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Topic: Vegas Highlights

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Mar 15 2011 12:47PM

Thought I would start a post for some Vegas Highlights

I had an awesome time in Vegas, met some great people, played in 75 matches which is roughly 190 games. I had great partners for all the events and thanks for teaming up with me. I enjoyed every moment whether we won a match or lost. Some of the highlights of my weekend were

Winning GW. Thanks Will for the awesome tips.

Winning AM Singles, I played terrible in the final but Patrick played even worse! Thanks to Darcy, Ben, Sam, Will, Dan and Christian for cheering me on in most of my matches.

Playing Designated Mixed with Kathy Brainard. The most fun event I had all weekend. The look on her face when we won our first match two straight with 6 goals from the two bar was priceless!

Playing OD with Eric Goodman. If someone has a sick five then Ericís five is on its death bed. It was frickin amazing!

Smokin Yore and Atha with Eric in the second game 5 -1 and Beating Nardoci and Blundel with Eric with 4 pull shots from the two bar in game 3 was insane.

3rd in Expert Doubles with Sweet Christian Dunn. I think we were still the best team, but the best team doesn't always win.

4th in AM doubles with Ben Wilkins. Next time lets get to sleep before 7:30 AM.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Mar 15 2011 12:49PM

One other highlight I forgot to mention. Dave Ahn didn't speak to me for the entire weekend!! that was AWESOME!!!!

Author: Barry Reply #2 Posted: Mar 15 2011 12:55PM

Wow! Congrats Simon on an awesome tournament! I wish I could have been there to witness it and cheer you on!

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Mar 15 2011 1:32PM

Good thread idea.

I had a great time and having so many of us down there certainly made it easier to get my feet wet. It was awesome when all of us were around a table cheering for one of our guys. Really got to know the canadian contingent and met a few others to boot.

low point of the week, for me, was letting sam down in expert dubs, I felt as though we could have really taken some teams by surprise there and he played great all week, I just couldn't get my head out of my ass to capitalize on our chances nor could I hit a long pull to save my life. Always a great time playing with you Sam, sorry I couldn't get 'er done.

High point of the week was definitely pro dubs with Tim. After expert doubles Sam and I went up to his room for a drink, had three straight back-to-back shots of vodka and then some whiskey back at the tournament room with very little food in the stomache. Figured we'd just have a good time and get our asses kicked. First match we played ryan harvey and kopiy cam from portland?

Anyway, kopiy bricked me the first 9 shots and then scored on himself. I let out a quiet laugh just because I was getting owned so bad and ryan looks down under the table lamp at me and says "something *bleep*ing funny?" to which I reply "yeah, it is funny" long story short, tim blocked him very well after that and he just seemed to get more angry by the minute. Tim and I took over at that point getting them to meat nut. Got the ball to my three, called a time-out, probably took 3-4 minutes to get back to the table just because, and I saw justin shaw giving kopiy advice on how to block me. I figured he was saying something about my timing or the fact that I was only shooting long to the push or pull or what have you. So I get back to the table and set it up. Wait four seconds tap quickly to the outside and hammered a shot as hard as I could down the middle after he gave me the old split d. I'll remember it forever. Great playing Tim!

Oh and then we had Nail Tuzinovic (3000 point pro) and David Rose next. We won two straight, 5-4, 5-2. By the time our third match was called I'd sobered up and we didn't stand a chance haha.

Oh, another highlight: playing against and actually beating roby mares in the dyp and having him tell me that he liked the squeeze.

Author: Superfly Reply #4 Posted: Mar 15 2011 1:59PM

The Flamingo was better than the Riv or Harrah's in my opinion. Just seemed to have a better atmosphere about it plus the foos room was nice. I peeked in there about 1pm Wed (the room wasn't opening till 4pm) and was surprised to see that all of the tables were all ready to go. Last year they were still putting tables together well into the night sometimes right beside matches i was playing in.

I don't really know any foosers other than the local ones here in Vancouver and that was the typical SNAFU lol. So it was nice to meet a bunch of "other Canadians" as well .

Played in Ex Pro and Open Singles as well as Senior 45+. Didn't do as well as expected but it took a day or so to get my game going. I should have played in Am Singles ... well, i'll get the chance to next year. (Do they allow 50 year old Am's haha)

Walked into the room early Fri and saw Frederico practicing in the corner all alone so i went to watch. Very friendly guy easy to talk to, he was helpful and i did get inspired. Talked for a bit with Tony S as he was watching me practice on a table that his match was called on. Asked him what he likes best about foos and who he thought was the most naturally talented player.

All in all it was a fun event, hopefully i will play in doubles events next time.

