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Topic: Time for another weekly event?

Author: JeremyR Original Message Posted: Mar 20 2011 4:47PM

With the Edmonton tournament coming up people are probably looking to practice both their singles game and their doubles game with their Edmonton partners... I think there is enough interest to start running an additional weekly event - either singles, BYP or alternating between the two. We could also consider running all three every week but I'm thinking people might burn out if we try to overdo it.

So what do you guys think? What day of the week would work best for you? What format should we run?

My vote goes to alternating each week between singles and BYP (keeping the Thursday DYP running every week). I think Tuesday or Sunday would work good (either afternoon or evening on Sunday).

Author: Barry Reply #1 Posted: Mar 21 2011 4:52PM

I would vote for Tuesday night for Singles.

Author: nathanp Reply #2 Posted: Mar 21 2011 8:26PM

sounds good jeremy...

tuesday/ monday evening would work. but my vote would be sunday afternoon foos, whatever format...

Author: JeremyR Reply #3 Posted: Mar 21 2011 8:55PM

A lot more discussion going on on the Facebook page:

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