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Topic: Vegas buzz

Author: foos.anon Original Message Posted: Mar 15 2011 10:53PM

Cool to read your favorite moments, but what was the buzz? What were people talking about?

Things like:

1) Is Van Landingham this year's Vick?
2) Billie's boycott? Will he reconsider? Are others jumping on the bandwagon?
3) Tornado going to leave ITSF?
4) Canada's top players willing to buck up enough bux to go to ITSF next year in France?
5) The next great young player is _______?
6) Time for _____ to pack it in!
7) Biggest dickhead was __________?
8) Jim Stevens career is over?
9) Horton's events good/bad/totally suck?

Dirt, hot topics, rumours, gossip.
You know, the buzz.

If it is really juicy leave out enough details so you won't get in trouble you can use this anonymous account.
Password: Foosball

If this is against the rules, sorry admin person just blow this account away. Thanks

Author: University of Foos Reply #1 Posted: Mar 15 2011 11:59PM

1. No, he's good and all but not the same
2. Billy will be back
3. Never heard about this
4. No talk about this either
5. A couple of young Colorado players did well, nobody outstanding
6. Time for me to pack it in, as the only team to beat Mares/Spree all weekend I should go out on top
7. Never had a problem with anyone, nobody had the energy to be an ass because of 16 hour days of Foosball
8. ??? my guess is that he's welcome to do it as long as he likes if he's willing to work without a wage
9. Nobody talked about Horton's events, but I didn't hang out with many Americans

10. Who started this thread? There is white space in the message so it can't be Joey

Other buzz:

Ryan Moore apparently got kicked out of another casino for being rowdy and disrespectful

The 'retard shot' is actually illegal

Spree is sporting the lumberjack look with a full fledged 'mountain man' beard

Eric Goodman's pull shot has no long

Euro's still sandbag

Reffing matches now requires a practical exam but that doesn't mean they'll make the right calls

Author: Linda Reply #2 Posted: Mar 16 2011 12:31AM

Lol someone told me that Spree told Mares to look as scruffy and scraggly as possible (thus the fake tattoo sleeve and beards). Not sure why though...never asked.

If Billy actually boycotted, he wouldn't have showed up to play a zillion pick up games.

I'm guessing between TKO and HOFC, there wasn't enough time to iron out all the kinks between his and Mary's professional relationship. I'm guessing they'll figure it out as Jim is an important part of keeping players happy.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #3 Posted: Mar 16 2011 10:38AM

I saw Pappas on Wednesday afternoon lurking outside the tournament room and peeking in occasionally. Reminded me of Billy Mitchell in the Donkey Kong - Fist Full of Quarters Movie.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Mar 16 2011 12:03PM

Justin Shaw also didn't play in any events but was at the event, not sure if that is part of a "boycott" or anything but its worth noting.

Doubt that Tornado will leave ITSF but the ITSF might kick out Tornado one day.

Jim Stevens was at this event and his career is not over.

Horton's events... I wouldn't trust them to meet the payout.

The next great young player, Jack Nethery! Drew the kid in the DYP and played pits for him, we won two or three matches and ended up in 13th or something, it was a blast.

Author: Sniff Reply #5 Posted: Mar 16 2011 8:14PM

Justin didn't boycott. He asked for a break due to exhaustion from the clean crew but was fired/quit because he couldn't get one. No money for the events since that was coming from the set up job.

Billy is just tired, needs a break. He'll be back one day with vigor I'm expecting.

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