P.S. Thanks for the beers Jeffy and taxi $$ Tuan

Author: Desmond Reply #5 Posted: Mar 15 2011 2:00PM

Go Squeeze! It was awesome tracking all of you guys on the charts. Great job everyone.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #6 Posted: Mar 15 2011 3:11PM

Want to see Ryan Moore frustrated even more?Go on you tube,then type in John Smith v.Ryan Moore.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Mar 15 2011 3:56PM

One more I forgot to mention.

Playing in the Open DYP final against Spredeman and Ly

Linda you played awesome. At least we won one game!

Author: melanoir Reply #8 Posted: Mar 15 2011 4:06PM

some highlights for me:

Playing with Robby Mares in the Open DYP, it was good experience..he said to me "Quit moving your f**king guys around when the balls on my five bar" ..this was in the first match against Tony S and Linda
Also block and then scoring on Tony and Linda was pretty awesome

The funnest match was watching Eric Goodman & Matt Botros vs. David Ahn and Phil ....the head games were awesome(putting dave on recall then second recall....then picking sides and getting a ref)...also had every canadian over watching ...made people think it was a final

Also expert singles... my match against eric goodman, with the winner playing Christian...was my best match down there ...i lost 5-4, 5-4 but doing that well made me happy

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Mar 15 2011 4:10PM

P.S.Anyone who has known Simon as long as Gary and I,and some of the other trailblazer's of Edmonton foosball,know that he has been a skilled player for sometime.It seems that now,however,he is becoming the foosballer he could have become long ago.

I surmise the reason for this breakthrough,in my mind a watershed event,is because of his a re-invigorated dedication to our wonderful sport.Stay clear of a player who has a surplus of talent and potential and decides he is going to develop them to their peak.Well done,Simon.

Author: Darcy Reply #10 Posted: Mar 15 2011 4:57PM

Hahah, I just pictured him saying that to you Dan... Funny stuff.

Author: foosghost Reply #11 Posted: Mar 15 2011 5:13PM

My highlight by a mile was playing designated with Linda. Very smart player. Took whatever feedback / advice I had to offer ( what little she needed) and incorporated into play immediately. Nice rollover. One of the strongest I've seen by a lady

We took out Todd Lefraedo(sp?) and ingrid (rico's wife)first round. Then Tommy Atkinson and liz hill as well. Got 4th. By far my best finish of the weekend. I hit some nice banks from back. Was fun working a new 2 bar series that doesn't hurt my wrist.

Singles was OK. No breakthroughs or upsets. Lost to mares and sergie. Got 17th. At least I won't lose points.

Doubles I was so pumped to have the chance to play with Trevor Park. But we never got out of Park. He couldn't score and I couldn't block. Bad combination. First round we lost 3 straight to Dave Ahn and Phil. I think i only blocked 2 shots if dave's all match. Great shooting. Just keep it under 15 seconds would ya!! B-)

Trevor looked like the trevor of old in our next match. And we steamrolled the first game. Which I think let the pressure off of our opponents and they started having fun. And somehow won the next 2 games.

Trevor said he owed me one. Well see if he pays up someday!

I asked him why he asked me to play. And he said 'if you think about it, you're the best goalie behind Todd, Tracy, and Diaz right now. Billy and maybe some others will get more goals, but overall you're better'. So that was cool.

The last day playing pickup games. 2 ball, cross-handed 2 ball as well was super fun too

Looking forward to the next one. I might even practice for it. B-)

Author: S. Edwards Reply #12 Posted: Mar 15 2011 5:14PM

Thanks Joey, the truth of the matter is it took me a long time to realize I couldn't beat a certain player. That player was myself. I was easily distracted, and got angry if the match didn't go the way I wanted it to. I ended up losing to myself. On the table I have a new calmness and a disciplined focus. Reminding myself each possession is golden, and by focusing on the moment, not what happens if you do good or if you mess up.

Author: Pushshot Reply #13 Posted: Mar 15 2011 6:06PM

Words of wisdom. Congrads Simon great showing.

Author: Linda Reply #14 Posted: Mar 15 2011 8:37PM

This past weekend was extremely long, and tiring, but I wouldn't expect it or have it any other way. Getting to play in the pits more was fun and different. Lots of fun playing with everyone, and having a bunch of Canadians to cheer for made it even better (despite all of us at one point or another holding up a zillion brackets).

Designated Mixed was definitely a great way to start out the weekend. I never expected much going into it, never having shot on a bunch of pro masters before. And then of course getting to play and beat Lofredo right out of the gate was awesome. Eric forgot to mention we also beat Rob Atha and his partner Karen....I probably hit one of my nicest push side rollovers against Rob that game (made him bite with my tap and this blasted a long push side). Eric - it was fun getting to play with you. I had a blast...way to hit those banks on the best of em.

