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Topic: March 22 Results and Points Update

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 23 2011 6:33PM

This week we did a Designated No 2 Pro BYP. We had 3 tiers because over 40 players attended on the night, although only 34 played in the event.

In Tier 1 Simon and Chris were squared off against Chad and I in the first round, a match up that had some heated pre-tournament discussion surrounding it. Chad and I played great throughout the entire night, every time Chad had the ball on his 5 bar he was patient, made great passes, got the ball on his 3, set up and executed shots with great timing and shot selection. My 2 bar was smokin, and I was reading the other teams shooters well too. I don't think we could have played much better than we did! Fortunately for Chris and Simon, they were both HOT too. Chris was rockin a nasty roller deep to the pull side and getting me with a lot of inside picks too. Simon hit a couple of deep pulls that tucked in behind our zone, and in the 3rd game they fought a little harder than us and got the win.

They carried that on in the kingseat match, taking out Tobin and Christian too.

In the Losers side, Garry and Lindsey fought back hard after a first round loss. Lindsey is a new player every time he comes out. This time he was sporting a pull shot set, with a smooth takeoff and as always got his fair share of possessions with a tic-tac off the wall uphill and a slick wall pass that is not even close to raceable. Combine that with the rockets that Garry was launching from his 2 bar and it makes a tough team to contend with. In the match that they played against Chad and I, we couldn't even get our feet off the ground. Garry hit probably 5 different variations of push kicks, pull kicks, pull shots etc. and threw in a traditional Garry lane pass to the 3 bar.

They fought all the way back to 3rd place, but lost to Christian and Tobin, who then went on a mission and won the entire event thanks to some Brushback Johnsons (tm) and Tobin's ever consistent play upfront.

In Tier 3 Garret and Devin played the kingseat game against Ray and Dan. Ray and Dan took the first game on some stellar passing and diverse option of 3 row shots by Ray, then in the second game after going down 3-1 Garrett ripped two powerful push shots from the two bar to tie the game 3-3. Devin got the next one and then Garret put the second game away from the back in a little less stylish fashion than his first two that game. In the third game Ray again took over early, controlling the game on the 5 row and got up to another early 3-1 lead. This time Devin was the one to fight back, getting at least 5 or 6 possessions in a row, but Dan shut the door and maintained the 3-1 lead, then scored to go up 4-1. Dan and Ray took kingseat and waited for the match of Garret and Devin vs Carlos and Brian. When playing Carlos and Brian, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. If Carlos has the ball on his 5 row and you are not watching the hack... its your serve. Devin and Garret pulled that one off, but lost to Dan and Ray in the final. Congrats to Dan and Ray on the big win.

In Tier 2 we had a tournament that was anyone's to take, and with the amount of 5-4 games that I saw, it really could have gone either way in essentially every match.

Sam and Roger were down 4-1 on 3 separate occasions and fought back to win games, and in the final they found themselves down 4-0 in the 3rd game. With a comeback record like they already had, you just knew they would not give up. Sam and Rog kept plugging away, with Roger making 3 more blocks and Sam taking over on the 5 bar. Sam was also really ripping the ball, harder than normal men can shoot. The game went to 4-4 and Sam got the ball and showed the experience he now has, taking a crucial time out. He set up the ball, ripped a beatiful cutback to the middle and... NO, Darcy comes up with a huge block, Cam caught the ball on his 5, executed a pass and then took a time out also. Once Cam set up, he was determined not to miss, and sure enough he stopped the incredible comeback and won the tournament with a lightning fast push side roller.

All 3 tiers had a few great matches, but in the end it came down to who scored the goals at the most important times!

Great playing to everyone!


Tier 1:
1st Tobin and Christian
2nd Simon and Chris
3rd Lindsey and Garry

Tier 2:
1st Darcy and Cam
2nd Rog and Sam
3rd Carey and Dan

Tier 3:
1st Ray and Dan
2nd Garret and Devin
3rd Carlos and Brian

Edwards, Simon 1523
Dunn, Christian 1507
Stranks, Will 1489
Wilkins, Ben 1235
Burgardt, Garry 1229
McDonald, Tom 1190
Penner, Roger 1179
Scaife, Darcy 1121
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 1084
Kerr, Chris 1034
Luft, Carey 1000
Burrows, Cam 986
Tse, Desmond 940
Kwan, Conrad 938
Simeon, Jamie 936
Robichaud, Ray 935
Rupertus, Lindsey 934
Kimber, Daniel 905
Humberstone, Paul 905
Demelo, Ivor 898
Jones, Darrel 887
Johnston, Mike 887
Schnieder, Jeff 887
Dick, Matt 882
Phenix, Garret 882
Smithson, Justin 882
Rowein, Devin 881
X, Jeff 881
Campbell, Lance 880
Kippen, Rick 874
Daly, Ritchie 870
So, Albert 870
Karmis, Pete 870
Karmis, Ang 870
Wilkins, Sam 865
Green, James 859
Szajko, Rob 856
Deeg, Phil 855
Hopfner, Jordan 854
Belchamber, Mike 853
La, Ed 852
Kelly, Brad 849
Djakovic, Christoff 845
X, Darnel 841
Jordan, Darren 837
Ustina, Greg 834
x, Ryan 825
Taft, Spencer 824
Lehman, Blair 823
Volkman, Dallyn 822
Faulkner, Stephanii 822
Wood, Greg 818
Nasir, Uzair 817
Moses, Kevin 815
Campbell, Carmen 812
Crockett!!, Ben 812
X, Gerald 811
Wong, Felix 811
Hugenschmidt, Colin 807
Xtra, X 807
Phillips, Mike 806
O''Stream, Don 806
Spencer, Chad 805
M, Judah 804
Gish, Brian 804
Perira, Carlos 804
C, Erek 803
Hasiuk, Jody 803
Moir, Zak 803
X, Jarrell 802
X, Peter 802
X, Danny 802
Gibson, katy 802
Hodinski, Jasmine 801
Bennett, Doug 801
Baayens, Dean 801
Thompson, Ray 801

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Mar 25 2011 9:42AM

Good update Will, and nice playing by all the tier 2 guys, I've never been in so many meat ball matches on a tuesday to date. Fun stuff!

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 25 2011 1:06PM

Great playing. I was especially impressed with Cam and Sam in that final. It was a great 5 bar battle, and both guys shot really well considering the level of goal tending they both had to shoot on.

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