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Topic: List of World Champions since 1975

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 24 2011 3:13PM

1975 Dan Kaiser & Ken Rivera (T.S)
1976 Brent Bednar & Mike Belz (T.S.)
1977 Todd Loffredo & Gil Jackson(T.S.)
1978 No Worlds(Wiswell & Furry win 1st
Super Doubles & 2
1979 Wiswell & Furry(T.S.)
1980 Mike Bowers & Tim Burns(T.S.)
1981 Doug Furry & Johnny Lott(last T.S.
1982 Tony Bacon & Don Chalifoux(1st
Dynamo pro-built
1983 Todd Loffredo & Mike Bowers
1984 Tony Bacon & Don Chalifoux
1985 Johnny Horton & Mike Green
1986 Chad Hanson & Steve Cobian
1986 (Tornado) Loffredo & Johnny Horton
1987 (Dynamo) Bob Maloney & Loffredo
(Tornado) Steve Murray & Loffredo
1988 Randy Stark & Karl Miller
1989 Tom Spear & Gus Trevino
1990 Todd Loffredo & Gus Trevino
1991 John Smith & Kevin Keeter
1992 Todd Loffredo & Gus Trevino
1993 Tommy Adkisson & Russ King
1994 Todd Loffredo & Scotty Wydman
1995 Todd Loffredo & Scotty Wydman
1996 Rob Mares & Tommy Adkisson
1997 Terry Moore & Bob Diaz
1998 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
1999 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
2000 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
2001 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
2002 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
2003 Eddie Gartman & Adrian Zamora
2005 Louis Cartwright & Tom Yore
2006 Dave Gummeson & Tracy McMillan
2007 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
2008 Dave Gummeson & Tracy McMillan
2009 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon
2010 Todd Loffredo & Frederico Collignon

1975 Steve Simon
1976 Dan Kaiser
1977 Rick Martin
1978 No T.S. Worlds
1979 Dan Kaiser
1980 Johnny Lott
1981 Jonny Horton
1982 Tom Spear
1983 Ron Nevois
1984 Todd Loffredo
1985 Tony Bacon
1986 (Dynamo) Tony Bacon
1986 (Tornado) Todd Loffredo
1987 (Dynamo) Tony Bacon
1987 (Tornado) Steve Murray
1988 Gregg (Jeep) Perrie
1989 Steve Murray
1990 Johnny Horton
1991 John Smith
1992 Terry Moore
1993 Tommy Adkisson
1994 Tom Spear
1995 Dave Gummeson
1996 Louis Cartwright
1997 Tommy Adkisson
1998 Terry Moore
1999 Frederico Collignon
2000 Frederico Collignon
2001 Johnny Horton
2002 Frederico Collignon
2003 Tony Spredeman
2004 Frederico Collignon
2005 Billy Pappas
2006 Billy Pappas
2007 Frederico Collignon
2008 Tony Spredeman
2009 Billy Pappas
2010 Ryan Moore

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Mar 24 2011 3:20PM

It is crazy how many titles Todd and Frederico won, but its even crazier when you look at all the other tables world championships too. Since 2004 a total of 31 Singles World Championships trophies have been given out. Rob Atha has one, Gilles Perrin has one, Tony Spredeman has one, François Cheuret has one, Billy Pappas has 4 of them... Frederico has the other 23.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 24 2011 3:21PM

Frederico and Todd were the #6 seed at this years Hall of Fame lol - they should get #1 seed for life at any tournament they ever go to.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Mar 24 2011 3:22PM

Also in the 7 multi-table (where players each choose a home table in a tournament) Worlds, Frederico has won 5 of 7.

Author: BoozeFoos Reply #4 Posted: Mar 24 2011 3:37PM

Johnny Horton's 2001 singles final against Rob Mares is epic.

Now that I'm thinking about it I think Sam/Ben still have my 2001 worlds DVD

Author: S. Edwards Reply #5 Posted: Mar 24 2011 4:40PM

What about Moya?

1997 Worlds Womens Doubles
2002 Worlds Womens Singles
2002 Worlds Womens Doubles
2003 Worlds Womens Doubles
2004 Worlds Womens Doubles
2005 Worlds Open Mixed
2005 Worlds Womens Doubles
2007 Worlds Womens Singles
2007 Worlds Womens Doubles

I might have missed one or two.

And we can't forget David Ahn the 2010 Pro Am World Champion

Author: perennial underdog Reply #6 Posted: Mar 24 2011 9:24PM

A truly talented player on this list of champions is Tony Bacon.In my view,he had the smoothest and the most effortless pull shot I have ever seen.

More important than his undeniable abilities,however,
is the kind of person he is.After he eliminated me in
open singles in 1985,I was pretty disappointed.Shortly
after,I was watching another match and someone walked up
on my left side.It was Tony Bacon.He tapped me on the shoulder and said,"I just wanted you to know,I really thought you had me beat there."

I was appreciative of his comments,and in retrospect,I am more impressed with his humility,something not often found in such a talent.

P.S.Our match was a battle.If memory serves,it went 5 games.At one point during the match,a pro named Lou Salkind(sp?) was watching in the stadium seating.Before I shot one of my pull shots during the match,I looked up and saw him watching.Tony gave me a Two bar lead defense.One second before I shot,Tony pushed his two bar to the wall.No matter.I went around.Twice.After the first time I did it,I looked up at Salkind again.He wasn't smiling as he had been before I shot.

Author: Sniff Reply #7 Posted: Mar 24 2011 11:23PM

Bacon is the shizzit, a true dynamo master. Todd and Rico dominate tornado doubles in general, such a dOminate team in a field where, honestly, Nobody else currently stands a chance overall. I can't think of a team that is a contender..

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #8 Posted: Mar 25 2011 12:09AM

Bacon is a cool guy but, be warned, in Vegas you can lose him behind a bank of slot machines. I know, I did.

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #9 Posted: Mar 25 2011 12:12AM

I forgot to post what I came her to post. Clearly it is some anti-Canadian thing since you'll notice they left my name out from when I won doubles in 2004,

Author: The Next One. Reply #10 Posted: Mar 25 2011 2:40AM

Was that semi pro or pro dubs Tim?

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