonight...

see you at the snooker shack

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #6 Posted: Feb 10 2011 4:11PM

crap I can't make it tonight now.... it's booked in for next week though for sure.

Author: domi nate Reply #7 Posted: Feb 11 2011 9:12PM

Doesn't somebody have to beat me to take that title from me??? Not sure though...

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