Getting to play with Tony Spredeman in the DYP was in a word...AWESOME! It's so cool to watch the game up close and personal. And I learned a new defense out of it as well. I even contributed with an occasional goal, lots of passes and a bunch of blocks. Including for the 2nd year in a row, bricking the crap out of Rob Mares Simon you played great in our final...I just figured out Bilirakis' rollover after a shot or two.

Disappointed with my finish in Expert Womens Doubles (2nd). I got to play with a world champion goalie in Dawn Duquette. We had king seat going into the final but got double dipped by a team we beat on the A side. I think by the end of the weekend, I was losing a bit of my arm and some of my confidence and that ended up costing me. But still a great experience.

Finished 7/8th in Expert Womens Singles. Really knocked to the B side and out of the event by a European woman who killed me with her bank or slop off a bank.

Womens Singles (13/16). Lost to Keisha Rue and Shelly Langley...both two awesome women with great pull shots (it's so much different blocking a woman pull shooter).

Womens Doubles with Melissa Kegg (9/12). Melissa played awesome defense, but again we came across some strong teams (Dusty Bambenek in A side and Tiffany Moore in B side).

Me and Matt didn't do as well as we have in previous years in Open Mixed, but considering we had Rico and Joy in our 2nd round match, it was a tough weekend. But it was definitely a huge highlight of the weekend. We took them to 5 games to get the win...I just didn't start blocking Rico until about the 4th game. Man that guy is not human i swear! Great playing Matt....we almost did it.

Amateur singles and doubles - crapped the bed.

Overall, this weekend was a blast. Came home with some hardware and won my entry fees back so I can't complain too much....just need to improve more for next year. To the rest of the Canadians - way to represent the north!

Author: tony Reply #15 Posted: Mar 15 2011 9:20PM

Good to see some of you do so well. We were watching the charts up here believe me.

Worlds should be interesting...

Author: tony Reply #16 Posted: Mar 15 2011 9:20PM

Good to see some of you do so well. We were watching the charts up here believe me.

Worlds should be interesting...

Author: Linda Reply #17 Posted: Mar 15 2011 9:28PM

Huh...just re-read my post. We didn't actually beat Rico and Joy hehe. I meant it took them 5 games before they won

Author: University of Foos Reply #18 Posted: Mar 16 2011 12:34AM

Wow, great weekend everyone. That was a blast!!

Big thanks to all my partners, you all played phenomenally.


Being the only team to beat Spree/Mares all weekend (alright so it was handicapped but WTF it still counts)

Watching Simon do his thing in OD, he had to be one of the best goalies in the room.

Christian hitting Cutback Johnson's those are ridiculous! Just wish I could have done more for you up front

Expert singles run to 4th after losing my first match in a 160 person bracket. Taught myself a 2-5 system on the go that was super effective.

OD match against Atha/Yore that could have gone either way.

Holding up all the brackets, it's always a good sign when you are the problem because it means you're playing well.

All things 5row were highlights, offensively and defensively I felt unstoppable.

The Brit's are hilarious

Winning my money back from Simon in poker

See the thread dedicated to the match with Ryan Moore


No long pull shot

Matches until 2 or 3am every night

Bar closed down way before the Foosball ended

Never left the casino until Monday

Getting locked in the plane at the Calgary airport while they fixed the dock

Author: The Next One. Reply #19 Posted: Mar 16 2011 3:28AM

Goal was to finish top 10 in Open doubles.
Accomplished. 9-12th. $600!?!?!?!

Goal to beat the best players in the World.

Teams beat proud of were, Trevor and Eric, David Vick and Randy, Terry Rue and Matt Stewart, Harvey and partner. Pushing Tom Yore and Atha all the way for 7/8th.

Goal, not to get bumped to Pro till the end of Worlds.
Accomplished lol.

Letting down my other partners, Randy Price and Zach Zeigler, Kelly, sorry guys. I promise we will do beast at the Worlds.

losing to all you alberta guys haha, Oh well, something tells me that it's just the beginning of the tug of war.

Really impressed with Darryl Matt Eric and Linda. Easily top 10 in all of Canada in my books. Congrats on your finish in open doubles too at 9-12th D&M, $600?!?!?!!? hahaha

Definiately the year to win Amature with everyone getting bumped to expert, and you did simon, congrats. And on goalie wars, is tony tong the only other Canadian to win that event?

Thanks Billy and Trevor for helping me with my shot.

