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Topic: April 2nd Tournament

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 17 2011 7:42PM

The Points thread is getting really long, so I started a new one about this subject. Moya brought up a great point saying that it is pretty much an Alberta point system.

I'm wondering if we could have simultaneous tournaments run on Saturday April 2nd, which would be in time to help seed the charts at the Fireball Major at WEM.

Maybe we could do 1 BC, 1 Alberta, and 1 Saskatchewan Minor tournament. We could start during the day at maybe 2:00 or 3:00 and have Open Doubles and Open Singles. Even if each city can produce 10-12 players for an event like this it would help out with the points, rankings, and seeding for the future.

If we could do this even a couple times a year it would be GREAT for the point system, but if we could do it quarterly it would help so much. Then every time any players cross over between cities it will let some player bases steal points from other player bases, and then distribute them in that city during local events.

You don't have to be the promoter in your area to do this, even if you just decide to show up at the bar with charts, and send them to me or post the chart/results then I can incorporate it into the points.

Any thoughts?

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