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Topic: OD Partners Thread for Fireball WEM

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 25 2011 5:35PM

Joey Ramjag and Simon Edwards
Darrel Popowich and Christian Dunn
Matt Botros and Will Stranks
Garry Burgardt and Tobin Myszczyszyn
Barry Willick and Ted Archibald
Eric Goodman and Tim Wilson
Brian Loeppky and Andrew Udell

Author: S. Edwards Reply #1 Posted: Mar 25 2011 5:39PM

Is this list your prediction of the final results? I think it looks pretty accurate.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 25 2011 5:46PM

The order is based off of the most likely team to be kicked out of the tournament through the least likely team to be kicked out

Author: University of Foos Reply #3 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:06PM

Botowich went splitsville?


Author: perennial underdog Reply #4 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:17PM

I am somewhat troubled by the spelling of Tobin's last name.And although it's true that I refer to him as The Prodigy,that appellation is becoming less certain due to the aforementioned peculiarity.

Author: Linda Reply #5 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:34PM

I need a partner for Open Doubles. Anyone interested? Shoot me an email =)

Author: Tobin Reply #6 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:36PM

MYSZCZYSZYN - Sounds just like it looks, no?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #7 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:38PM

You should buy a vowel

Author: S. Edwards Reply #8 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:45PM

Oh and

Author: perennial underdog Reply #9 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:55PM

Botowich?Is that like Brangelina?

Author: Linda Reply #10 Posted: Mar 25 2011 6:59PM

Popotros works too!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #11 Posted: Mar 25 2011 7:14PM

You pipe down,draw your partner champion!!

Author: S. Wilkins Reply #12 Posted: Mar 25 2011 7:38PM

Ben Wilkins and Sam Wilkins

Author: tony Reply #13 Posted: Mar 25 2011 8:08PM

will.. fireball professional tables.. are these the new coin ops?

Author: tony Reply #14 Posted: Mar 25 2011 8:08PM

Karmis / Shaw.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #15 Posted: Mar 25 2011 8:09PM

Just a side note as to the hofc,something that has heretofore gone unmentioned but should be recognized.Throughout the tournament,I was careful to take note of the progress of Canadian Foosballer's.One name seemed to be popping up all the time.Tim Wilson.Mr.Wilson placed in several events,no doubt making hefty contribution of which ever team he was a part of.So now his prowess,beyond being a seasoned and cunning Dungeons and Dragons player,extends to the dark arts of foosballin'.Congratulations on your efforts and achievements,Tim.

Author: University of Foos Reply #16 Posted: Mar 25 2011 8:41PM

Yes, Botowich is like Brangalina (sp?), it just seemed fitting.

Glad to hear that Justin is coming.

Author: Will Reply #17 Posted: Mar 26 2011 3:18AM

Nice to hear that Justin and Ang are coming!

Tony - the fireball USA Pro Tour tables that we are using will not be coin op tables. However I have been assured by both Brad and Dennis that the tables only difference is the weight of the coin mech itself. It is not like a Tornado where the home model's are terrible(relatively) and the coin op is great.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #18 Posted: Mar 26 2011 4:24AM

The tornado table has a non coin op version that plays exactly like the coin op. I think they call it they call it the time play version. Not sure which model you are referring to. So far the tornado is the best table I have played on except for the rods. We will see how fireball is in the next few weeks. The ones in the WSO had some issues. Hopefully they are fixed.

Author: Superfly Reply #19 Posted: Mar 26 2011 6:21AM

Hmmm ... issues eh ... drinking till 7am the day of am singles finals might be a bit of an issue wouldn't you think.

You wouldn't stand a chance .

Author: The Next One. Reply #20 Posted: Mar 26 2011 8:19AM

yeah no chance if gerry has anything to say about that

Author: Will Reply #21 Posted: Mar 26 2011 1:05PM

Simon - the free play model that Tornado makes is not the same as the coin op, although they claim it is. It is manufactured in a different facility and has a lot of issues that any touring foosball player would notice. Even non-foosers can notice some of the things, like the silver laminate peeling away from the cabinet. You can check out the 1 man goalie Tornado home model at Pathmark Games.