Eric Dunn, honestly, love beating you, but more so, treasure our conversations more, every year seems to get better.

Ultimate High, seeing my Captain Phil sluggo Perros finally start to get his due and respect he so much deserves. Teaching me the art of SandBagging. Letting me ride with the torch, but making it all happen in the background, RESPECT CHAMP!! I just wished I had Eric Dunn's game in our final match with Yore and Atha so I could get us through that round instead of it always being you, Worlds Man!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #20 Posted: Mar 16 2011 11:10AM

Thanks for all the props everyone, even you Dave

Author: The Next One. Reply #21 Posted: Mar 16 2011 2:13PM


Isnt this weekends best accomplishments the Canadians who placed the highest in the Open Events?! Like me? Darryl and Matt?! When was the last time other than Eric, Mario and Kane
did this happen?

Or are we just focusing on am expert and pro now?! Lol

Author: The Next One. Reply #22 Posted: Mar 16 2011 2:15PM

I was refering to the 9-12th finishes in Open Doubles. Jeff Allen up there too with Pipkin at 13th.

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Mar 16 2011 5:38PM

I was pretty sure that the most important event was the pro am, or at least that's what I heard after worlds last year.

Author: tony Reply #24 Posted: Mar 16 2011 7:04PM

darnit will.. wish i had gone, missed my chance to chum it up with a world champion...

Author: tony Reply #25 Posted: Mar 16 2011 7:04PM

darnit will.. wish i had gone, missed my chance to chum it up with a world champion...

Author: Darcy Reply #26 Posted: Mar 17 2011 10:42AM

So who's coming to vegas next year?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #27 Posted: Mar 17 2011 11:18AM

Flights to Worlds are only $ 510.00. I'm thinking I will probably go to it this year

Author: Darcy Reply #28 Posted: Mar 17 2011 11:21AM

I was thinking I might just go to that one too... We'll have to organize another trip!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #29 Posted: Mar 17 2011 12:27PM

you better start practicing your drinking

Author: Darcy Reply #30 Posted: Mar 17 2011 12:39PM

Yeah, practicing my rollover clearly isn't helping anything.

Author: Chris.K Reply #31 Posted: Mar 17 2011 12:46PM

"you better start practicing your drinking"

I can help you with that Darcy, Every time your in a bar, you tell the bar tender to "Come down here" and when he gets down there you ask for " 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer "

Its a winning Recipe.

Author: Darcy Reply #32 Posted: Mar 17 2011 1:17PM

haha, I don't know if my singing voice is going to win me any favors, and it seems to be vodka that does the trick, i'll have to stick with that. Can you get time off in september to join us chris?

Author: Chris.K Reply #33 Posted: Mar 17 2011 1:26PM

For Worlds? Is that in France? If so I probably wont be able to go. Going on a cruise to Alaska in August. Will have to plan for next year. Vegas next year for sure though.

Author: Darcy Reply #34 Posted: Mar 17 2011 1:30PM

no, it's in texas this september

Author: Chris.K Reply #35 Posted: Mar 17 2011 1:32PM

hmmmmm Texas ehhh. Perhaps.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #36 Posted: Mar 17 2011 2:52PM

One other highlite I just have to mention was my forward shoot out game against Will. No disrespect to Will's defense (he usually blocks me really well) but I think I was 12 or 13 in a row.

Author: Will Reply #37 Posted: Mar 17 2011 3:03PM

Didn't you 2 strait me?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #38 Posted: Mar 17 2011 3:12PM

I thought you won the first game

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #39 Posted: Mar 17 2011 9:03PM

Clearly a memorable match.

I had a forward shoot out match against Bruce Van Buskirk one time. The coin flip decided the match. I called heads; coin came up heads. I chose to shoot first. The two of us, together, went 27 for 27.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #40 Posted: Mar 18 2011 1:19AM

Hmmmnnnn, No "D" in Tim. Ok, good with that so far.

So your last name should be "Ura"

Together that is "Timura", has a nice ring to it.
And since it was just St. Patties day, I will leave you with a couple of Limericks...

There once was a maid from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass.
Not rounded and pink,
as you'd possibly think;
It was gray, had long ears, and ate grass.

And one final one:

There once was a small juicy orange,
...Oh crap!

Well, I couldn't think of a rhyme with "Timura" either...

Author: S. Edwards Reply #41 Posted: Mar 18 2011 10:00AM

A sarcastic fooser named Tim
whos comments are really quite grim
A Hawiian shirt on his back
and a constant wisecrack
He's really full of shit to the brim

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #42 Posted: Mar 18 2011 3:27PM

Limericks are crass
No way to rebut Simon
Your ass gets haiku

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