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Topic: 2011 Worlds

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: Mar 18 2011 12:05PM

$ 481.90 tax in. Continental Airlines. Not to bad. Anyone thinking of going this year?

Thu., Sep. 1, 2011 | Edmonton, AB Canada (YEG) to Dallas, TX (DAL - Love Field)
Depart:6:45 a.m.Thu., Sep. 1, 2011

Mon., Sep. 5, 2011 | Dallas, TX (DAL - Love Field) to Edmonton, AB Canada (YEG)
Depart:4:00 p.m.Mon., Sep. 5, 2011

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Mar 18 2011 12:20PM

It's another one of those 5 day events right?

I'd like to go, may have to pass this one by the better half though!

Author: .Garry Reply #2 Posted: Mar 18 2011 2:09PM

I'm thinking about it

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Mar 18 2011 2:18PM

That would be awesome.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #4 Posted: Mar 18 2011 3:45PM

I know that the key question everyone will be asking themselves as part of their World's "go / no go" decision is "Will Tim be going?". Given that, I thought I would help expedite said decision making by flatly and without reservation stating that I will not be going.

[fineprint]Note: the above represents a forward looking statement; readers rely on such statements purely at their own risk.[/fineprint]

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Mar 18 2011 3:46PM

Crisis averted!

Author: tony Reply #6 Posted: Mar 19 2011 3:56PM

i'm going.

Author: Linda Reply #7 Posted: Mar 20 2011 1:53AM

I won't decide until later this summer probably. If I go, it'll be on Aeroplan points =)

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