Author: spinner Reply #22 Posted: Mar 27 2011 2:56AM

I have the home model of the Tornado tournament table and its pretty much the same as the coin op.. Think only difference ins 15lbs due to not having coin op mechanism. Just as solid, indestructable and plays exact same or even better.

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Mar 28 2011 8:53PM

Cool. Where did you buy it from?

Author: Will Reply #24 Posted: Mar 28 2011 8:54PM

All the tables I have seen by Tornado that are not coin op have had issues, but I could be wrong if they have a new model or something that I haven't seen.

Author: spinner Reply #25 Posted: Mar 28 2011 9:17PM

i ordered online from states 2 years ago and cant remember the site. I had two coin op before this and the corner goal post chipped but not this one. knock on wood!!

Author: Graeme Reply #26 Posted: Mar 28 2011 10:27PM

I ordered the same table as spinner for my office. I bought it through Charles McIntosh at When I bought it he gave me the option of coin op or non-coin op. Both tables are Tornado T3000's, as stated the only difference is 15 lbs of coin op mechanism and the non-coin is $100 cheaper. Other than that they are absolutely identical.

When we were shopping for the table 2 years ago, Tornado also made a home model called the F5. This was a much different table... basically like the Cyclone II but with metal-coloured laminate around the sides.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #27 Posted: Mar 28 2011 10:39PM

Just like the tables Ivor, Darren, Fred and I won at the HOFC in 08. Identical except for the coin mech.

Author: Will Reply #28 Posted: Mar 29 2011 12:38AM

Well I stand corrected. The tables at Pathmark Games about 6 months ago had the laminate peel off the side and had rod issues (flaking and too close to surface). I guess we have seen those problems with the coin ops sometimes too though - the new 1 man goalie Tornado ITSF table at Pathmark is pretty sweet though. I still like 3 man better but it is nicer than the 1 man goalie tables they had at the World Cup in 09

Author: University of Foos Reply #29 Posted: Mar 31 2011 7:15PM

Ivor and ???

Author: Chris.K Reply #30 Posted: Apr 1 2011 12:40AM

Darcy Scaife and Chris Kerr

Author: Darcy Reply #31 Posted: Apr 1 2011 4:44PM

Just an FYI. Chris and I are going to take advantage of all of these hybrid alberta teams with 0 chemistry.


Author: foosghost Reply #32 Posted: Apr 1 2011 7:11PM

Looks like i'll be able to get my work to pay for my flight to Edmonton if i piggy-back it with a few customer visits.

So looking forward to it.

I'll by playing with Billy - he finally agreed to play with me

Author: foosghost Reply #33 Posted: Apr 3 2011 2:56PM

So that was my lane attpt at a April fools. Yes I'm coming, but not with Billy.

I need a open dubs partner. Who wants to play? Looking to play forward with someone that I can switch with if needed

Send me a message

Eric Dunn

Author: foosghost Reply #34 Posted: Apr 3 2011 4:55PM

Anyone know if ivor is available to play still? Or a way I can contact him if so?

Author: Aged Whine & Cheese Reply #35 Posted: Apr 4 2011 3:50PM

Darn foosspectre. I was going to make a snide remark about you playing with Billy and "thought better of it" (who would have thought I could?). I completely missed the Lirpa One nature of your comment.

If you can invent some Internet Waldos so that I can play remotely from Vancouver, I'll pit for you. Heck, with my goaltending skills, the Waldos would not even need to be connected to the Internet.

Author: University of Foos Reply #36 Posted: Apr 4 2011 4:49PM

I let Ivor know you're interested. Give him a call @ (403)617-0228.

Author: foosghost Reply #37 Posted: Apr 4 2011 10:17PM

Thanks for all your interest to those that sent me messages

I hooked up with Gerry M.

Author: jamiesims Reply #38 Posted: Apr 7 2011 12:32PM

Any available "expert" ranked players?
If I pair with an amatuer, we're ranked as expert, if I partner with a Pro, we're ranked as Pro.

So, looking for an expert rank partner.

Author: Will Reply #39 Posted: Apr 8 2011 2:17PM

Nathan V are you coming?

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