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Topic: Fireball Tournament Dress Code

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Mar 27 2011 9:57PM

We will not be forcing players to adhere to the ITSF Dress Code (found at under the rules), but we are completely encouraging teams/players to dress and look as professional as possible.

If you want to get some games in the pits then you will need to look sharp. The main table (with Insidefoos) will be used to promote the sport of Foosball. If you want to get on the big screen and dvd's, wear jerseys/track suits, polo's, golf shirts, and matching apparel for teams.

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #1 Posted: Mar 29 2011 4:50PM

Awe so no boobie shirts for me? lol

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 29 2011 4:53PM

I don't know about everyone else on here but I wouldn't consider "boobie shirts" unprofessional at all.

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Mar 29 2011 4:54PM

That actually might be more professional.

Author: Tobin Reply #4 Posted: Mar 29 2011 5:22PM

What Darcy said! Set em free is what I say! +1 for "boobie shirts".

Author: Chris.K Reply #5 Posted: Mar 29 2011 5:28PM

lol +2 for the "boobie shirts". I will wear my boobie shirt as well.

Author: melanoir Reply #6 Posted: Mar 29 2011 7:06PM

+3 for boobie shirts

man one day i will throw up some pics from vegas...damn those girls were distracting

Author: tony Reply #7 Posted: Mar 29 2011 9:29PM

boobie shirts. are those ifp or ustsa?

Author: melanoir Reply #8 Posted: Mar 30 2011 11:05AM

efl standard

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