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Topic: Saskatoon Additional Event Poll

Author: Barry Original Message Posted: Mar 25 2011 11:19AM
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The poll you have requested has expired.

-- Saskatoon Extra Event Poll --

When should we hold an additional weekly BYP or Singles event?

We are considering adding an additional weekly event that we would use for alternating between a BYP (Bring Your Partner) and Singles. To help us with this decision, please select the option below that best suits your schedule. Results will be revealed when the poll expires on Monday, March 28th at 12:00 Midnight.

1. Tuesday evening : 7:30pm
2. Sunday afternoon : 2:00pm
3. Sunday evening : 7:00pm
Options 1 or 2
Options 1 or 3
Options 2 or 3
Any of the above
None of the above

Author: JeremyR Reply #1 Posted: Mar 29 2011 3:03PM

Results are in! Looks like Tuesday evening has the majority of the votes... 27% is AGAINST Tuesday evening but hopefully we can still make it work.

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #2 Posted: Mar 29 2011 3:10PM

when are we starting? i dont think im in for tonight.

Author: JeremyR Reply #3 Posted: Mar 29 2011 3:40PM

No I think tonight is too short of notice. Maybe next week. We need to get at least one good night of singles in before Edmonton so at the latest I'd like to see us get this started for the 12th.

Author: Barry Reply #4 Posted: Mar 29 2011 7:11PM

Yep, Jeremy's analysis is correct. Of all the respondents:

27% voted against Tuesday
45% voted against Sunday afternoon
72% voted against Sunday evening

Tuesday is obviously the most favorable time. Let's formally schedule Singles for next Tuesday (April 5th) @ 7:30pm.

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