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Topic: snooker shack tonight?

Author: nathanp Original Message Posted: Mar 10 2011 8:18AM

anybody in saskatoon goin to the snooker shack tonight for some foose?

Author: mEthOdmAn Reply #1 Posted: Mar 10 2011 9:42AM

I am.

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #2 Posted: Mar 10 2011 1:57PM

See ya there.

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #3 Posted: Mar 10 2011 2:08PM

Nate are you on facebook?

Author: Dylan Reply #4 Posted: Mar 10 2011 2:55PM

Most of the usuals should be there

Author: nathanp Reply #5 Posted: Mar 10 2011 3:02PM

ok cool... wasnt sure if people were away for a tourney this weekend.

and no I'm not on facebook.

see you guys tonight

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